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Is a range of fragrances inspired by ever changing moods and diverse characteristics that us humans (especially the ladies) possess. I quite like their tag line 'fragrance with attitude' and completely believe in their ethos that a fragrance should reflect ones moods, as otherwise it totally defies the therapeutic purpose of it. 

I usually can relate fragrances to certain snapshots in life. For instance I used to wear a certain fragrance to gym a few years ago and when I wear it again, it brings back that same level of energy that I had back then. Thierry Muglar's Angel for instance is something I relate to comfort and the cozy winter and it never fails to calm me down and make me feel myself again. I can't however wear it in the Summer though as it injects back the laziness and makes me despise the sunshine.

Anyhow, coming back to So's range of Fragrance, superficially they immediately look designed for a slightly younger audience. Myself being in early 20's don't find it offensive at all, in fact I like how peppy it is for a change. Pink and purple have always been a favourite regarding colour hence the So Sinful and So Enticing range are right up my street!

Regardless of the colour, both variations smell delicious too. So Sinful as the name suggests is seductive with its sweet, warm chocolatey notes. I can definitely sniff some vanilla and jasmine and it has a particularly delightful dry down without being sickening sweet. It manages to smell creamy without making one smell like a bakery, that most of us dread with chocolate and vanilla based fragrances. 

Sophistication aside, if you're someone who likes street art, you'll love how chic and funky the So Enticing bottle is. This one's mostly fruity with a hint of floral to it. It avoids being a fruit cocktail with some rose and sandalwood injected in its dry down. It's perfect for the long summer days and is quite uplifting and energetic. 

I can't tell much of a difference between the EDT and the Body Fragrance besides longevity. If you want to try out the fragrance before purchasing the EDT, I'd say give couple of flavours a try as for £2 a pop, they really won't break the bank. I highly recommend these two as they are completely the opposite and make lovely handbag staples for the hot and humid season (that is yet to come in London!).




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