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Beautifying Oil. If that's possible.

I am not sure if this is a new product or not but The Body Shop have come up with a 'Beautyfying Oil' that is an all rounder and can be slapped on to the face, body, hair and you get the drill...almost everywhere.

I have the 'Coconut' one and it smells so warm and delicious. I'd say definitely not a summer scent but not so inappropriate that one simply cannot wear it this season. It is however more apt for the Winter and so is the entire concept of using oil's you would argue.

However this particular one is not the sticky, greasy one that you are formulating in your mind. It's one of those oils that are less dense, leaning towards a light and airy texture and almost disappear when applied leaving a slight sheen. Hence even when the sun's out, this is a great companion for dry legs and arms, especially if you shave.

3 light weight oils it's made up of: Kukui, Sweet Almond and Community Fair Trade Marula Nut 
If works well on the face too, considering that I have combination skin that is very prone to breakouts, this hardly disrupted it at all if applied strictly as a pea-sized amount and left on as an overnight treatment.

It works best for dry, damaged, coloured hair and split ends however. Hair and oils are a match made in heaven considering how easily it absorbs in, feels like it's actually working and 'mending' split ends and when washed out, leaves a gorgeous shine.

Use it as a 20 minute mask before washing hair, leave it overnight or simply add some in after blow drying hair. No it doesn't weigh hair down as I know it must be a burning question amongst everybody. As the general rules of hair products apply, use it sparingly starting at the lower ends of the hair.

Available for £9 in more than a dozen different scents, it's worth a try!

Safiyya said...

Got to try this, it sounds promising.. And so many scents to choose from!

X, S.

Sheefa F said...

@Safiyya - I'd suggest Moringa or Sweet Lemon :)

Sheefa F said...

@The Glossy Mood - Thank you :) Following you back.

shifa said...

Ahh body shop used to do a dry oil mist which i loved! however it was discontinued :(

im definitely going to try this out! xxx

The Beauty Satchel said...

I also heave this in Coconut, it smells gorgeous and is a dream to use!! Will definitely buy again!!!


Daisy said...

I love all of the cocoa butter range from the body shop and LOVE oils too so think that one is definitely a must buy :) xx

Unknown said...

yea the body oils are new and they are going to be accompanied with body mists of the same fragrance. They're are discontinuing a few things like the fragrance ranges such as the 'Neroli Jasmine', 'Vanilla','Japanese Cherry Blossom','Moroccan Rose' and the 'Lychee Blossom' too I think :(. But they will be bringing out some new fragrances....

Cris [Luxe*n*Lush] said...

The sweet lemon one sounds tempting!


Sheefa F said...

@Khadijah - It sounds like a full on revamp of the brand which I like the sound of. I have tried a Vanilla Body Mist from the new range as well and it's amazing!

Sheefa F said...

@Khadijah - It sounds like a full on revamp of the brand which I like the sound of. I have tried a Vanilla Body Mist from the new range as well and it's amazing!

Just a Girl said...

I much rather use plain coconut oil. Have been using it on my hair, face and body for the past year and it's amazing!

Sheefa F said...

@Just a girl - I love coconut oil too and it's great as a leave-in treatment but can't use it on dry hair and walk out :(

Sami said...

Really really really want to try this! What is the scent like? Strong or weak? x




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