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The next best thing after sliced bread

is finally here!

It's Rituals Nail Corrector Pen.

So apparently these pens have been in the market since long but I must have been hiding under a huge rock not to notice them earlier.

In my opinion, this is the best one you'll find out there for the price and the quantity you get.

I have shaky hands when it comes to applying Nail Paint or anything within a precise given border. No matter how careful I am, it's inevitable to get stubborn red nail paint all over the cuticle which isn't a very pretty sight you see.

This comes in pretty handy instead of dipping a cotton bud in the Nail Varnish Remover a million times. I initially thought the nib might dry out pretty soon but it has been going strong since a month. Plus it comes with a generous 3 extra refills.

You might want to keep a separate one for all your black, blue and red colour families.

It's ingenious. And doesn't bloat your tummy like sliced bread does.

Soph. said...

Haha loved that last line. Wow I didn't know these existed either. Such a simple and clever invention- every girl needs one!


Xox Soph

Anonymous said...

I have a orly one of these i bought when i was getting my nails done in the salon!!

It has been really helpful when using dark polishes...red & lately navys!! will keep an eye out for this one!! i love your tip for having separate tips for each colour!

Dragon Mommy said...

I had a dior one of these in a manicure set a few years ago. Still works now! So handy for all those little mistakes.

Holli x

Beauty Daze said...

Ahh I want this! How much is it?

Steph x

Beauty Daze said...

£6.90 WOW! I have seen the Rituals stand in John Lewis time and time again, but never really had a look as it looked expensive, and like they sold products that weren't for me. This has really changed my opinion. I'm planning on mooching around town tomorrow on my day off having a massive swatching session, and just checking out all the new products I'm interested in for myself. I shall definitely be going and having a better look at Rituals tomorrow :D
Thanks for such a great review!
Steph xx

Cosmo Juice said...

wow i need one of these in my love becoz im totally rubbish at applying polish neatly

(ull be seein alot of my posts.. avin a gud old catch up with everyones posts)

Lots of love, amina - cosmo juice aka innerbelle.




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