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How do you define beauty? (Win 10 Cover FX Foundations!)

Want to win this scrumptious looking, high coverage Cream Foundation from Cover FX worth £36?

Simply answer the question 'How do you define individual beauty?' in the comments below with your email. The 10 best answers will win this gorgeous foundation.

It's ideal for all skin types, is rich in pigmentation and available in over 30 shades.

Don't forget to mention your shade in the comments as well so if you win we can make sure you receive a perfect fit for your skin colour. Click HERE to see what shades are available. You can also select your shade based on what colour match you are in MAC foundations which is great!

The Competition will end on Sunday 20 May and winners shall be announced here and will be emailed as well.

Go ahead and start commenting! 
mary said...
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mary said...
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louweevil said...

I think the answers in the question, beauty is individual to each person.
In my opinion the most valuable(for lack of a better word) parts of beauty aren't physical. Like the way some one laughs and smiles or their eyes and the expressions they hold in them.
Beauty isn't just skindeep, its heart an soul.

Awesome giveaway. E0 looks like my shade.

Robyn said...

Hi :)
I'd be shade E0. I think individual beauty is just what YOU feel is beautiful. Regardless of whether you feel more beautiful having changes made to your body, wearing makeup, pretending to be confident, or whether you are lucky enough to be comfortable in your own, natural skin. Individual beauty is just that - it is individual. What is beautiful to one person won't be to another, but that's ok. Life would be boring if we were all beautiful in the same way.

robynmayday [at] gmail.com

Billi said...

every person have individual beauty it could be anything beauty, nature,good attitude beauty is in eyes of behold its depend on person to person
in my opinion a person with good attitude confidence with kind smile make you more individual beautiful

thank you


Shabna said...

To me, individual beauty is accepting the imperfections, embracing them- and making them represent you. It's pushing past the social norm and being whoever you want to be with no care to what others think. Individual beauty involves independence, confidence and self-respect, something that should be more encouraged rather than the likes of what magazines churn out these days (drop 2 dress sizes etc!).

I think I'm shade M60!
shabszaheer@gmail.com x

Sara said...

To me id define beauty as ageing. Theres nothing i find more beautiful than an aging woman with crowsfeet and wrinkles where they used to have dimples. Its a sign of growing up, of living and of laughter. If a woman has deeper lines, it just show's she has laughed often throughout her lifetime!

If i was to win i think id be shade E0 x

shifa said...

hiyaaa :) my emails shifa_patel@hotmail.co.uk
and im in the shade m50

Individual beauty to me is a REAL person with flaws and imperfections, different features, different ages, different races and body types - everyone is individual in their own way but and individual beauty is when a person embraces all these little different things regardless of what others think :)

lovelifeandmakeup said...

Individual beauty to me is someone that brings something special into the world, whether they make you laugh or smile. It's not always about flawless skin (even though we'd all love that!) Beauty is from within! When you're a beautiful person from inside, you shine from the outside! Hope that makes sense!

(If i win, i'm NC40 in MAC!)

and my email address is velvetmyst@hotmail.co.uk

Lucia said...

How do i define individual beauty??

individual beauty is to enchase what make you different and feel proud of that because it makes you special and unique. Embracing the things that make you memorable and regardable, not just physically but most important your inner way of beeing..

i really looooove this give away because i rally cant access to this kind of brands... my shade is M60 and i really wish everyone good luck!! :)


RocoLondon said...

To me, being true to yourself, and confident in your own skin, this is the most important thing.
I think that my shade could be C20.

Thank you!

RocoLondon said...

Sorry, I forgot my email:rocolondon@yahoo.com

Thanks for this giveaway!!

Sonal said...

Individual beauty to me is not only recognizing the fact that I as an individual have something unique and special to offer, but also that every person I encounter does, too. I see beauty in the fact that every person is special in her/his own way, and that there actually is no common ground to judge what/who is more/less beautiful.

I think I'll be a M60.

Liza said...

Individual beauty to me is having the confidence to express yourself however you want to. Wearing random colours on your face, or no makeup at all :) My colour would be c10, and my email is sepia_raven(at)hotmail(dot)com

PinkSweetSz said...

Hey gawjuss!
I think you would define individual beauty by recognising what you good features are and enhancing them, and learn how to work with your not so good features!
Love reading all these answers!
Shade: M30 xx
Sharmin x

Gem D said...

Great giveaway!

I define individual beauty by how someone has the self confidence to enhance their natural beauty and be comfortable in their own skin

Shade e0

Emma said...

Individual beauty is not cloaking yourself in fakery and frippery to attract a glance, but rather in the way you move through life, with no other goal than to be yourself. If you are truly you, and happy being an individual, that is the most attractive thing of all. At least that's how I try to live my life :)

I would be an E0.

Beauty Bird said...

I think that individual beauty is having an amount of confidence in your own, embracing your own style and what makes you different. When I think of my friends for example, I think of one gorgeous friend who has an eyebrow and nose piercing, another who's eyeshadow is always perfectly neon bright and blended and another who doesn't wear any makeup but mascara and blusher - when she gets spots she just doesn't care and gets on with it!

I think ultimately a massive part of individual beauty also comes within - if you're not beautiful on the inside then it doesn't really matter about the outside.

I think my shade would be E0.
Email: beauty__bird@hotmail.co.uk


x natasha x said...

my views on individual beauty is that whatever you look like is still beautiful, like if you have a scar, or a burn it's still beautiful because it expresses who you are and it's a memory of somthing you went through - imperfections are beautiful! It could also be wearing daring makeup or having bright blue hair, something that makes you stand out from the crowd, something that's different from the norm and different from what society thinks is pretty, although beauty is much more than skin deep, so something like a kind personality or a good sense of humour or just being yourself makes you more individual and beautiful than any amount of makeup will.

oh sorry if that was a bit long, i've got a lot of opinions on the subject becuase i hate the ways magazines dictate what is beautiul and what isn't - when it comes to beauty and individuality i believe there shouldn't be any rules!

i think i would be shade E20 and my email is snowflake_01@hotmail.co.uk :) xx

La beauté obsession said...

For me individual beauty is appreciating everyone has different features and characteristics that make them beautiful. I used to be insecure but I’ve now realised beauty is about being happy and confident with yourself! You have to recognise that you’re beautiful and express it through self-assurance! Like your blog says, ‘Using make-up to enhance your beautiful self’; makeup products should be used as tools to compliment your features and give you further confidence, not to change the way you look!

I think I’m shade M50! Thanks!

Beth said...

I think individual beauty can only truly be appreciated by those who know the "beautiful" person inside out. Once you discover all the lovely, quirky, and sometimes downright scary things that make them who they are (and you still want to hang out with them!), THEN you know that they are genuinely beautiful. I know a lot of people place much emphasis on self-confidence, and I do think that it is a very important goal to strive for, but I also think that sometimes the most beautiful people are those who don't realise their beauty themselves. And it's up to the rest of us to let them know!

Thank you! My shade is C10 :)


pwincesskam said...

Individual Beauty according to me is anything that sets apart one person from another. Something that adds depth and character to a person and helps you put a name to that face. A scar, uneven eye brows, wrinkles, freckles are all such examples that makes individuals who they are.

Besides, Individual beauty does not fade with age but instead develops and matures with time.


xoxo :)

sheen said...

Hii shifa! I think individual beauty is a combination of ones inner and outer beauty. Ones true beauty should be recognised not simply by their external appearance (which can certainly be altered by make up :) but also by ones heart, their intentions and the choices they make to ensure the world is a better and more pleasant place to live. My email is naw1302@hotmail.co.uk and the shade I like is M30

Aaron axel said...

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