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Sponsored Video: Britain's answer to Justin Bieber?

I am sure most of you already know about the upcoming R&B teenage star Conor Maynard. He has taken over YouTube since a while with millions of views on his videos and fans going gaga commenting over them.

And why wouldn't they, this is Britain's own answer to Justin Bieber. Say's who? Well everyone who's seen his videos have been saying that and I am no one to disagree. Although I do feel I like Conor's voice much better. He looks pretty grown up for 19 eh and it's less embarrassing for the ladies to have a crush on someone who is going to hit 20 as opposed to the 'beliebers' I suppose. I am not judging however.

Coming to the video, it's been shot in East London and still manages to look glamorous and suitable for MTV somehow. It's surprisingly not cheesy at all as compared to all the pop teenage videos I have seen till date. Yes I am not a huge fan of the lyrics which apparently Conor writes himself but I do like his gripping angelic voice and presence and I did end up listening to the song three times which does give it an 'addictive' status, for me at least.

Being his first solo single, it is not irritating or made-up at all which is what I like. It has quite an effortless and relaxed feel to it and there's nothing to deny that his just-out-of-bed ungroomed look works for him pretty well.

He's a YouTube find from Brighton and started off by apparently uploading web cam videos whilst at school which subsequently attracted a lot of attention hence the single now. A big shout out to all the fabulous YouTube talent out there! I have seen a few of his earlier videous and my favourite is him singing Justin Timberlake's 'Senorita'. It's funny to see the transition over time as Conor was so shy in those early videos and such a pro in 'Can't Say No'.

With him already being all over the TV and Top 20 Charts quite a few weeks before his release, it won't be a shock if he becomes a rage once the single is released this Spring/Summer.

So will Conor be Britain's answer to the cocky Canadians? I hope so :)

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girl_upnorth said...

not my sort of music, but then again neither is Justin Beiber but I wish Conor every success :)

Chrissie said...

I first heard this on the radio and i loved it. Made me wanna dance but i couldnt believe how young and baby faced the singer looks when i saw the video!!




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