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Sleek Blush by 3!

Is the only lethal contender that has got me actually, extremely excited about make-up in a long long time!

I love myself some colour. Plus I'm not a Lipstick person hence Eye Shadow and Blusher tend to be my absolutely favourite, with Blusher being a little more favourite than the former of course.

To solve the problem of women having to carry a tonne of blushers with them or to avoid making a choice, Sleek have created 5 sets of gorgeous blusher combinations, including the right amount of matte and shimmery textures in each.
Beware however as these are a limited edition item and you will have to go through a Superdrug stamped to get yourself one these, I am guessing 'Sugar' and 'Lace' in particular, taking into account their neutral, universally comforting appearance. 

My favourite however is Pink Sprint. Trust me, it looks scary but such cool pink colours give a striking pop of colour on the cheeks that no other shade can replicate. Be brave, dodge the conformists and give that a try will you?

I'm not sure which one I'll get because if I am correct, I guiltily own the entire Sleek Blusher collection. 

These currently retail at Superdrug stores for £9.99 each and are even pocket friendly.
Robyn Roxburgh said...

Really want to try these out! Will take your advice and give Pink Sprint a shot :) xx

Unknown said...

Are you joking?? How have I missed this? I LOVE Sleek blushes, literally to pieces, I only use MUA mosaic blush and these Sleek babies! I chucked the rest because I just gave up on them haha Lovely post, thank you!:) xx

Anonymous said...

I saw these on Tuesday in Superdrug and was like WHHHAAAAAAATT? I hadn't heard anything about them which I was completely surprised about. There weren't any prices up so I couldn't be bothered to ask around but I really liked Sugar and Lace. Trying to cut down on how much makeup I buy though...but knowing me I'll probably give in at some point xx

Unknown said...

i want flame and sugar omg!!!! xxx

Unknown said...

I love the look of Lace the colours look really wearable. I can't wait to get my hands on it :)

Uma Mageswari Preve said...

Ooo, the colors are so pretty! I want them all but I know I can't as I am not in UK..... Maybe might try purchasing them from their site.

Demonicsmurfette said...

OMG! Just.... wow! Sleek are amazing and I neeeeeeed these. I want them all but the red blushes are screaming at me.

Summer Loren said...

These look fab! x

Anca said...

This is such a great idea! I love Sleek blushes, I think my favourite would be either pumpkin or lace. Just when I thought I had enough blushes Sleek comes out and makes me think I, for some reason, need more.


Michelle said...

These look awesome, and great money for value! Some of the colours to me, are a bit much though. My favourite is definitely Sugar x

Anonymous said...

wow! great colors!!!


Anonymous said...

Wow these would be perfect to take on holiday! I'm really feeling 'Pumpkin' and 'Pink Spirit'...who am I kidding I think I need all of these lol! can't wait for these to be released :) x

The Dollymix Diaries said...

These are gorgeous! xx

Fifi said...

Pink Sprint and Sugar are right up my alley!! Gorgeous stuff.:D

Monika said...

Love these! Perfect for travel too.
I agree, Pink spirit looks gorgeous.

White Bazaar said...

These look amazing, I love pumpkin and lace, so pretty! x




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