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Back to basics...

Now you'd never think I'd blog about Soap and neither did I but this one's just so worthy of blogging about hence an exception.

I personally am not a fan of the slipperiness involved in using a Soap. I remember loving only Pears as a child as the rest made my skin so dry and taut even in humid climates.

Queen's Cosmetics Sensitive Skin Soap is an all rounder in that way. It can be used all over the body as well as on the face for those of you with Sensitive Skin. I would say it would work particularly well if you have Combination/Oily skin as opposed to very dry.

Not only that, it's uses are unlimited from being suitable for babies, men, shaving, dry-flaky skin, dry hands and so on. It foams up quite well and creates a nice rich lather which also makes it fun to use. I almost forgot how long soaps last as opposed to liquid soap products.

This glycerin based soap is non-perfumed and gentle enough for those of you with acne, eczema and so on. It's available for £5 from Queen Cosmetics and it definitely worth a try!

I wont deny that I absolutely am a sucker for high-end, skin specific, luxuriously packaged skincare but there are times when I wish there was something simpler that I can slap on without thinking what skin condition I am suffering from currently.

I used to use Vaseline's Intensive Moisturising range at first for that purpose and it was amazing! Something similar to that is Astral. It's simple and effective yet rich in hydrating and protecting the skin.

The concept is a bit like Vaseline, Sudo Creme et al which are suitable for all skin types, for all over body hydration and also for the face.

My personal favourite is their 'Light & Creamy' version which has a more lighter and whipped consistency as opposed to the original one. The texture of the cream is also gel like and bouncy and great to use during the day, before make-up application as it absorbs and hydrates in less than a minute. 

It hasn't broken me out and has worked quite well in combination with my Combination/Oily skin so a bit thumbs up for that! 

The original one I reserve for extremely dry areas on the face such as around the nose and so on where I usually tend to suffer from flaky skin, which normal moisturisers don't seem to remedy. 

This one's also more suitable as a night cream or for mature skin over 40's to replenish back all the hydration that you have lost during the day, during cleansing and so on. 

It's obviously best for all over body use, especially the knees, feet, elbows due to its Sudo Creme like, thick texture that needs to be worked into the skin and stays on for longer. 

These are available to purchase from all drugstores including Boots and Superdrug.

It felt great getting back to simplistic ways of skin care for a while and I wish everything could be as simple for other products and brands as well.
kia said...

I really like Queen, great skincare company! I use their toner.

I've just started an exciting project on my blog today called 'Project Foundation' & i would love to hear your thoughts on it :)


kirstyb said...

thanks for sharing

Smith Jones said...
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Smith Jones said...

Moisture is the most important thing for our skin as it ages. Astral is richly moisturising & protective. That's why i trust on astral products.




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