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The battle of black Eye Liners

Well it's not a battle technically as these are my all time favourite black liners compared to the rest I have tried and tested and have ended up in disappointment with.

Also, they are not very high-end unfortunately for the brand smugs out there but quite affordable ones that you can easily get on the high street, with the exception of the Le Metier De Beaute one of course.

Start with Liquid Liners

Me Me Me's Eye Sweep is a staple one and one which I have three back ups for already. It's something that's fool proof, easy to apply in seconds and also great to create something dramatic if I have more time on hand. It's an average black, not a carbon black but one that's good enough to show up in daylight and night time without looking overpowering or intimidating. It's also the fibre tip eye liner pen that hasn't dried up and is just as good as I bought it months ago!

Gosh's Long Lasting Eye Liner is one of the first fibre tip liner pens that I had tried, sometime last year when they came out with this range I believe. This one comes in a screw top container and although has a fibre tip, the application requires one to be pretty careful, much like with a standard liquid liner and that's the only reason why it does not get much use out of me. Besides that, it's a glossy carbon black, stays on for more than a day if you don't remove it. I don't think much of Gosh as a brand to be honest but if there's one thing they do the best, it's their liquid liners which you HAVE to check out!

Barry M's Liquid Eye liner is a cult favourite amidst all high street brands anyway and I can see why. It's the darkest black you'll ever come across in eye liners, it's very opaque so you don't see skin through it and it's absolutely matte. Not the best applicator that it comes with, its quite fat and absorbs a lot of product due to that. Besides that, its worth every penny that you pay for it. You just need to practice your liner skills to apply this precisely and in a crisp line.

Le Metier De Beaute liner in Noir is not the most reasonably priced liner and it's not meant to be as it is a boutique brand found in Selfridges. It's a dinky little liner, almost half the height and width of a normal liner which makes it very easy to grip and apply. It's the most easiest to apply comparatively and is a nice ebony black shade, great for a subtle everyday look.

Coming to black pencil eye liners, I am not fond of them to a great extent in general as they don't seem to perform very well with me. But if you are a fan yourself, these are the best I have found till date.

The Cult Favourite Urban Decay's 24/7 in Zero. It's super soft in texture and is an average brownish black shade, not a carbon black at all. I don't understand what the hype it all about to be honest but overall it stays put on the upper and lower waterline but not so great on the lash line as it's buttery texture tends to smudge a little.

Having said that, nothing smudges more than MAC's Eye Kohl in Smolder. It's not great for the lash line but again perfect for the waterline. Not as soft as the Urban Decay one but still quite soft and does not drag on the lid at all. This is more of a grayish, ebony black and quite matte.

Diego Dalla Palma's Waterproof Eye Pencil is in fact considerably better than both MAC and Urban Decay really. It's the perfect black colour, not grey not brown but black. It glides on like a dream, smudges the least and more importantly, stays put for hours without transferring on the lid. I would recommend checking this out if you like pencil liners.

Hope this was helpful for some! Also, I am looking for a good Gel Liner these days, if you have a suggestion I would love to hear your favourites. I have tried MAC and Barbara Daly but I have heard so much about the new Maybelline one and also about the Clinique one that I am tempted to give them a go.

R.ChamberofBeauty said...

great post, love this detailed information.

JadeyLou said...

Ooh I might have a look at the Diego Dalla Palma one when my Avon Supershock finally dies!
I use the Clinique cream liner and I really like it - I used to use the Bobbi (oops typed Boobi first!) Brown one and I would say it is just as good, proper black, lasts all night and the consistency applies easily :) x

Alisha said...

LOVE this post! All I'm ever buying is eyeliners!! This is very helpful!! Xxx

natasha @ eyebrows inc said...

i have the urban decay one, but i heard that perversion is even darker than zero and i really want to check it out!

Sheefa F said...

@Rakshanda - Thank you lovely :)

@Jadey - Ooh Avon Supershock would be a good one to try I suppose. Bobbi Brown is so overrated imo so I'm going to skip that. Clinique all the way :)

@Alisha - Haha then I need to check out your blog for recommendations!

Inner Belle said...

avon supershock is by far my faverite drugstore branded eye liner if feels like the mac gel but in a pencil format... it glides on a beaaute! darker as ever and long wearing! defo recommened it!




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