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Illamasqua Human Fundamentalism

This collection, I am truly a fan of. 

Everything in the blogger event from the the creative directors vision behind the collection, their perception of different types of people around the world was simply fabulous and inspiring. 

The collection is for the non-conformists in make-up and for you to find your own niche or style statement when it comes to self expression and breaking the moulds of superficially 'pretty' norms of facial make-up. 

Now I am not the bravest of people on the world when it comes to experimenting with my hair or make-up but I can wear absolutely any colour on my nails and have always loved experimenting with coloured contacts and that's exactly the kind of little different things you do that sets you apart and what the collection celebrates. 

I am in love with the caramel skintones and rich, bright hues in the promo images. 

My favourite things from the collections are the Skin Base Foundation in AU which is limited edition I believe and Eye Shadow in Burst.

The Eye Shadow in Burst is a worn out, played with, slept in teal which has warm undertones to it so although its bright, it quite wearable all over the lid, in the crease or as an eye liner which is my favourite way to wear it, in combination with a sealing gel.

The Skin Base Foundation in AU is a universal caramel colour that immediately adds colour to the skin, giving it that summer warmth but has very tiny specks of gold glitter that once buffed in, simply give out a radiant effect. This can also be mixed with your regular foundation to create a custom blended foundation for the summer or can be used as a liquid bronzer!

Eye shadow in Burst. I am in love with it and even wore it to work without looking OTT. Simply brilliant and a must-have from the collection.
Aah the Skin Base in AU is like a ray of hope in this gloomy London weather. It gives me hope that summer is on its way and if not then I can surely feel chirpy, applying this all over my cheeks! Yes it even manages to contour beautifully.
There were quite a few ladies at the event who pulled off the warm teal lipstick or a bight white liner and looked 'pretty' just liked one would wearing a red statement lip or a black liner.

I am no where near buying the Lipstick in Apocalips as of yet. I will get there one day for sure! But the Precision Ink Liner in Scribe which is a pure white, surely does catch my fancy :) 

What will your statement of self expression be? A flicked out white eye liner or a perfectly drawn teal lip? If not, what's your reason for not wearing any of that? 

The collection is available to pre-order here
Rohini said...

Burst looks soo lovely! Especially as an eyeliner, the way you have applied it! =) x

The Procrastinator said...

I don't know that I'd actually wear it, but I totally want that turquoise lip for my collection :)

Anonymous said...

burst looks gorgeous on you!

I've just tagged you on my blog. Find more details on my post here: http://bettygirlmakeup.blogspot.com/2012/03/11-questions-tag.html

GREEDS said...

I adore anything Illamasqua!


Jennifer from Toronto - Spiced Beauty said...





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