Boudoir Prive is now Joliebox!

If you haven't been living under a rock lately, you will already be aware that Boudoir Prive collaborated with Joliebox from France and have now merged their very similar parisian chic services and are all geared up to provide deluxe beauty samples. 

Boudoir Prive will now be called Joliebox from now on however and everything else will remain the same besides the fact that Joliebox's brands like By Terry, Benefit, Laura Mercier, Essie, Lancome, L'occitane will also be included in the box. 

I got so excited when I heard that as we hardly have such niche high-end brands being included in beauty boxes. This would be far more useful than having unknown brands being featured in these boxes as this will give us an opportunity to try out luxury brands at a modest price of £10 per box. 

Here's December's Joliebox. 

So my personal favourites from this box are Mitchell and Peach Shower Wash as it has a very typical English Rose scent to it which I adore. 

The OPI Nail Lacquer in Gold Shatter is quite unique and perfect for the festive season. I know Barry M and quite a few other drugstore brands do such gold shatter alternatives but this is for all you OPI fans out there.

New Kid I-Gloss is quite a pretty nude pink that I suppose would be universally flattering on all skin tones. This is full size and retails for £15 which is more than the price of the box itself. 

Ooh and not to forget the flat shader eye shadow brush from Joliebox itself. I don't know why but its always so exciting to receive a brush in a beauty box, regardless of how many others of its kind I may already have.

I hope more beauty boxes include stuff like make-up brushes, primers, make-up fixers, shatter/magnetic nail paints etc as that way they are sure to maintain excitement amongst consumers and also keep up with recent trends. 
And as for the infamous gold shatter by OPI, you'll either love or hate it!

I personally am on the fence with this one. I am wearing it with a mauve base below but it looks much better over nudes and classics like black and white as they don't clash with its glamour.

Are you happy with Boudoir Prive collaborating with Joliebox? Or are you sick of beauty boxes already and wish they disappeared completely in 2012?


Introducing GHD Air - Will you give in?

Is the latest professional hairdryer from the expert brand. I have a weird attachment with the brand as I have been using its products since the past few years and they are second to none.

Well Cloud 9 and Enrapture are also a few of my favourite brands when it comes to hair styling but as I previously mentioned, I have and always will have a fond attachment with GHD.

If you did not know, GHD stands for ‘Good Hair Day’. So there is no excuse not to have one every day!

Till date, GHD only makes three varieties of Hair Straighteners and this is the first time when they have experimented with a variation of their product which is quite exciting to be honest.

They claim it to be ‘the’ professional hair dryer that will reduce frizz and leave hair sleek and beautiful. It has ionic technology which according to my knowledge reduces frizz and static and adds shine to the hair so that its more manageable and smooth. It has a very powerful 2100 watt AC motor which is quite silent for how powerful it is.

Now the question that first came to my mind was 'How can a hairdryer be different from the rest'? I currently have a Babyliss one which works decently for its purpose and is a very pretty lilacy colour which I quite like.

This on the other hand is its posher sister if you know what I mean. It’s very sophisticated and pretty with its slender shape and precise detailing. Surprisingly light too which I also did not expect. This makes it easier to manoeuvre between hands and its one quality all hair tools should possess.  

However it’s USP is that it dried my long, wavy, slightly frizzy hair in just 2 minutes, literally. That too with the cold air setting on. As for the texture of my hair, well it was softer than usual, even the sister agree so  but I used the new Liz Earle Botanical Shine Treatment alongside which could have benefited the hair as well. 

It comes with two add on nozzles for concentrated drying but I really wish it came with a diffuser attachment too as that way it would make a complete styling device on its own for people who don’t want to use extra heat on their hair followed by a straightener. Plus the extra feature would make me feel I got my money’s worth.

All in all, it’s yet another great product from the brand. Yes, it’s a hair dryer at the end of the day costing £99 and if you are someone like me who usually air dries their hair naturally, then this would be slightly pointless you see.

However if you are normal like the rest of the population who go through a ritualistic hair drying routine at least 3 times a week, then this would totally be worth the investment I believe and should avoid the need of any further heat tool on the hair.


*Provided free for review purposes 


Weekly Favourites: Avon, Madara, Beauty Cycle, Paula's Choice...

Not a very appropriate day for posting Weekly Favourites as most of you must be busy enjoying your most awaited holiday of the year.

But I unfortunately am doing nothing for a change and relaxing watching snuggly Christmas television and sipping coffee. Aahh now that's what I call life! 

Avon's Ideal Flawless Foundation in Golden. It's amazing. The coverage, the finish, how it sits on the skin is beautiful. It's also the only foundation that I can ACTUALLY use using a standard foundation brush and it melts into the skin due it containing silicone. 

Another great thing about it is how the shade golden is amazingly yellow toned and perfect for my Asian skin tone. The shades do run dark and they have a tendency to oxidise hence I feel these would great for medium to deep skin tones. 

It's nice to know that brands like Avon have started catering for skin tones other than pink. 
Can you see how it instantly adds colour to my skin without it looking muddy. The coverage is light-medium but the only gripe I have about this is the tiny little glitter particles in there to give it an illuminating finish.

Fortunately they aren't seen from a distance making them very cullen-ish but its apparent up close in the mirror.
Beauty Cycle's Light Up Lipgloss is also a stunner for lusciously plump lips without looking too over the top. They come in a few different shades and I have a very glamorous pink called Glitz.

It glides on quite smoothly onto the lips and isn't very sticky too surprisingly. I however would overlook anything else for its sumptuous colour. It's an understated pink on the lips, with silver reflects that give an illusion of fullness.

And as the name suggests, it comes with a light in the lid which automatically starts on opening the gloss along with a mirror on the tube as well. Quite handy besides the fact that it sometimes blinds me when am not expecting it.
Madara Delicate Cleansing Milk has been my favourite one to use for its purpose. It is a huge 200ml bottle retailing for £14 which is firstly quite a bargain.

Secondly it can be used dry, i.e. with a cotton pad or as a face wash when you're not feeling lazy and can compromise with a cold splash of water. Well if you want to make it a hot cloth cleanser, just alternate with luke warm water and a muslin cloth.

It can be used on the eyes without any irritation and is suitable for sensitive-combination skin. It is quite light in consistency and very gentle at removing make-up so sometimes it takes me two rounds to get everything off.

It is organic, vegan and all-natural and contains linden flowers and oats as its main ingredients.
Your hands are the first point of contact that actually scream out your age hence its very important to take good care of them. I used to ignore moisturising them a few years ago but now I have started taking it seriously and moisturise them regularly.

I have a few of my favourites such as Liz Earle, Rodial , Avene and so on but this is the latest addition to my collection which I had to show you guys. It's by Paula's Choice, a brand that's quite underestimated and not talked about but in fact is quite effective for problematic skin types.

I have their face moisturiser and it works fab! This particular products claims to protect hands from sun damage and premature ageing by containing antioxidents in it. Of course its consistency is very nice and hydrating but I like how it gives me reassurance that it will also protect my hands from the sun and ageing.
Phew! Apologies for the superlong post. I should have broken it down innit?

Hope you guys had a lovely Christmas and have a great holiday season lovelies! :-)