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French Manicure DIY

I am not the best at DIY's. True story.

But after the hoopla surrounding the Rimmel Nail Tip Whitener, I had to give it a try myself. People in London must surely read a lot of blogs as it was out of stock at 3 locations and I finally was able to grab it as Liverpool Street Station.

What you need.

1. An opaque white nail polish with a fine brush for precision
2. A translucent pink polish. Basically one that lacks pigmentation and is glossy.
3. A clear nail paint to use as a top coat.

Don't forget to file your nails before attempting this so they are all in one shape. I like mine to have squarish shape but each to its own.

Oh and if you can find a correcter pen, like the Rituals one I have here, it will make your life a whole lot easier as if you make a mistake on the tip, its easy to erase it. 

I like to paint the white tip first so if I make a blooper, it can be corrected without disturbing anything underneath it. Once that's dry, I paint the pink polish just before the tip of the nails start and once that's dry, seal it with a top coat. 

Having the shakiest hands in the world, I think it turned out pretty decent :)

I quite like how healthy it makes my nails appear. If you have any favourites for at-home French Mani, do let me know.
agnes said...

jolie manucure

Dewaaaaaaaaaaaa said...

I always do a French manicure when I need formal nails, I love how preened they make my nails look :) I do mine exactly the same order as you as well, I just add an extra top coat over the clear to seal it all in :)



Unknown said...

You did a good job with the curve i'd say. I Use tape, but it gets annoying because the color tends to leak if not tight on the nail.




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