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How to treat a breakout

These products are foolproof and something I have tried and tested that always work's effectively at treating and suppressing a breakout, acne or blemish within one to two days time. Now that we are into Summer *finally*, the humid weather and all that extra oil on the face is likely to cause skin eruptions more frequently and this surely does act as a saviour, especially if you are like me and overreact and panic at spots. 

These are the 5 products I immediately use when I detect a 'live' spot in the order in which they are listed. 5 simple steps and skin is back to normal in less than 5 days!

1.Oxy's Face Wash has Seaweed as a base which is known to fight and reduce acne, blackhead and spot causing bacteria but in a gentle manner without stripping the skin off any moisture. 

Although it's quite gentle, it leaves skin refreshed as if revealing a new layer. It contains jojoba microbeads for exfoliation and contains no alcohol hence the result is fresh and supple hydrated skin, something quite rare during a bad skin day!

2. From Clinique's basic 3 step skin care, the Clarifying Lotion is my absolute favourite and a staple. It contains Salicylic Acid which apparently peels the top layer of the skin to get rid of blocked pores and aids at shedding dead skin cells. 

It has a strong alcohol smell to it but it's bearable as it does what it says quite effectively. It dries out the breakouts and helps them disappear along side keeping skin looking glowing and fresh. It's a big no-no however to use it anywhere around the eye area so I'd be careful if I were you.

I generously cleanse the affected area with this on some cotton wool a few times a day. 

 3. A very exciting, dermatologist approved gadget is Oxy's Clearlight which uses blue light therapy to scan through layers of skin and kill the root cause bacteria P. acnes, that causes breakouts, acne and blemishes.

It's not UV rays or heat if you're sceptical, it's simply a beam of light that I place on the spot for 3 minutes a day, after cleansing and it significantly prevents the spot from developing at all and that too in a day or two. A must-have in every girls vanity!

 4. Before this I used to be always confused as to what moisturiser to opt for, if any, during breakouts. However the Seaweed Deep Calm Balm truly is a 'calming balm' as its name suggests.

It doesn't interrupt with the skin's problematic condition and hydrates the areas that need moisture to keep skin glowing despite blemishes. It's oil free and it's true balm like texture is a treat to apply liberally throughout the day.

5. Once I have moisturised the skin thoroughly with the above moisturiser and let it sink in, I will apply a Cleansing Mask, usually a clay based mask on the affected areas only as a spot treatment. It's best to apply this on weekends or at night time so it calms and dries the spot for a long period.

The mask is coloured of course hence you'd have to wear this when you are indoors. I have used the Liz Earle one since a year and it always helps in drying out the spot and preventing it from developing any further.

Phew, are you still awake?

I am aware this is long but hopefully helpful to damsels in breakout distress.

Beauty Bird said...

Great post! Not heard of the Oxy range before but it sounds perfect for breakouts! I'm intrigued by the Clearlight, I think I'll have to look this up! x

Star Vogue said...

I love clinique products! The Liz Earle product i have heard a lot about have to see if its available over here!

LauraEve said...

I'm really intrigued by the oxy face wash and balm, will definately check them out. Oo and the Etat pur cleansing water you reviewed recently too.Aargh so many products I want to try out, only one face haha

Unknown said...

Thanks for a great post - I used to use the Clinique product but I kind of forgot about it recently, I must pick it up again!

Emma xo

Unknown said...

Thanks for a great post - I used to use the Clinique product but I kind of forgot about it recently, I must pick it up again!

Emma xo

Beth said...

This was such a useful post, I have the same skin type to you and I'm always on the hunt for better products to deal with breakouts. I actually just bought the two Oxy products based on your review so thank you for the help :) xx

Sheefa F said...

@Beth - Aww that's great! Hope it works out for you as well. Let me know :)




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