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Nanoblur. Then Hydraluron.

We know Hyaluronic acid is a protein found naturally in living organisms, most abundantly in the skin and one which depletes with increasing age leading to more dry, wrinkly skin. A tonne of capsules and other treatments as such are available in the market for consumption or direct injection into the body to increase it's level and to prevent premature ageing.

However a tube available in Boots for £24.99 that is less painful than injections, has fewer side effects than capsules and is more trustworthy from Indeed labs who have come up with great products such as Nanoblur and Peptalash previously, is surely more appealing and an accessible option right?

What the makers of this product say is that they use the highest quality of Hyaluronic acid that can penetrate in the skin easily, gradually lead to greater skin cells turnover and eventually lead to a skin texture that does not require as much hydration via moisturisers by being able to hold more water in the skin. I may be slightly wrong technically but that's what I interpreted from the skin's chemistry jibber jabber on the Boots website.

It's been only a few days since I have started using it and my skin's loving it. Not only is it drinking it up like I have never fed it any moisturiser ever, it's working quite well with my skin type as well not causing any breakouts of disruptions as such.

As expected and to all our relief, it is a gel formula which we all like to use. When applied if feels very light and airy and sinks into the skin in less than 10 seconds. Following that however, skin does not feel tight or parched but just 'normal'. Now I wanted to test it without applying any further moisturiser on top of it as recommended and that's what I have been doing. 

Yes it does leave skin more bouncy, supple and almost baby soft. I still have some dry areas around my eyes  and nose that I feel need more moisture. So if I'd be wearing make-up, I'd have to moisturise those areas otherwise foundation is likely to cake up there. 

As I said, I've only been using it since a few days now and loved it so had to let you guys know. I love it much more than Nanoblur as it's more geared towards my skin type that is combination-sensitive yet has dry patches - basically confused.

I can see it being immensely popular amidst ladies with mature, dry skin types. Having said that, I am still testing how it will improve my skins natural hydration level over the next couple of weeks and will do an updated post so keep your eyes peeled.

Do you think you'll be picking this up on your trip to Boots?


ninnikuneko said...

It's the first time I hear of a product like this! sounds inetersting... I will check out Boot's site right now :)

Mai said...

This sounds like wat my skin needs! I have dry areas on my face too and I moisturize heaps but sometimes, makeup still looks dry on me..

Thanks for the review!

www.MakeupAdviceForum.com said...

I've been using this for a few days toi, and found that my skin loves it, and my face rather likes a couple of foundations that normallt flake and crack within mere hours.

S x

www.MakeupAdviceForum.com said...

My skin loves this and some foundations that normally flake and crack sit much better.

Sam x

Anonymous said...

When i use this my skin feels so tight after about 30 seconds. So i HAVE to put another cream on top of it. Is it a bad thing if it goes tight?




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