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MAC 109 - The ultimate dupe

This seems like such an old debate/discussion no?

Maybe one that the blogosphere was overcrowded with DECADES ago. No that's an example of over exaggeration that I usually tend to resort to on weekends. I am just moderately sarcastic on weekdays :)

So even I went through the phase of trying out the original MAC 109 when it first came out, loving it, then hating it, then selling it.

It was such an annoying experience that I had with the brush, when I couldn't figure out what to use it for - foundation, blush, bronzer or everything? Plus I simply couldn't justify paying over £20 for it at that time, simply to see it shed a tonne of hair.

Then came a gazillion companies trying to make dupes of the brush but simply couldn't achieve perfection. I think the closest any brand could get was Sigma but I has simply lost patience till then and found better alternatives.

Until I found Lauren Luke's Flat Contour Brush a while back and have been in love with it since then. It's exactly what MAC 109 should have been.

It has it's minor differences of course as MAC 109 is more fuller and dense and slightly more tapered from the edges. But I have to say it works just as well if not better and is of much better quality.

The quality of the brush handle and the ferulle is quite sturdy and the brush hairs are goat hair I believe and is considerably soft.

Of course there's Sigma F05 which is the more known dupe for the original however if you don't want to spend an atrocious amount on shipping from the US, this a great option for the British ladies out there.

The best part it, all her brushes retail for under £7, with this one priced ridiculously at £5.25! Talk about beating IMAT's prices eh?

The website offers international delivery as well but then if the point is to avoid atrocious shipping charges, it wouldn't be worth the purchase for those outside Europe in my opinion. 

It's maddening I tell you. I also have her foundation brush and tapered blending brush and plan to purchase the rest from the range too. 

If you've been able to find a better dupe, I'd love to know! 

Rakhshanda said...

sounds great Shifa!! Thanks for the review :D

Sofia \m/ said...

I've had the same experience with the MAC 109, it didn't apply very well and as you said, it shed so much hair! I ended up tossing it in the bin D:
-Sofia xoxo

Smolly said...

I see her prices have dropped since she first launched the brushes! I bought the set, using them for the first time tonight, quality appears icredible for the price!

Phoebe Limanta said...

Thanks for letting us know dear :)

Scarlett said...

Wow!! Thank you so much for this review - off to order mine now :)

Uma Preve said...

Wow, that is a lovely brush that comes with a lovely price. Thanks for sharing! I am not sure I can get my hands on it! Any online retailers that sell this brush?

Claire said...

I have 4 of her brushes and in my iopinion they are fantastic dupes. Blending brush is a fab dupe for MAC217 and if put next to each other you would have to study!

They are fab value and I so may get this brush and the powder :) Hee hee!

Iheartmexo said...

ooooo thankyou for this not heard of this brand before and i really need to get some new bushes! :)

Anonymous said...

that sounds great!!!


Steffi said...

hmmmmm i shre the same dilemma as you and im also in the uk so might try this out! thanks!




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