Find Me a Christmas Gift - MeMeMe Goddess Eyes

I have an exciting gift set from oh-so-popular drugstore brand MeMeMe that will be perfect for someone who loves their eye-make-up.

Slowly but steadily, MeMeMe has become one of my favourite high street brands as their products are very Benefit inspired yet a fraction of the price and perform just as well if not better.

My personal favourites from them are their 7th Heaven Facebase, their Blushers, their eye pencils and their liquid illuminators. 

Coming back to the gift set, they have quite a few in this range I believe. The one I have is called the Goddess Eyes and comes with everything you need to create a soft and subtle or a glamorous bronze-brown smoky eye. A great alternative for those of you who like to stay away from the typical black smoky eye just like me.

The set comes with a very compact eyeshadow quad, a felt tip black eye liner, a soft eye kohl and a volumising mascara.

No kidding, their Eye Sweep Precision Eye Definer is a fool-proof liquid eye liner if you struggle with the usual applicators. The pencil Eye Liner in Coal is a gorgeous black that looks great on the upper and lower waterline and has a texture that's perfect for staying on the whole day without smudging or smearing.

The Fat Cat Mascara is not particularly volumising but is decent when it comes with the set and works well at separation and curling. The eye shadow quad is very sheerly pigmented and has a nice satin finish on application. You will need to layer it up if you need results like the one shown on the pack cover.

The Create the Look packs are available in 3 other shades as seen below, if you're not a fan of these rusty colours. 

A few other collections that I recommend from them...


Graduation presents!

So you guys know that I graduated with my Marketing Masters recently and been flaunting it around on the blog. Why not graduation presents now eh?

To be honest, graduation is no reason to receive presents to be honest but hey why not!

I have in my possession Babyliss Big Hair, a Paul's Boutique wallet and a Micheal Kors Rose Gold watch. I couldn't have asked for more as these are things I have been lusting on since months. 

Coming to the wallet, I absolutely adore the black and hot pink combination.

Sound's tacky but it really isn't as loud as it sounds. In fact quite cool and funky with a bit of feminity injected in it. Just like how I like it.

The texture of the black material on the wallet is so beautifully crinkled. The charm attached to it isn't too over the top and the hot pink zip adds a pop of colour.

Yes it can potentially blind a person if exposed to them without warning. On a more positive note, it is very very spacious which I am pleased about.

I wanted a new Micheal Kors watch since ages as my original white rubber one got stained by coming in everyday contact with my coat and jeans. The rose gold one wasn't exactly the one I was eyeing to be honest. It was the champagne/nude one in ceramic that caught my fancy.

Having said that, I do like this as its really lush and elegant and the strap isn't metallic or rubber meaning it will last longer than its counterparts.

The camera has washed off the colour quite a bit but its a stunning pinkish golden in real. Some may find the crystal border a bit too much for everyday but in reality it doesn't look odd when I wear it to work.

Aaah the Babyliss Big Hair styler has been in my wish list since Ruth from a Model Recommends recommended it on YouTube.

It's basically quite an old school concept where a hair dryer is inbuilt in a brush so you achieve a salon like finish without having to wrestle with the brush and the dryer at the same time.

It actually works and has amazing reviews throughout the web. I initially thought it would be gimmicky but in fact it gives me a Kate Middleton blow dry in 20 minutes, keeping the volume and shine intact. Pure love especially for the price it comes at.

Plus the fact that its causing less damage to my split ends compared to the GHD also helps.

Yes I am one happy bunny!


Find Me a Christmas Gift - Strictly Come Dancing 'Lip Gloss Collection'

Did you know Strictly Come Dancing has a make-up range which is available in Boots, priced between £4 and £40 and contains a range of cutely packaged, funky products including eye shadows, lip glosses, make-up kits and nail colours.

As you might notice, this might be more appropriate for a much younger audience, mainly teenagers or those starting out with make-up purely because many make-up snobs like me just will not use kits and sets like these. That's just how we are!

The set contains 8 Lip glosses in total, some shimmery - some creamy. They are of a decent size, quite generous to be honest. The range of shades are pretty decent too, taking into consideration a variety of skin tones.

Surprisingly enough, their finish is quite glossy and pigmented as you can see in the swatches below so you get good value for your £12 spent. They apply pretty well and last a considerable amount of time too.

Plus these are on a 3 for 2 offer in Boots at the moment along with a tonne of other Strictly Come Dancing cosmetic range.

Overall, it's quite a lovely starter kit for someone who likes their lip glosses and would make a nice addition to their existing collection.



New Concealers...

So keeping in line with my concealer addiction, I recently have got some more in my vanity and thought they deserve a trip to the blogosphere too.

Now, there are two reasons I keep getting new concealers. Firstly because I get bored of the one's I am currently using or psychologically feel it's not working as well and secondly, when I hear bloggers/youtubers raving about them.

Starting with the Vivo one first, it's just a one-size-fits all that they do if I am correct and comes with two concealer shades and a setting powder.

What I like about it is the fact the darker concealer shade has some salmon-peachiness to it which is always great to counteract those bluish-purple shadows underneath the eyes. Also, a translucent and finely milled setting powder is always great for those who wear glasses or find their concealers to crease a lot.

It's not all roses though. What I am not so fond of is the lack of pigmentation I'd like a concealer to have and the slightly powdery, dry texture that can tend to exxagerate dry areas.

Having said that, it's not a bad product but not one I prefer to use. Will be checking out more Vivo products however before concluding on their range.
L'Oreal True Match Concealer in Warm Medium on the other hand is a stunner. I came across it on a blog and had to get it ASAP.

It's a great golden shade, which means there is no place for ashy-greyish shadows. It works pretty well under the eyes, not so well for all over the face as it's a tad too dark for that.

The texture of this is great - quite thin and light, yet very pigmented so you only need a tiny bit.
I think the Bourjois Healthy Mix one is my favourite of the lot though. I have it in shade 53, which is exactly the shade of the foundation that I have from them.

It's a pale yellow-beige shade, a bit thicker in consistency than the L'Oreal one but still quite pigmented. It blends and sets really well and dries to a semi matte finish which is great as it doesn't require a setting powder.

A very large tube it is and is likely to last ages! It's very similar to MAC Select Cover in terms of consistency, pigmentation and shade (I use NC30) hence if you're looking for a cheaper dupe for the MAC one, this should be it.
My favourites still remain Vichy Dermablend Corrective Foundation, MAC Select Cover and very recently MAC Studio Finish Concealer.

I recently met the Pixiwoo sisters at an Avon event and they suggested that my Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation was spot-on for my skin but for concealer, I should opt for an orange colour corrector from MAC Pro first before applying my usual concealer.

Next stop, MAC Pro it is.