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Empties #1

Now that the 'Empties' tag is huge on YouTube and the blogosphere, here is my little stash to which I can only say RIP.

Gielly Green Repair Mask - This was a delight to use. It has an unusually thick, paste like consistency and is meant to be applied only to the ends of the hair. It worked so well at reviving my hair from colour damage and split ends. A humongous pot so it's likely to last a good few months if used twice a week. 

KeraStraight Protein Mask - I got this at the same time as the Gielly Green one but this one did not work wonders for me. It was simply okay. The extremely thin, liquid like consistency meant I couldn't really gauge how much product to use hence ended up finishing the entire pot in just a few washes. Thumbs down!

Gielly Green Argan Rescue - A pricey little gem yet a must-have for all girls who like taking care of their hair. I haven't found a better leave-in serum before and trust me, I am hair obsessed and have tried a tonne. Again, it's quite thick in consistency and one pea sized amount is enough. It's not sticky or greasy but hydrates hair wonderfully and repairs ends and damage like it never existed. 

Origins Youthopia Lift Firming Cream - This was a funny one as it is geared towards very dry skin types and is meant to firm and tighten, all the effects that I don't look for. For me, it hydrated very well, leaving skin supple and plump with a velvety effect and didn't break out my combination skin. Needs a repurchase as a good moisturiser is something I hardly come across but it's a tad bit pricey. 

Oilatum Natural Repair Face Cream - I simply don't get the hype surrounding this. Yes it's okay but that's about it. It's a thick, white cream that smells like medicine, taking time to spread and absorb on the skin and once absorbed leaves skin feeling slightly congested, as if I am wearing make-up. Only recommend for winter if you suffer from extremely dry skin. Otherwise don't bother as there's better stuff out there. 

Keromask Finishing Powder - An underrated product when face powders are dominated by Chanel, Laura Mercier and MAC. I used every last bit there was left in the container, honestly and I have never done that before with something as boring as a Face Powder. It's very finely milled, is translucent but doesn't leave that white cast in fact a flattering soft-focus effect. Lasts ages and keeps oil at bay for a good few hours. 

Body Shop Honey Bronze Bronzer - I am sure this product was loved equally by everyone who bought it from The Body Shop's Honey Bronze collection. Available in various shades, mine's number 02, a warm, golden beige that's only a shade darker than my skin tone hence gives a subtle yet natural contour and warmth. It's texture was almost so creamy and left no streaks or tide marks what so ever. I need more. 

What have you emptied lately?

Steph said...

I have the keromask powder too and its pretty good. although im using my laura mercier one more though

Get Gawjus! said...

I need to try the Laura Mercier one next! It's raved about so much.

Emma Matthews said...

Lovely post!

Emma x

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with you on the oilatum.. it does nothing apart from leave you with a greasy face.. I have normal to dry skin and i do believe there is better stuff out there. http://simarjitubhi.blogspot.co.uk/




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