What's your blogging face?

Yup that's mine.

An extreme pout, which you probably can't tell if you haven't seen what I usually look like in motion. Arched eyebrows - as if I have just got a botox done. Flaunting a jawline which I usually don't have and eyes like Zoe Saldana from Avatar.

I don't do it purposely. Honest. I just cannot help but pose like this when it comes to pictures specifically for the blog.

Friends and family often deny that its me on the blog. A lot of bloggers who I meet at events usually fail to recognize me.

Weird much

Or are the other eccentric bloggers out there in the same boat? 

Do you have a blogging face?


Find Me a Christmas Gift - Melvita 'La Petite Ruche Gift Set'

Here we have yet another adorable gift for you skin care fans out there and it's one by an organic brand called Melvita.

I had no idea that they originated from 1983 and have boutiques in Covent Garden and Putney. So if you're anywhere near these areas, definitely have a sneak peek as to what they have to offer for Christmas. 

I have here a La Petite Ruche Gift Set that contains a Body Milk, a Hand Cream and a Lip Balm. Although they look tiny, the tubes are jam packed with product and come in reasonable 30ml tubes. 

One of the main ingredients in the product is of course organic honey as Melvita itself means 'honey and life' in Latin. 

I love how cutely the products come housed in a little cottage like packaging. I wouldn't really feel the need to gift wrap this as its quite cute and authentic on its own. 

All the products are rich when it comes to hydrating the skin but still feel very light and airy to use, absorbing into the skin really well.

The Body Milk and the Hand Cream are simply fab and smell great too. I like how the Lip Balm has a traditional design to it and feels quite nice on the lips on application. It is slightly on the drier side however and needs to be worked into the lips, after which it sinks in well and recovers chapped lips overnight. 

Due to the products sizes, I like to keep them in my hand bag as they are not heavy at all and quite compact to avoid any clutter. 

The best thing about the brand is its modest prices in my opinion! It's simply amazing how this set is only available to purchase for £13.50 which is nothing compared to the atrocious prices drugstore brands are charging these days for gift sets, let alone departmental stores.

Have a browse through the website yourself and see if you can find a present to suit your pocket. 

Aussie - more more more!

Have you had a look at the HUGE Aussie bottles. The shampoo is available in 500ml bottles and the conditioner in 400ml.

It's such a relief from running out of the standard 250ml bottles. Especially when you have long hair like mine, it really does get quite annoying to constantly keep replacing them. 

I am a happy bunny Aussie have thought wisely and have come up with this. Aussie does a variety of versions of their shampoos and conditioners but I personally love their 'Take the heat' range as well 'Miracle Moist'. 

Sometimes I like to mix and match both of these as heat damaged and dehydrated hair is a common winter problem. 

Oh and don't you just love the humongous inflatable Shampoo bottle that Aussie sent? It's almost as tall as me! Well not literally but just a feet and a half shorter maybe. 

I already have a place for it in my room. It cheers me up immediately somehow! 


Bourjois Healthy Mix: Foundation vs Serum

In case you didn't know, I have been obsessed about Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation since the past few months. 

I have only and I mean ONLY used this, every single day since I bought it and it has never let me down till date. 

Even my beloved MAC Face & Body has been sitting in the hair brush cum foundation holder, on the verge of separating as it hasn't been used since ages. 

Healthy Mix is just plainly miraculous. Period. 

But then comes along, its sister from a hotter mother, all packaged to look even slender and prettier with the name 'Serum' attached to it, to keep in trend with the light-as-air BB creams I suppose and to leave the Healthy Mix Foundation fans drooling for more. 

Well so being the sheep that I am, I bought it. 

Well, everything about the 'Serum' is exactly the same as the 'Foundation' to be honest.

The shades, the texture and the consistency.

The only difference, if I scrutinise it, is that it sinks into the skin even better than the 'Foundation' and leaves an undetectable finish. However, this can only be seen if I touch my nose to the mirror for a detailed analysis you see.

Also, I feel the 'Serum' requires no powdering or setting at all and does not get as oily during the day. With the 'Foundation', I had to blot it once during mid day and powder it later in the evening.

Oh and I saw that the web does not have very amazing information regarding shades and all that, so just a little comparison of shade 53 with MAC's NC30 concealer to show you how exact they are. If you are lighter, opt for a shade lower than 53 and if you are darker, a shade higher than 53.

On the whole, both the versions of the Healthy Mix are flawless and this is coming from someone who has used, loved and thrown away a tonne of foundations in the past. 

Both are medium-buildable coverage, semi matte and undetectable in finish, suitable for all skin types, last all day without without budging, caking or smearing and have shades inclining towards yellow skin types. 

In short, GET IT NOW!