Dove Colour Radiance

Haven't tried out their new range of Colour Radiance hair products yet but being an advert lover, I had to post this one if you haven't seen it yet.

Call me abnormal but I repeatedly watch ads that I love. My dad had got me a video tape of my favourite adverts made when I was little so I could put it on when bored!

My coloured hair is starting to look a bit of a mess come Summer and seeing that these products are out in stores and reasonably priced from £2.39, I might get myself a few bits to try out :)
If you have already, do let me know which one's a must-have. Oh and also, do you have a favourite advert?


Parveen said...

Me too!!! Not as easily impressed these days though lol! I quite like the Coke one for the Olympics, ironic that they are sponsoring a sporting event but I do love the music and the ad itself, it gets me in the Olympic mood! My fav would be the J'Adore ads esp no2 from last year!

Oh and last time I dyed my hair at home it turned bright orange so I'm really weary of trying again lol :) x x

Get Gawjus! said...

@Parveen - good to know I am not alone obsessed with ads :D