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Liz Earle Make-up - Initial thoughts

With all the hoopla surrounding Liz Earle's entry into Make-up, I am sure there are quite a few opinions out there already. Here's mine any way!

I tried out their Cream Blusher and Sheer Lip Gloss. I have both of them in quite warm shades first of all which is why my review can be slightly skewed. I personally am not a fan of warm shades as they usually clash with my already warm skin tone and make me look washed out or... 'older', if that makes any sense!

Coming to the Cream Blush at first, I was quite excited to try this out as I don't get along with MAC and NARS cream blushers and was hoping this would break all boundaries and become an immediate favourite.

To be fair, the product's consistency is second to none. It's so soft, easy to blend and high in quality that it surpasses NARS's cream blushers as well. 

I just found it did not deliver enough pigmentation as I'd like. I tried to build it with fingers and with various brushes but the effect remained as subtle as it was when applied initially. But then again, that's what the brand is trying to achieve eh? Natural beauty. 

It is quite a moisturising formula so great for those with dry skin in particular as it won't accentuate any dry patches. Having said that, it won't break out those with Oily skin types as well as it's not sticky at all. 
As you can see the formula and texture is superb. The shade is quite a retro peachy pink on my hands but it turns into quite a warm terracotta on my cheeks. The shade is Nectar and although pretty, it's not my favourite

Yes I am keen to try out the cooler, blue toned shades so do give them a try if you're fussy like me. 

The Lip Gloss in Quince is a very warm, toffee shade - almost a burnt orange-teracotta. Again, something that I can't pull off quite easily so it's all about personal preferences.

Keeping the particular shade aside, the formula is a winner. The best I have tried till date if I dare. The formula puts all NARS and MAC lip glosses to shame. It's so pigmented, yet feels light on the lips, does not glide or move and is not sticky at all. I am not even sure how that's possible to achieve!

Coming from some one who is not much of a lip gloss lover, you HAVE to try a lip gloss from the Liz Earle range ladies. They have some gorgeous shades available.
Keeping my preferences regarding the warm shades aside, here's a picture of me wearing both the Cream blusher and the Lip gloss. 

Will you be trying something from the Make-up range?

Soph. said...

Looks really nice on :)

Xox Soph

Unknown said...

The color of the blush looks beautiful. xx

Karolina said...

I'd love to try the cream blush. I love illamasqua cream blush's, so I'd like to see how these work on me :) Great review! xo

Natalie said...

Both products look really amazing on you! I'm really intrigued about the lip glosses...


Unknown said...

They both look great on you!

Emma xo

Anca said...

These look really lovely :)


Beauty Balm said...

I can't wait to try! These look gorgeous on you x

La beauté obsession said...

You really suit warm shades! :) The blush colour is lovely!


Steph said...

this is a gorgeous colour!

Anonymous said...

i think you're crazy, that blush color is perfection for you!!! LOL i love liz earle and have her skin care and was so excited to see her launch a makeup line. i think i'm going to be trying it when i do a makeup swap with a friend who lives in the UK. i can't wait!




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