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Charles Fox Marathon Masterclass

This weekend I was invited to the Charles Fox Marathon Masterclass where Make-up Artists from around the world were presenting their skills namely James Vincent, Lan Ngugyen, Liz Bylett and Stuart Bray to name a few.

The class included Drag Make-up, Body Painting, Celebrity/Hollywood Make-up, High Fashion, Prosthetics and so on.

I absolutely enjoyed High Fashion by Lan Nguyen and Hollywood by James Vincent. If you haven't checked Lan Nguyen's work, you have to check her out. She has the most incredible talent in creative unique, runway looks without making them appear drag.

James Vincent on the other hand told us about his experiences on working on shows such as America's Top Model, Sex in the City and celebs such as Lady Gaga and Kristen Stewart amongst other A listers.

Liz Bylett displayed her extraordinary body painting skills within the theme 'all things great about Britain' throughout the day and demonstrated how it takes 6 hours and an unbelievably patient model to complete a masterpiece. On being asked who her favourite client was, Richard Branson was her immediate answer.

Oh and a demonstration on Prosthetic make-up by Stuart Bray was jaw dropping as well. He has worked on some of the biggest films in the industry including the Gladiator and how much effort, precision and talent is required in achieving a 'realist looking zombie' is unimaginable. One of the toughest areas of make-up artistry clearly it was.

Without further ado, here are a truck load of eye candy pictures from the event. Quite shamelessly.


Personally staggering on a 2 inch heel myself, I couldn't resist taking photos of the models shoes. Their wardrobe as you can see was extravagant but gobsmackingly beautiful in real life. 

Almost all of the products used in the event were by Kryolan and I have to admit I am tempted to purchase quite a few of their palettes. It's amazing how pigmented and effective for the job these are when us mere consumers are happy flaunting our fancy Chanel-esque cases and compromising with a 'sheer' coverage in the name of designer brands.

I do have some Kryolan products that I received at the event and will be reviewing them in the days to come. Until then, if you have a favourite Kryolan product, let me know in the comments below so I can add it to my ever increasing wish-list.
To ELLE and Back said...

Liz is a friend of mine and trained me to face paint...love the pictures of her British Bodypaint.

Sheefa F said...

Oh wow really! She was brilliant on the day.

Stella Dimitrova said...

is there a website that sells Krayolan internationally? I live in Finland.

Sheefa F said...

http://www.backstageshop.co.uk ship Kryolan internationally I believe. Hope it helps!

Unknown said...

Wow, that Union Jack bodypaint is amazing!

liloo said...

stunning makeup. my fave looks are the union jack back art and the drag look. wow. a lot of talent in this room liloo/@tsunimee xx




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