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Sponsored Video: A bit about Merino Wool

Did you know Merino wool is known to be one of the softest and best quality wool in the world due to its unique soft fibres that make it different to other artificial fabrics in the market.

It traps body heat unlike many other fabrics that let body warmth escape, still keeping in mind that the wearer does not get overheated. This is the main reason why the fabric is used in the manufacturing of workout clothing and sportswear as it automatically adjusts the moisture levels in the body.

Now this is the main problem I mainly suffer from cheap quality wool available in high-street. It makes me extremely warm, even in the winter, that I am left with absolutely no option other than sweating or itching, if wearing it in a well heated room.

Plus, most of the wooly dresses that I currently own from the high-street retailers loose shape so quickly and their fluff is flying all around the room, after coating my outerwear!

I haven't tried wearing Merino wool but it seems of superb quality and feels so light and comfortable, gliding on the skin effortlessly. It almost looks like silk... but warmer.

Did you know this is what most Fashion Designers use because of how versatile it is and its unique ability of draping the skin, without feeling like wool? It's also natural and renewable, so in an artificial era as of today, you don't always have to feel guilty of ruining the environment for once.

Giorgio Armani has also used Australian Merino wool in his recent creations which have been featured in International Vogue magazines.

Don't you just absolutely love these stunning visuals? When I usually think wool, attributes like 'ticklish' and 'boring' come to my mind but looking at these visuals, it is apparent how different types of wool make an immense difference in the way they look and feel.

I love the way the fabric drapes the model's body and is so figure flattering! The checkered beige print would make such a chic coat or a formal dress no?

Have you guys tried Merino Wool before? Would love to know your thoughts.

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agnes said...

de magnifiques photos

Unknown said...

I have to say I stopped buying merino wool after I read up on it after I heard it linked with animal cruelty. I don't want to offend anyone but if you google Australia Merino wool you will see what I mean.

Erica J said...

hi there! i awarded your blog! go grab your badge!


Unknown said...

I highly recommend merino wool amazimg!! I have some cardigans and jumpers from uniqlo that are made from merino wool so soft and comfy :)




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