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Updated Make-up Storage

I have moved my 'dresser' to the conservatory since quite a few months now and am delighted with the overall ambiance of the bright and sunny area, sunlight peeping through the roof and pastel walls. Daylight has helped tremendously in identifying foundation shades, applying less cake on to my face as less always seems more here.

It's almost like my den or a little play area and such a refreshing change from the dresser being in a gloomy bedroom before. Of course it's at a slightly awkward position, as the door from the kitchen opens rights opposite to it but hey ho at least there's a door eh?

Also the table I am using here is just a usual study desk from Ikea if I am correct and not a traditional dresser, which provides a greater surface area and must have been intended for a PC, Keyboard, Speakers and so on you see.

So I have my Skincare sitting all messily in that black case from TK Maxx. Followed by the uber popular and apparently the only type of acrylic storage available in Britain from Muji. Yes I have just added two more drawers bringing it to a total of 6. I wish to make a 10 storey tower of it, thanks for asking :)

Yes that is my current skin care, of course I don't use it all at a time but depending on how I am feeling and what 'treatment' my skin needs really. The Clinique and Neal Yard ones are reserved for treating spots and Origins, Elizabeth Arden and Weleda for when my skins dehydrated. It's nice to have it on the dresser and not in the bathroom as that way I never forget to moisturise my skin or cleanse it at the end of the day.

A very generic mug dedicated to all my Eye Liners, Eye pencils and so on.

Lavender flowers is NOT the type of pattern I prefer on mugs to be honest but it was a present and has my name printed on it hence it's still living here.

No this is not ALL the make-up I have. I truly wish this was it sometimes but I have a train case full of other bits and bobs and a tonne of eye shadows and palettes in particular that I will not use, unless occasionally. For obvious depth issues of this storage, they can't be fitted in such containers.

This is basically my daily make-up treasure. A collection of favourite blushers, highlighters, bronzers, concealers and eye shadows.

And of course, it's kind off boring to store everything in acrylic storage so here's a little stand designed for stationary storage that I mainly use to store current Foundations and Mascaras.

I really don't have a clue as to why I am currently using 8 Foundations and more 10 Mascaras at one time. *hides face*

Oh yes and it also does a great job of storing hair brushes and a MAC lipstick palette too.

Aah and the not so organised and super cluttered Lip box which is nothing more than a lottery system. It's really selection on the basis of what comes in my hand first. The digging in is quite fun too :) 

I don't even want to count how many lipsticks and lip glosses reside in there and what lies at the bottom. It was just that the increasing amount of lip products needed to be stored without taking up space and I couldn't find a better solution than dumping them in a box that Ikea must have precisely made for unorganised lipstick junkies in mind I believe. 

My two well loved brush holders these are. It's been more than two years since I have had the polka dot one. I just never get bored of its cup-kettle shape.

The other one has my blog header printed on it and was a present from the sister that I absolutely adore. Plus it keeps all those short handle brushes in place quite efficiently.

How do you store you make-up? Let me know below. If you have already done a post regarding it, leave a link so I can check it out!

Cheryl♥ said...

I love your "Get Gawjus" mug!

beingpretty said...

That's a really good collection ans storage you've got.. :)

Tanya said...

Love your acrylic drawers- where can I get some?


Laura Loves Makeup said...

Lovely storage ideas. What container did you put your MAC lipsticks into? Ive been on the hunt for a nice clear container. X

Midnight Violets said...

It's all so neat, I wish my stash looked this neat!

Sheefa F said...

The acrylic drawers are available here Tanya - http://www.muji.eu/pages/online.asp?V=1&PR=1&ProID=2

@Laura Loves Makeup - That's a Make Up For Ever Palette. Not sure where it can be bought from but it depotting MAC lippies into it surely makes is much more convinient :)

EVE-O-LUTION said...

wow thats such a cute corner :) reminds me i've to organize too ;)

indian beauty central said...

Greta storage-! there's nothing I love more than the sigh of well organized vanity and clean and fluffy makeup brushes :)

Alina Rodriguez said...

Your storage is so neat! I love it! :)

Inner Belle said...

great setup! loving the mug :)

Please come and organise mine :P

Rohini said...

I love those Muji storage drawers, they make such a difference, I don't know if it's a good or bad thing that I may be needing to get my 3rd set soon. Love this post. x




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