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Bargain of the day: Barbara Daly High Impact Mascara

Or shall we call it BOTD instead? Perhaps they even do in the blogosphere. I unfortunately don't get as much time to have a good read around hence the ignorance.

So I watched Fleur's video the other day - from Fleur De Force of course, her £20 make-up challenge and excitedly thought to myself that I should post a similar blog post. After just 15 minutes, I returned back to my room with my head hanging in shame as I couldn't, just couldn't find products for a full face that were under £20.

Even £30 would suffice but £20, even if I use multi-purpose products it was just impossible. It sounds clich├ęd due to the number of times you must have heard this line but it is true that make-up in the UK is considerably more expensive than US, Canada and India. I am planning a trip to Superdrug soon to hunt down some bargains though.

Whilst hunting for products for my £20 make-up challenge, I noticed Mascara's in particular were so expensive, most above the £10 mark. Just then I found one by Barbary Daly which retails for £6 and I was ecstatic and had to share.

It's a considerably good black shade for the daytime. As you can see, it has clearly tinted my 'greyish' lashes quite well. It also lengthens and separates nicely. So it's not a volumising mascara hence not a clumpy texture at all.

The wand is a clever one with the bristles/spikes getting shorter towards the ends where the lashes are shorter so you don't end up with mascara blobs all over the lid. The bristles overall are comparably shorter than other mascara wands but still quite close together for separation.

If you can compromise with a dull black tube that isn't Chanel-esque from any angle, this one's just as good as my high-end Mascaras if not better.

Do check it out at your local Tesco.
Jazzie said...

Definitely going to pick this one up!
My favourite budget mascara is avon supershock.

Ria x

natasha @ eyebrows inc said...

collection 2000 skyscrpaer mascara is quite good, and i think its around £4 as well!


Nix said...

Hit the MUA section in Superdrug. Foundation and mascara £2, single eyeshadows , lipsticks, blushers £1 and eyeshadow palettes £4. And it's not half bad!

LauraEve said...

I'll be checking this out! Always on the look out for a good cheap mascara




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