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A Nars Multiple dupe?

Sounds highly unlikely right

I seriously have always drooled at those gorgeous shimmery tubes of Nars gorgeousness for years but simply couldn't justify making a purchase, especially considering that I already have quite a few blushers and the £30 multiple wouldn't get much use. 

Thank God at least one brand decided to do something similar and cheekily I will call this new release from Miners, the poor man's Nars Multiple! 

I don't mean it in an offensive way however as I personally adore 'The Cheek of it' sticks. Not only are they baby pink from outside but they come in three basic shades namely a Bronzer, Highlighter and Blush.

The Highlighter is a slightly yellow-beige champagne shade that has a lovely sheen to it and none of those large glitter particles that make the pores appear larger.

The Bronzer is a matte, caramel brown which would be great for lighter skin tones and has a velvety finish to it.

The Blusher however is my absolute favourite as its a gorgeous mid-tone pink with very tiny yet flattering silver iridescence to it.

The beauty is that all of the shades regardless of having a different finish to them, are of the same texture and consistency, which is soft and easily blendable. 

It doesn't leave any unblended edges on its own and its quite fool proof which I like. It works on top of powder products as well without smudging them too much however they work best on top of cream or liquid products. 

I lazily apply them with my fingers however they work quite well with synthetic foundation brushes as well. Regarding staying power, the blusher lasted till noon on my cheeks which is not bad for a cream product as such to be honest. 

It's pretty dinky hence I like to pop the blusher in the bag with me to work in case I need to touch up in the evening. 

They might look slightly kiddish in packaging to some of us brand smugs out there but once you get over the packaging, the product is pretty good value for money.

For £3.99 each, there is seriously nothing to lose here folks!

Jennifer said...

Love the colors!

Uma Preve said...

I like the bronzer and cheek blush color. Sadly they are not shipping outside of UK.

Eugenia said...

I really like that cheek color!

Two Fashion Geeks said...

I don't have any Nars products -never tried them because I just couldn't justify the price. But these, I want to try out. I agree they look like they're made for little girls, but if the quality is good, then why not? :)

Adorable On Your Vanity said...

Its sooo cute <3

GREEDS said...

Oooh laa laaaa, I'd love to get my hands on these.

I own two of the NARS sticks and I am a HUGE fan... Over time, I decided to try E.L.F.'s color sticks and also fell in love with those, plus they're only a DOLLAR!


Anonymous said...

These look pretty good, especially for the price! You missed out though - last week Cheapsmells were selling NARS products for half price so I scooped up two multiples for the normal price of one. They only had 3 shades to choose from though, plus they're still quite pricey at £14.50 I suppose but like you I've been lusting over them for so long and almost told myself I'd never own one as I refused to pay £29 for one...even though I spent that on Chanel Bronze Universal... :s funny how the brain works lol! I'll be doing a post soon on them once they arrive :) xx

kanika said...

awesome stuff

ShaunaJade'ox said...

these are great- thanks for following!!





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