Find Me a Christmas Gift - Living Nature Skin Essentials

For all your organic skincare freaks out there, I have a great Christmas Gift Set from Living Nature. Now I have previously featured the brand a few times on the blog with mixed reviews of the products I have tried from them. 

Some work me, some not so well but this fortunately worked quite well in sync with my skin type and thought I'd give a shout out to you guys about it. 

This is their 'Skin Essentials' set and comes for a variety of skin types. I have here one catered to vitalise normal to combination skin type, making sure it's not too rich for my skin and not too drying either. 

It comes wrapped in a cosy little black travel case with Living Nature embroidered on it. 

Inside we have a Vitalising Cleanser, an Extra Hydrating Toning Gel and a Nourishing Day Cream. I like the fact that they are all 50ml bottles as anything less that that in quantity is usually insufficient to see if it works in combination with ones skin type or not.

I personally love the Hydrating Toning Gel as it's a hybrid of a gel and a serum in consistency, spreads and absorbs well and leaves the skin quite plump and fresh looking. Besides, it's just as hydrating as a moisturiser for me so those with combination-oily skin can just get away with using this a moisturiser.

The Cleanser and the Moisturiser work very well to brighten and vitalise the skin and avoid it from looking dull. I guess that's mainly because it provides the right amount of hydration to the skin after which its very likely to glow and look 'healthy' overall.

Again, I am pleased to report nothing broke me out so I am giving a two thumbs up for combination-sensitive skin.

Oh and the case makes a fabulous Foundation holder too when travelling!

Available to purchase for £25 from www.livingnature.com.


Glossybox vs Carmine: November Beauty Box

Yes I am aware I am slightly late but it's always exciting to put two Beauty Boxes opposite each other so you guys have a better idea regarding products and so on.

We have two of my favourite boxes here namely the Glossybox vs Carmine.

The Glossybox came with three travel sized items, maybe one full size, I really cannot tell to be honest and two samples. We have a Phillip Kingsley hair mask, a facial scrub, a foot cream, some Nail Rock nail wraps and an Illamasqua Freak fragrance sample. 

I like the fact that I had a chance to try out the infamous Illamasqua Freak and frankly speaking, it smells like something my dad would wear. It's nice to have as a little sample when I'm feeling slightly 'different' but surely not something I would purchase in full size. 

I actually have the foot cream in full size and am glad I got another one as I absolutely love this cream for keeping feet super soft. The nail wraps are also nice to have in my collection but am too clumsy to put them on really! Sometime soon for sure. 

I feel, at least one item of make-up should have been included to maintain excitement. Besides that, I have no complaints. 

The Carmine box is something I was very pleased with again. This is my second one and I have to say I am very impressed!

It comes with three full sized products and two travel sized products or samples, whatever you'd want to call it.

You guys probably know by now that I absolutely adore Neom as an organic skin care brand and its body lotion is amazing! I am going to save this one for for travel.

Lulu's Timebomb Flashback Night Cream is something my mum stole away from me just after reading the name and is just as obsessed with it till date. She is in her late 40's and says it helps her expression lines disappear in the morning, after application at night.

Not so fond of the New Kid i-pout light-up lipstick besides the fact that it lights up and comes with a mirror which is quite handy. The Dainty Doll Eye Liner Pencil is not very well pigmented. It's a shame really as the turquoise colour itself looks gorgeous.

The star of the box however is the A La Carte Brow Ink, which is a semi permanent brow dye. It comes in a felt time like applicator and actually allows me to draw brow hairs in the sparse areas without looking fake at all. The finish of this is slightly glossy but it also adds some texture which avoids it from looking fake. Must have!

Swatches of the New Kid Lipstick, Dainty Doll Eye Liner & A La Carte Brow Ink

I feel Carmine wins this time as well due to very cleverly putting together a great mix of products that would excite almost any women.

Having said that, the Glossybox is good value for money as well but if I had to choose between one then it would be Carmine as it's introduced me to new brands and products that actually get me excited and interested. 

Daniel Galvin at Corinthia

I was invited to the Daniel Galvin Salon at the Corinthia hotel in London a while back with a bunch of other bloggers on a weekend to pamper ourselves with a treatment of our choice.

I opted for a hair gloss treatment along with a voluminous blow dry and I was so glad I did! 

First of all, the hotel itself is so grand and absolutely beautiful yet welcoming and warm at the same time, credit for which I will give to its very friendly and helpful staff. I usually feel a bit uncomfortable in such hotels but this was pretty good comparatively!

The salon itself was placed on a separate floor dedicated to such spa like pampering treatments. We were first given a mini tour of the place which also included a visit to the VIP Make-over room which was pure extravaganza and targeted towards celebrities and bride-to-be's with a traditional barbers chair and professional make-up lights and so on. 

I personally quite liked the buzzing yet serene atmosphere of the salon itself. It wasn't intimidating at all and had very lush seating and equipments. 

The gloss treatment that I opted for took 15 minutes in which I managed to chat up to a few bloggers besides me in the not so attractive straining-my-head-on-the-basin position.

I was given a 30 minute blow-dry by a very lovely senior stylish and I made it clear that I wanted volume and some curls, which he very aptly achieved via a blow dryer! How cool is that? 

My hair looked absolutely stunning and super glossy after the treatment and I got so many compliments from other bloggers there. The picture does not represent how lovely my hair looked there but anyhoo...

