Smart cherry

Don't you just love the name? It's so catchy.

What I love more is the reddish-pink heavenly colour of this Rituals Nails Varnish. Who'd have thought Rituals made such beautiful shades and formulas. I am usually clouded by OPI, Essie and China Glaze when it comes to nails.

Now now, I have a tonne of nail varnishes in the red-pink family but this one's truly unique. It's an understated red, a grown up bright cherry shade that makes me feel elegant and polished.

And that's just one coat! I am not even kidding.

It dries to a creamy, glossy finish and does not chip for a good few days. Best of all, you know you hate applying nail paint because it takes an hour to dry and sometimes even smudges after a careful application session? That does not happen with this as I managed to apply and dry both hands within 15 minutes.



fumz.x said...

love the colour, I guess smart cherry is approiate name for it then. lol
tempted to purchase now.

Andrea Marie said...

Gorgeous Color!
BTW Love you blog! :)
Maybe we could follow eachother??!
- andrealamo.de

Get Gawjus! said...

@Andrea - thank you :D Followed you - you have a great blog!

Sami said...

I didn't realise Rituals did nail polish! I love Cherry red colours... I find it suits Asian skin much more then pillarbox reds

PS - could you change the link on my blog in your right sidebar to the new one? www.glamsambeauty.com thank you!! x