Weleda 'Sea Buckthorn'

Weleda has come up with a range of gift sets for this Christmas all catering for different skin types and purpose. I have the Sea Buckthorn one which is called ‘a replenishing treat’.

Sea Buckthorn restores dehydrated skin, helps it heal from blemishes better, contains vitamin A & E and has great anti-ageing and antioxidant properties to name a few of its benefits.

It’s a revitalising and restoring solution for skin in these extremely dry months. 

The hand cream and the body lotion smell very citrusy and fresh. Quite unusual as I am used to comforting, woody scents in the winter. Having said that, the fruity scent is quite refreshing at the same time.

Weleda’s packaging might not be the most glamorous in the market and surely not very good looking as a Christmas present but their product quality itself is outstanding. The ingredients they use, make their products very concentrated and you hardly need a pea sized amount of almost everything from their range.

Of course Weleda is all natural, with no fragrances, chemicals, preservatives or any nasties as such which is always a plus!

The gift set retails for £18.95 which is a brilliant price considering how concentrated these products are.
These are available to purchase on Weleda.co.uk where they are currently offering free delivery for the month of December. They are also available at various Boots stores and FeelUnique.com I believe.


Find Me a Christmas Gift - Neom Luxe Bath Essentials

I mean seriously if you haven't sorted out your Christmas shopping as of yet, you really have something to worry about now ladies!

I have a few last minute present ideas for you however, in case you are struggling with options. 

First we have the Neom Luxe Bath Essentials set. Neom is all about making 'organic' look and feel luxurious, keeping its effectiveness intact and that's exactly what it does. I can say that quite confidently after trying out numerous products from them.

This particular set is fragranced with Lemon and Fresh Basil, giving it a citrusy and slightly woody scent. It's quite relaxing yet uplifting and would be a cheerful pick-me-up to use in the shower at night or at a relaxing self-pamper session at home after a long day at work. 

However keep in mind that if you are not a fan of citrusy scents, you might want to opt for a different version altogether. The Candle and the Bath Oil both have the exact same fragrance to them, with the bath oil particularly being more concentrated. 

Available for £39 at neomorganics.com, this beautifully packed gift set would make a refreshing present for someone who likes their organic fragrances and a bit of self-pampering here and there. 

I'll have a few more last minute present ideas up in a bit so keep you eyes peeled ladies. 


Lid Stuff by Soap & Glory

This stuff is gorgeous really!

Its like the poor mans Dolce & Gabbana. I use Dolce & Gabbana as a reference as they do the most heavenly eye shadows in terms of shades and textures. Unfortunately they are quite underrated for some reason. 

Anyhoo, atrociously priced brands aside, this quad is all your money's worth for a tenner in my opinion. 

I hear you ask 'Why?'.

Well because...

- It looks like a MAC Pro Quad
- The Eye shadow sizes are huge
- The shades are earthy and flattering (think Urban Decay Naked!) and
- Most importantly, there is no ugly sponge applicator! 

Presenting, Lid Stuff by Soap & Glory in 'What's Nude'. 

Yes I was hiding under a rock all this time whilst you guys were jumping on the Soap & Glory cosmetic bandwagon, thanks for asking.

So for a zillion years I kept raiding all Boots for a fully stocked Soap & Glory counter and finally my hard work was rewarded in a Boots at Piccadilly Circus.

I won't lie, all the products on the stand seem tempting but only this quad called out my name even after possessing a train case full of nude eye shadows.

The shades are nicely pigmented and provide a very Chanel-esque finish, which is naturally flattering and elegant.

Have you bought something from Soap & Glory recently that I NEED in my life vanity?


Find me a Christmas Gfit: FrontCover's 'The Point is Pink'

Quite a catchy name I have to admit. Specially for girly girls like me who absolutely adore pink, this set will be right up their street.

Not only those who love pink, I feel this would be of great help to those who avoid wearing pink on the eyes. It's like a mini tutorial in a box on how to wear the versatile colour in a classy manner. 

Can you see how beautiful the images are on the box? I love how they have used a tanned model as the shade always compliments richer skin tones much better. 

You get quite a lot of products in the kit to play with for your moneys worth. As I previously said, it's everything you would need to create a complete eye look but using pink. 

You get a beautiful set of eye lashes with some crystals on the lash line. It would be just right for the party season no? Of course you'd need to be a bit more daring than usual I suppose. 

Besides the crystal eye lashes, there is holographic glitter, shimmering eye shadows, a primer, glitter glue, mascara, eye liner, eye shadow brush and a pink lipstick

If I hadn't tried the kit for myself I would probably not have picked it up in the store as the products inside would seem gimmicky to me. Also, I never really cared much about Frontcover as a brand although I usually came across people raving about it.

But surprisingly the products are pretty good in quality and actually quite wearable.

The lipstick is of amazing quality and is the most gorgeous and velvety pink I have owned till date. Being a fan of pink as a shade in make-up, a look showing how to use these products is on its way without doubt so keep your eyes peeled on this weekend ladies. That's if you are having a quite Christmas at home like me!

Worth £20? I suppose it is. 

I cannot stop thinking what a gorgeous gift this would make for a make-up fanatic. No matter how huge their vanity, the little treasures in this black box are sure to brighten up any one's holiday season. 


