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3 products. 20 minutes. Model Skin.

I tried this yesterday as I was seriously in need of a pick-me-up and this worked quite well.

First of all what you'll need is an exfoliator, you know the abrasive kinds. Just to get rid of the dead skin cells and to reveal a fresh new supple layer underneath it. In my experience, you don't have to invest in a really expensive one as almost any works well, as long as it's not too harsh or too gentle. 

Including warm water and a muslin cloth in this step is optional but works better.

Once your skin is squeaky clean and no longer flaky, you'll want to massage it for around 5 minutes to boost blood circulation. A soft cold cream is what works best for this as it will have a 'slip' to it and will make sure your fingers move on the skin better. 

Try not to use your everyday moisturiser in this step as your skin is already used to it and won't react as well.  Depending on your skin type then, you might want to leave on the cream on your skin or wipe it off with a cotton wool and some water based cleanser. 

Last but definitely the most important part is the mask. I usually use something like a clay mask by Liz Earle or so however I read somewhere that the Shiffa healing balm I have can be used as a Face Mask by leaving it on the skin for 10 minutes and removing the excess with a cotton pad, letting the rest to soak in. Plus it repairs skin like no other ready made masks.

You can use anything of a face balm texture you have in your skin care kit for this including the good old Vaseline. The key is to slather it on in layers all over the skin until it's covered in it. Trust me, it might seem too greasy when initially applied but the result is baby soft skin that glows like an expensive facial!

The regime will work well with Dry/Mature/Sensitive/Combination skin types besides Oily.

Give it a go!
The Beautifier said...

Lovely post...I like the idea of using vaseline as a face mask..I'll be trying it out for sure!! xoxo




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