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Loving this week...Cleansing Gels, Illuminating Bronzers, Tinted Moisturizers & Jillian Michaels!

I absolutely love trying out new body lotions as there are just so many in the market with new brands introducing products almost every week! The newest brand I have come across is Rhodes to Heaven. Yes they are an organic brand yet again but they are different as they claim to be 'green and glamorous' at the same time by bring out multi-purpose and eco friendly products.

I have their Revitalising Body Balm which due to containing Sweet Almond Oil and Geranium smells quite citrusy and refreshing like Liz Earle's No 1 fragrance. 

That balm is not only meant to moisturise but also claims to tone and reduce cellulite which I have yet to notice. It contains a very unique ingredient however called Centenella Asiatica which is a plant protect, heal and boost circulation. I love how it melts into the skin automatically and is perfect for hydrating the arms and legs, especially after a good workout to get the most out of its cellulite reducing ingredients. 

The Nuxe Face Cleansing and Make-up Removing Gel does wonders for my dry and sensitive skin during the winter. I have only started to use this recently but its just so good I had to feature it in my favourites.

It's a soap free formula and the consistency is a thick gel that looks like honey and has a warm and comforting Honey and Sunflower scent to it. It does not foam at all as expected but still manages to get every last speck of make-up off the skin in a minute.

I like to use it in the morning as it leaves skin nice and smooth without leaving it too dry. I have been suffering from extremely dry areas on the face recently and have been resorting to this one as the others tend to dry out the skin even more.

The huge 200ml bottle retails for £12 which is a steal in my opinion!

I was recently sent a tonne of Star Gazer products and the Bronzer is one of them. It's a gorgeous brownish tan bronzer with a lovely dewy sheen to it. Yes its not matte and I like it (shocker!) but its amazing how sun kissed it makes my skin look with the added sheen, contouring at the same time.

It reminds me very much of the Bobbi Brown Illuminating Bronzers that I was in love with when they were introduced but their price tag deterred me from making a purchase. This is very similar to it's Bali Brown shade and am sure retails for a quarter of the price.
And in the era of BB creams, my favourite one still remains Skin Wisdoms Tinted Moisturiser. It's actually quite cheaper than its yada yada yada counterparts in the market and is a lovely light consistency that evens out the skin tone quite well and gives a gorgeous post-facial glow.

It doesn't provide much coverage but it's not meant to like the other BB creams out there. I like to use it on lazy weekends when I want a my-skin-but-better look. 

It's available in the beauty isles of Tesco so definitely give it a try next time you're grocery shopping.

Yes I know, I despised the women initially and let her DVD gather dust since months and stayed loyal to Davina's comforting DVD's. Well they aren't easy either but Davina's so chirpy, doesn't pressurise and most importantly get's tired like a majority of us!

I practised Davina's DVD's for months and it actually did trigger inch loss tremendously and allowed me to fit into size 8 dresses and size 10 jeans however they do tend to get lengthy and repetitive at 30 minutes and I eventually lost interest, gathering back all those inches.

Only to find out that I actually do respond to pressure and love the challenge of breaking my bones for 20 minutes. I have been doing it every day since a week and the jackets and zip tops fit me just like before. I cannot wait to see changes after a month's passed!

Phew! One heck of a long post that was. We'll spread it out into separate posts next time. Just not this weekend fellows.

Dee said...

You look beautiful :) and I am getting that DVD ;) xxx

Scarlett said...

The Nuxe cleanser sounds gorgeous and what a decent price?! I was quite surprised at that.

I love Davina and Jillian's DVDs!! You are right though, Davina's do get too long if you do them too often.

Lately I'm absolutely LOVING The Firm's Thin in 30 DVDs. They are 20 mins each with two extra 10 min workouts for days when you want to work out twice!!! I have not done that yet but I have done a couple back to back on days when I have more time or I'm feeling extra energetic!!

Keep up the good work :)

Roshni said...

YAY 30 Day shred!! Let me know how it goes! Good Luck xxx

The Beautifier said...

Everything looks great...love the stargazer bronzer...I've a couple of preducts from this line and they are a great quality for the price xoxo




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