December Glossybox for Christmas

Apologies if I am constantly boring you guys by my Beauty Box posts but I simply cannot resist flaunting this one. It's Glossybox's special Christmas edition hence the red box.

Remember how I previously told you guys I preferred other beauty boxes to Glossybox. Well I spoke too soon I shall say as this ones worth every penny and has more full sized products compared to previous boxes.

Feast your eyes...

Can you spot at least 3 full sized products? *does a little happy dance*

We have Nouvea Lashes Volumising Mascara, Rituals Yogi Flow Shower Gel, First Aid Beauty Face Cleanser, Cargo Lip Gloss and Deborah Lippmann Nail Colour.

My absolutely favorite are the Mascara and the Nail Colour. The Mascara is so lush and is packed so well that it can make a present on its own. It has a very unusual thin brush that allows you to catch those lashes that you cannot reach with a normal brush.

The Deborah Lippmann Nail Colour is so Christmasy and perfect for the festive season. It's obvious that it's glittery but what's amazing is the 3d texture it provides and the spectacular finish it results in.

Below I am wearing it over a plummy nail colour by Miners Cosmetics. It looks stunning on top of a complimenting nail colour in my opinion but is a pain to get off. 

On the whole, the effort the team put into creating such a special treat for the festive season is worth applauding. It would make a very unique Christmas present to be honest. 

I hope such lovely boxes keep surprising customers in the future too!

Have you heard of Glossybox for men? I think they have very cleverly entered into an untapped market. 


My 'Angora Cardi' mani

So I got a manicure done at The House of Rush recently with a very lovely manicurist whose name I hopelessly cannot remember.

Anyhoo not only was she amazing but she helped me choose a shade from an array of Essie nail polish heaven they have at the salon.

I wanted to go shimmery and Christmasy at first but then chose a toned down shade namely Angora Cardi.

It was a shade that Essie released in Autumn 2009 and is a cream finish. One coat gives a fairly opaque finish but I am wearing two coats here.

It's also overtly glossy on its own but to avoid any chipping, it has been topped up by the cult-favourite Seche Vite. This stuff is truly amazing! I was so impressed that I ordered it straight after getting home.

It's a dusky mauve with some brown injected to it. This increases the warmth in the shade in my opinion and makes it much more flattering on yellow-skinned, warm toned girls like me. It might look too brown on those too fair or on women of colour.

I have actually never been SO much in awe of a nail colour lately so I am pretty excited! I am currently hunting down a bargain for this on ebay which has also allured me into browsing more Essie polishes.

Any recomendations ladies? 

Its funny how after trying so many wacky shades of taupe, khaki and yellows, we come back to girly, neutral shades that have always been there and think, ''Where was this all this time?'.


Barbara Daly Satin Swirls

I have the entire range of Barbara Daly Satin Swirl Eye shadows to show you guys today and I am super excited!

Firstly because I absolutely love Barbara Daly as a brand in terms of its quality and unbeatable price and secondly as you all must know, I am a huge eye shadow junkie.

The range consists of 10 eye shadows, which are very cleverly divided into neutrals and bold and bright colours so there's something for everything

Don't you just adore that sumptuous swirly cupcake print? It looks good enough to eat. Jokes apart, it looks absolutely pretty in real and to have on the dresser. It would make a beautiful present for someone who loves their eye shadows. Also,the quantity is just as big as a blusher really!

Without doubt these five neutrals are my impulsive favourites. Something I can pop onto the lids every day without thinking twice. They differ in texture from matte to those with a slight sheen.

The bright and bolds are absolutely gorgeous and fully packed of colour and would be great for the coming party season. Just pack a single colour all over the lids, pop on some carbon black winged out liner, a tonne of mascara and you're good to go without looking over the top.

The two that I would highly recommend from this lot is the green and the gold. They are better pigmented than the rest, are a dream to apply and look absolutely stunning on their own.

All the shadows can be easily applied with a flat top brush or a fluffy brush but as they are meant to be sheer, the best way to apply them is via finger tips as they blend like a dream and you really don't require a brush at all.

All of them have a slight sheen to them and are almost creamy to apply. I like the fact that they blend and absorb so well in to the skin so the dreaded powdery feel in the winter can be avoided.

I thought I shall create a few simple looks for you guys with these so you have an idea as to how they translate onto the lids.

A very warm and cosy winter inspired look using purple, gold and dusky pink.

A sultry evening-out look using indigo, taupe and silver. I love how the blue is slightly understated and easy to wear. It's not as pigmented as I would have liked it to be though. The sliver and taupe are gorgeous!

An elegant yet glamorous look using emerald, mauve and cream. The emerald shade is a stunner. It's amazingly pigmented and so easy to wear that it would compliment almost all eye shades. The mauve can be used as a blusher and the creamy shade makes a lovely brow bone and face highlighter.

Available for £8 each from Tesco, these are some lovely quality eye shadows I have seen since a while in the high street.

I agree they are slightly overpriced and I would be more comfortable with them being priced around £6. Having said that, one only would practically purchase a few shades and for that the price seems justifiable.


*Press samples. I thought I was going to try out one but was surprised to see the entire range waiting for me on my dresser when I came home. The joys of being a beauty blogger and of having some lovely PR peeps out there :)