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Sponsored Video: Gets you back to you

Twinings have recently created a sequel to their highly popular television advertisement 'Gets you back to you'. The first one shows a women with a dinky little wooden boat rowing her way through gigantic waves. When I initially saw the advertisement on television, I really wanted to know where she is heading to. She finally reaches a beautiful island and hugs a girl that looks exactly like her, well because it is her! The moral of the video hence is to help you get back to you.

Now I would not have gotten the point of this advert a year ago when I was at University. You know how laid back one gets and there is nothing you don't have control over, except exams of course. But then starts the real test of life, WORK! Real life work, and to all of you at University or College right now, just suck up the 'stress' when it comes to cramming fat textbooks will you, because once you step into the big bad corporate world, that's when the real test of your capabilities begin.

Anyhow, back to the beautifully made video below, I love the fact that it places so much importance on a beverage and shows it has the power to hold a person together during rough times. I personally am someone who relies on hot beverages for comfort, with Coffee and Tea being my top favourites of course. I am note sure if they biologically do something substantial, although research during my dissertation paper did show that tea helps people calm down as opposed to coffee that gives you the jitters. Yes a Starbucks grande does help in kick-starting my day but nothing works better than tea to help me relax and think well.

I have tried Twinings tea before, as I love experimenting with different brands and adore their 'Earl Grey' and 'Everyday Teas'. No one does British tea better than Earl Grey in my opinion. They also do some delicious fruity teas if you are up for something flavoured and fun and unique blends like Cranberry and Sanguinello Orange, Rose Garden and Camomile and so on.

Coming back to the video itself, I absolutely love the animation, the emotions involved and its surreal interpretation of the obstacles we go through in our everyday lives, finally reaching a point of clarity and not to forget, the fantastic background score by American folk-rock artist Lissie.

Do you rely on beverages for comfort? Tell me I'm not alone!

*This post has been sponsored by Twinings, but all thoughts are my own. 
Anonymous said...

I love the Twinings adverts! When I saw the first one, I thought it was an advert for a movie :P I still prefer the first advert to this one but maybe that's because of the song :) xxx




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