We were also given a bunch of Daniel Galvin hair products to try out which I thought were pretty good for the price. First of all, their products are free from any SLS, Parabens, Silicone Oils, Petrochemicals and Polymers.

Secondly, they smell so citrusy and refreshing and I like how the scent lingers around on the hair for a while after washing. 

Last but not the least, the Shampoo and the Conditioner actually made my hair really soft and did not irritate my scalp at all. I think I will purchase the Conditioner in particular, once I run out of my bottle and it would be great to use once a week or so, so my hair doesn't get used to it. 

I would highly recommend you visiting the Salon and enjoying the luxurious pampering treatments they offer at Corinthia on a lazy weekend. Their Conditioning Treatments are actually quite reasonable, for all under £30 which would be something you'd like to try. 


Gwdihw balms - little pots of magic!

Gwdihw (pronounced as Goody Hoo) is a range of natural, chemical and colour free balms produced in Wales. Gwdihw is the welsh word for Owl in case you're wondering!

The concept is that they use traditionally used oils and ingredients that have been used since generations for soothing and healing and are seen as appropriate tools for pampering in a hectic life we live today. 

I have two in my possession as of now, namely the Twinkle Toes and Magic Muscle Rub. 

How darn cute is the packaging? I am absolutely obsessed with little tin pots as such and the owl here depicting various different emotions depending on the purpose of the balm is simply adorable and makes me relate to the brand even better. 

The balms look like the normal Vaseline however their texture is more waxy then emollient if you know what I mean.

They are not sticky but in fact the texture is quite solid hence I have to scrape some out every time I want to use it, which is the only downside in my opinion.

I personally don't mind putting some effort in applying this as it slowly feels like a mini pampering ritual now which I have started to enjoy.

The Magic Muscle Rub smells very much like Vicks Balm to me. I like to apply it to aching legs and shoulders and it does a pretty good job as an emollient substance between the fingers and the skin.
My favourite however is the Twinkle Toes Foot Balm. I feel the Foot care market is not as extensive as it should be and there is really not much choice of products to be spoilt for hence this steps in as a nice breath of fresh air.

It contains Lavender hence it goes without saying that this smells absolutely delicious and refreshing! A slight tingly sensation follows seconds after application and it actually feels pretty relieving and calming on my feet when I have been on heels since hours.

Of course it contains very hydrating oils as well which help a lot with the dry skin I get on my feet in the winter.

I feel these are absolute gems and for under a fiver are a guilt free treat. It has quite few other innovative balms for tired and overworked hands, for a good nights sleep, for first aid and also one to keep the bugs away!

Available for £4.49 at mypure.co.uk


Gielly Green Boutique Collection

I have a Repair Set from Gielly Green that I have been testing out since a month I believe and am seriously impressed with how lovely and manageable it's made my hair hence had to tell you guys about it.

Gielly Green is a boutique brand and is only available from their website and their salon's I believe. Their Repair Set is targeted at damaged, dehydrated and colour treated hair, a criteria that applies perfectly to mine. 

Coming to the packaging, I like the way they have managed to make it look lush yet practical at the same time. The shaded brown packaging looks quite expensive yet is incredibly light to carry around. 

The Repair Shampoo has a very satiny consistency and foams up pretty well considering that it contains all natural ingredients.

It feels quite nourishing on use and I could immediately tell it was detangling my hair in just few seconds. Another great thing about this is how it did not dry out my scalp at all. I suffer from severe dry skin around the scalp area and am usually quite fussy when it comes to hair products in general.

It left hair quite soft and tangle free in the shower and to be honest I did not feel the need use any conditioner, so I only used a bit on the ends and I was good to go.

The Argan Rescue however is their star product in my opinion and one that I have never come across in my history of tried and tested hair products.

Now my hair is slightly frizzy, thick and wavy. What this is is a temporary quick fix that detangles, eliminates frizz, adds shines, vanishes split ends (temporarily) and makes hair look and feel 'healthy' instead of the usual overtly glossy feel that other serums deliver.

Best of all, although it looks like a very thick oily serum when pumped out, it absorbs into the hair so well that there is not trace of oiliness on the hair or on my fingers. Hence all hair types would be suitable to use this. 

It contains Vitamim E and C and of course contains Argan as its main ingredient. For £19.50, it's a revamp for your hair in a bottle. I'd say opt for this in between hair cuts, when you feel your mane needs a lift. 

The Repair Mask is my second favourite product after the Argan Rescue. I usually don't use both of these together as one is enough to do the work, otherwise I'll end up in too soft and silky hair which I find difficult to inject volume in. 

I like to use the Repair Mask once in few weeks time when my hair feels 'meh' and I apply it after the shampoo, in place of the conditioner and leave it on for a few minutes, lets say 10-15, after which follows a slightly long process of getting it out of the hair as it's texture is quite solid. They call the texture 'mud' and is apparently a mineral and oil mix. 

It's all worth it though as the amount of shine and manageability it adds to my hair after blow drying is great. The effects last for until I wash my hair next which is absolutely great. It is slightly on the pricey side as you get 200ml of product for £29.50 but if you have the cash to spare, I would highly recommend you try this out for yourself. 

On second thoughts, the Shampoo is not a must-have when I compare it to the Argan Rescue and Repair Mask.

On the whole, the luxury range is great especially if you like experimenting with your hair colour and texture, this would be a great one to revive and rejuvenate it after and in between treatments. 

Oh and I forgot to mention, all the products have a gorgeous lemongrass smell to them, quite citrusy and fresh and slightly spicy.