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Chanel Bronzing Makeup Base - Holy grail or Hyped?

Hah. I am recycling the title for this post from my MAC Face & Body Foundation one. That was just as hyped as this god-sent bronzer in the blogosphere. Remember when people started using the Face & Body Foundation to achieve 'dewy' skin? That was when Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua hadn't arrive you see.

So I wasn't planning to jump on the 'Bronzer Universal' bandwagon for this one-of-a-kind cream bronzer. Primarily the price deterred me. I wouldn't mind spending £30 on a Foundation but a bronzer, considering that I am already tanned...nah.

But it is a birthday present (seriously prompted by me of course!) so that's what I am using as a guilt-free reason to possess this.

The Chanel packaging as usually is a stunner. I don't care if its bulky (although I personally find it compact) or not travel-friendly. If I like something, I make sure it gets squeezed into my luggage. The black and gold just wins my heart.

Inside is a very beautifully placed cream bronzer, so pristine and picture perfect. I have spoilt it now with my stippling brush but oh well, its meant to be used used eh.

I quite like the consistency, it's just as I imagined it to be, dreamy to use and almost textureless. It's as if someone has simply injected pigment on to the skin without any grainy texture or residue. This is one reason it's a bit hit I suppose as opposed to powder bronzer's that tend to look made up and harsh overall.

What I am not in love with is the colour. Shocker I know. I agree that it's more golden, yellow based and naturally sun kissed shade that will flatter most skin tones but what about those with darker skin tones than NC40? I sometimes find it difficult for it to show up on my NC30 skin tone for that matter.

Perhaps it all comes down to personal preference I suppose. I like my bronzer to be considerably more visible in colour, if not harsh. This leans more towards a natural shadow that subtly emphasises the contours of the face. I can see it being perfect for those with already defined cheekbones but for barely-any-cheekbones chicks like me, it can be slightly difficult to work with.

And who in this world thinks of dipping their natural hair brushes in to this pot? There is absolutely no point in cribbing later on that it looks like a bit old gunk of mess. Just use synthetic brushes before hand for heaven's sake.

There are uncountable options out there. My favourite are (starting from the right) the Foundation brush by Lauren Luke, Expert Face brush by Real Techniques and Sigma Small Duo Fibre brush. They apply the product beautifully and without shedding a single hair in the product.

Plus there is an entire Real Techniques range of synthetic brushes that can be used with this product as well as Sigma's Synthetic Sigmax range. Spare your MAC brushes the trouble and invest in something more appropriate now, will ya? :-)

My conclusion then I hear you ask? 

It's surely not Holy Grail for me. I will use it up of course but there is no chance for a repurchase. There are too many Bronzer's in the world to make a repeat purchase I say. 

Tom Ford do some gorgeous ones as well as the new Summer 2012 Dior Nude Bronzer's that I have been eyeing recently. Of course one cannot go wrong with the classic Guerlain Terracotta range.

If you have tried out any out-of-this-world bronzer lately, do let me know.

Priscilla said...

I've been tossing up about this one for the past few weeks!! I just can't decide if I should spend the $$$ on it!! It does look divine though. Thanks for the post :)

PinkSweetSz said...

I have been wanting this for aaaages! Just for the packaging! I'm not even a bronzer wearing person but I still want it haha! Xx

Ailah said...

I have this one and always have the most difficult time making it show up on my skin. I do love the way it looks in pics those times it does show up. Like you said though, I probably also won't be repurchasing this.

Monica of BeautyParler.ca said...

Haven't tried this HG product yet but lots of hype. Think I'll pass though as so many other great bronzers for less money.

Katherine said...

OOOOOH! I'm still tempted to buy this one day... It just looks so luxurious!

BTW, LOVE your blog!!





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