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To Glossybox or to not to Glossybox

Is a decision I cannot make for you ladies!

It's basically what you expect out of £10, how much that sum matters to you, your expectations as to what will turn out in the box and what you intend to do with those products.

Featuring this months blogosphere culprit, The February Glossybox.

Frankly speaking, regarding quantity of products, it doesn't seem bad to me. Besides the fact that most of the brands in here are unheard of and that I absolutely don't know what do to with that pink and white bottle you see in the box below. I am not going to attempt to type down its one paragraph long name.

Yes I would be a very happy bunny if I'd get to try the Becca product like the others did. My only advice to the Glossybox team would be to keep cult-favourite or extremely hyped brands like Becca and NARS, consistent in all boxes and vary the rest of the content so that way no one feels left out more frankly jealous of the other's who received it.

A pot of black mineral eye shadow? A big no-no Glossybox. Not even if its a fashion edition box. 
But I am not going to rant my heart out here as first of all, other bloggers have done that for me already and Glossybox have got the point I suppose and secondly I really don't expect much out of £10 as I don't spend it very carefully otherwise as well (without sounding too boastful!) so it would be unfair if I'd do so now. 

This is much like a lottery box for me where even if once in two months I find a product that I absolutely love and will use till I hit pan, I guess the two month's £20 is covered right? The rest I usually give away to family and friends or keep it aside for travel.

Some feel-good discoveries from Glossybox over the past few months:
  • HD Brow Palette
  • Deborah Lippmann Razzle Dazzle 
  • Nouveau Lashes Noir Mascara
  • Stila Smudge Stick
It's just how you perceive it ladies so make a judgement of subscribing or not based on what I said at the very beginning and not on what we rave or rant about here in the blogosphere.
girl_upnorth said...

Ya know what, I love Glossybox; I love the concept and the contents of the boxes, nothing has made me that disappointed that I have felt the need to rant about it. I've just recently unsubbed though purely because of their shocking customer service, they seem to like to ignore the bad comments and just retweet the good comments, at the end of the day they need to learn to look after every single customer, not just the ones that kiss arse! xx

Dragon Mommy said...

I've been subscribed to Glossybox for about 5 months now and overall I am pleased with what I've had. I was abit peed off with the amount of perfume samples I kept receiving before Christmas though, I don't mind them as an extra to the five samples but when they're included it annoys me. The only sample Ive liked was Illamasqua Freak.
My favourite items are the HD Brows palette and the Deborah Lipman nail varnish from the Xmas box.
Sometimes I see other boxes and wish I was with them instead but I shall be sticking with Glossybox for at least 2 more months for now.

Holli x

My Autistic Adventure said...

I'm so disappointed in this box that I can't even bear to blog about it. I am fortunate in that I received mine as a sample and didn't pay for it, but I really can't believe that some people got full size Becca products and I got... the same as you.

Sheefa F said...

@Jade - Totally agree with you! A good brand can be recognized by how it deals with its complaining customers and trust me, its not an easy thing to do and most people find it easier to ignore. But it doesn't come without consequences of course.

@Holli - Oh how I despised Illamasqua Freak I cannot tell you. It smells like something my dad would wear :(

@Charlie - I know! I haven't ever tried a single Becca products and would have loved to have it. It's kinda silly of them to put the Becca product in a lottery. It should have been a staple.

Cynthia Z said...

Hehe...I'd be disappointed! But yes, for the price,you can't complain much.


Anonymous said...

That Dr. Bronner's is awesome!! It's a great brand and I'm surprised you haven't heard of it before. Do a Google search and check it out. I think you might be pleasantly surprised. :-)

I'm currently subscribed to MyGlam Box and we're only 3 months in... so far it's ok.

Shivani said...

The problem i have with these sample subscriptions is that it left me with an empty feeling. I was expecting something and got something else in return, you know? Most of the time with mild disappointment. At this point I am just so sick of hoarding random products and in these boxes, that's all you get - a bunch of random products that don't get any use.

Steph said...

i feel exaclty the same as yo uright now. when i look at previous boxes i see some good products but now im just like bleh..... so im seeing how my friends first carmine box is this month n maybe ill switch...cos frankly glossybox just isnt cutting it right now... i want cosmetics!! lol

Sabina said...

just to let u no,i have restarted my blog.sabina xxx


Sharlynn said...

Oh gosh, I really like the stuff I'm seeing! Would love to try them all, especially the duwop lipgloss :)




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