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Phil Smith Hair - Xtreme Style

Just thought I'd give a shout out to the Xtreme Style range by Phil Smith that I've been using since a good few weeks now and completely forgot to mention. 

I have a Hair Spray, a Thickening Cream and a Sea Salt Spray from them. Can I firstly make an appeal to all the brands out there to make their packaging hot pink. Doesn't it simply make life much more glamorous?

I am so addicted to Sea Salts and texturising powders that its just weird to use it in a spray form. I even have a few texturising powders tossed into my hand bag! Guilty much? 

Anyhow, this is a genius product to add texture and style to the bottom part of the hair where the powders usually cannot be used or don't work as well. I use this on damp hair when I want to opt for a scrunchy, air dried look and this works quite well to define curls in naturally wavy hair. 

Of course it would work much better in conjunction with heat tools but I usually opt for this when I want to stay heat-free. 

The Xpanding Thickening Cream is like a mousse but in a cream form. I generally take a blob of it and apply it at the roots of damp hair and massage it in. It gives a lot of volume to the hair if blowdryed after. It just shouldn't be used on dry hair and not more than a pea sized amount. 

The Xtravagant Hair Spray is much effective than the generic L'Oreal ones in my opinion. I have never really got L'Oreal to work for me to be honest. I mean I am aware of the fact that their Elnett range has been dominating the hair spray market since decades but it simply just doesn't do anything for my hair.

This on the other hand provides a much effective hold without any crispiness to it. Get it!

The range is available at Sainsbury's so definitely look out for it when you're around. 

GREEDS said...

Totally hunting for this, specifically the sea salt spray. Sounds like a dream.





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