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Origins Youthopia

After classic moisturisers such as 'Perfect World' and 'Mega Mushroom', Origins have come up with yet another offering and its an extension to their Youthopia range. 

I recently tried out their Youthopia Firming Face Cream and absolutely loved it and had to let you guys know. It's consistency is quite thick but still spreads really well. I feel I need to massage and pat it into the skin well for it to absorb. 

Although it seems rich in consistency, it did not break me out at all. In fact I have had no breakout since the past two weeks which also can be due to this. 

It's primary ingredient is Hyaluronic acid and is known to fill in skin defects and deformations such as wrinkles and fine lines hence avoiding the skin from sagging. 

I fortunately do not suffer from any obvious wrinkles, but I do have a few fine lines around the eyes which bother me sometimes. I believe it  would trigger this as it made my skin more plump and younger looking as opposed to dehydrated and lacking that 'healthy' glow. 

When I first used it at night, I woke up in the morning and I usually do my make-up in the conservatory which has lighting that is less forgiving on the skin than you'd imagine and I noticed I looked more awake and my skin looked glowing, even without any moisturiser at all. 

I immediately gave credit to me having a good nights sleep without any disturbances but then eventually realised after a few days that it was most probably due to using the Origins Youthopia at night. 

I am so tempted to try out their GinZing Eye Cream now as I've heard everyone go gaga about it. It's really a brand that I've always wanted to try but have passed by for some reason but after trying out this particular product, I feel I need to try more! 

Let me know your Origins favourites? 

Phoebe Limanta said...

I've been hearing so many great things about Origins that I'm very tempted to try their products! But my skin can be so picky sometimes, I'm a little scared!! :P

Anca said...

Origins seems like such a good brand with good ingredients I would totally try it out. I've been tempted by the VitaZing many many times but have never actually bought it.

*I have a giveaway going on*

Erica J said...

you hafta do a full review! i wanna try some origins stuff so badly!~

Erica J said...

on the brand as a whole- what are going to get from origin's next time? colorswaptbeauty on youtube did a review on the brand. it is titled october favorites from 2011. you should check it out

Erica J said...

looking through your blog for the past 15-20 minutes, i noticed you have the best brow arch. I would love it if you did a how-to of sorts on how you do your brows. I know it would be alot of work, but it would be greatly appreciated

Shabina said...

Ooooh I am very tempted to try this!






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