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Top 3 Favourite Sunscreens

Yes I know we all hate wearing them don't we?

Why? Well I'm not sure about you but I personally use a lot of products when it comes to Skincare in the first place and the added obligation of slapping on another layer of cream on top of all that, which won't provide an extra glow but will 'protect' skin against the sun is simply not appealing or glamorous you see, it's plainly boring.

But guys and girls, as the rule goes, we HAVE to wear sunscreen, sunblock, sun cream, SPF or whatever else you like to call it. It's not optional!

One reason I always despised sunscreen is because they were always so 1980's in texture and consistency. So thick, goopy, even slightly lavender coloured sometimes and basically just... eugh.

Over time, I have come across some brilliant ones however and thought I'd share them for the sunscreen rebels just like me.

1) In order of preference, Laboratoire Remede Transluscent UV Coat. It's expensive at £30 a pop but worth every penny as it's oil-free so suitable for all skin types, boasts of a comparably high SPF of 30 which is superb and its formula is just like water! You simply cannot detect it on the skin as it feels so light and leaves nothing besides a silky, soft-focus finish. Mine's clear but it comes in various tinted shades as well, in case you just want to wear it on its own.

 2) If you suffer from dry skin in the Summer however, B.liv Shield Me by Cellnique for you. It's moisturising and anti-ageing at the same time, offering an SPF of 25 which again is not bad at all. The texture is not sticky besides its hydrating quality, in fact very much like a face primer that absorbs in quite quickly. It has a nice tropical smell to it, not offensive at all. This might get a bit shiny on the t-zone after a few hours hence more suitable for those with combination/dry/normal skin types. Available for slightly cheaper at $32 from Bliv Skincare and they currently offer Free Shipping & Free Samples with each order!

3) L'Oreal Paris Solar Expertise is the only drugstore one that I like. Although it appears like a thick moisturiser, it absorbs on to the skin very well without leaving any of that nasty white cast or residue. It has an SPF of 15 which is not great but better than nothing if you don't want to invest in expensive sun creams. This one comes in a huge tube and I like to slather it on the hands as well. I believe they have a few new ones in the Solar Expertise range that are fluid like consistency and higher in SPF so definitely check those out.

Don't forget, unlike make-up, the 'less is more' rule doesn't apply here. No amount of SPF is ever enough. Plus it needs reapplication a few times a day if you are outside or go for a swim and so on.

I am on the hunt for Sunscreens with substantially high SPF over 50 and if I do find some, they shall be up here soon. Do you have any recommendations in the mean while?

Kim said...

yes I do agree, for sunscreen, the more=the better ^-^~

natasha @ eyebrows inc said...

i've heard great things about the origins vitazing moisturiser, and i think it either has SPF 15 or 25!

concordextra.com said...

What about Garnier Ambre Solaire ?

Anonymous said...

Kiehl's ultra fluid spf 50+ is amazing and my favorite one.

La beauté obsession said...

I use Clinique Super City Block SPF 40, it's quite good!





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