A bit like Bio Oil?

So Face Oil's came and went and Bio Oil remained in our lives forever.

Personally speaking, the idea of Bio Oil never appealed to me. I suffer from a very and I mean VERY confused skin type. A mix of combination-sensitive skin, which obviously means its kinda oily at some areas and I shouldn't add more oil to it.

Why? Because oil blocks pores in the usual conception people have.

However, have you wondered how oil based make-up removers do such a good job at dissolving make-up from the skin? Not all oils block skins pores and the ones this contains are supposedly the same. 

These in fact sooth dry and irritated skin and gradually restores moisture and eventually suppleness of the skin. The main oils it contains are Sweet Almond Oil, Canola Oil, Soy Bean Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Rosemary Oil and Sunflower Oil

Besides all the goody stuff flaunted about it on the label which I am sure is all true, the most amazing thing about it is how the oil quickly absorbs into the skin without absolutely any trace of oil on the skin or on the fingers.

It's something to do with the quality of the oil perhaps, which allows it to be penetrated into the skin so easily. I have found that most of the times I stay away from using face oils so frequently is due to the inconvinience attached to their application. 

However this is just as normal as a moisturizer or a serum to apply hence has quickly become my go-to favourite to use at night. I feel that as the days are getting chillier day by day, this should in the long term prevent me from forming any dry patches on the face that I usually do. 

Also the fact that it retails for around £6 always helps! Not that I am going to run out of this huge container eh? But I might use it as a bath oil and let you know how it goes.

Have you tried anything from Superdrug's own skin care range? This is my second product from their skin care line and I have to say it's pretty impressive and good value for money.

And to answer the question in the title, yes and no. The concept is pretty much like Bio Oil in the sense that regular use can prevent or decrease the appearance of uneven skin, scars and pigmentation but based on Bio Oil's reviews, this seems much better consistency and price wise. 


Find Me a Christmas Gift - Dirty Works 'Get Glam Cosmetic Set'

Dirty Works is a brand quite similar to Soap & Glory in Boots but is in fact exclusive to Sainsbury's. It is a cute and quirky line of fun and pocket friendly cosmetics, bath & body and skin care products. 

I have heard quite a bit about their bath & body range but they have come up with a range of 6 gift sets all in line for Christmas. The best thing about these is the fact that you won't have to think twice before making a purchase as they are all reasonably priced under £15!

The one I have is a Get Glam Cosmetic Set and comes with a Mascara, Eye Kohl and Lip Gloss duo, all for £8

The Lip Gloss duo is quite sheer but very glossy indeed. It provides the perfect coral punch if you're a sucker for warm toned colours on the lips. It has very beautiful iridescent shimmers to it that glisten when light hits. 

The Eye Kohl is quite sturdy and something I rather prefer to line the upper and lower waterline as softer pencils usually tend to smudge and smear a lot. The Mascara does what it says on the tube, i.e. lengthening and separating the lashes decently. 

Oh and not to forget the cheeky little pocket mirror! Not my cup of tea but would make a perfect present for  friends or family. 

On the whole, not the most luxurious of Christmas presents in the market but something to cater to the girly-girls out there, who like themselves a bit of make-up but are not willing to spend a fortune on stocking fillers. 

It is quite a foolproof option really as lip gloss, mascara and eye kohl are actually something most people are likely to wear instead of foundation, blusher or eye shadow, so there you go.


An Introduction to Sisley

Sisley is an 18th century originated French cosmetic brand and has sheltered in luxury departmental stores since years, keeping its values intact and quality uncompromised. 

When Sisley originated in 1976, it was one of the very first brands to introduce the concept of active ingredients and essential oils in the cosmetic industry. 

Contradictory to its luxury brand image, Sisley's expertise rather lies in Phytocosmetology which is using plant extracts to amplify the effect of other ingredients. 

It is known for its lush looking make-up and a scientific line of skin care. I have a few products to show you today including their Ultra Stretch Phyto Mascara, Phyto Poudre Compact and their Ecological Compound

On first thoughts, the fuss free, usable packaging is quite refreshing to be honest. 

The Mascara is not only lush looking from the outside but is a treat to use on its own. It's formula does not result in crisply, made up lashes but instead amplifies the lashes naturally, keeping their original texture and glossiness intact.

It stretches the lashes to its maximum hence providing length is its forte, followed by separation and texture. 

It gives a my-lash-but-better effect yet manages to look glamourous at the same time. I personally am a fan of drug store mascaras as high-end ones always disappoint me but surprisingly this particular one ticks all my criteria's when it comes to a mascara that I will use religiously. 

Pardon me for the image overdose but isn't this baby simply stunning? It looks like its just stepped off the runway. The matte, leopard print case is bang-on trend for this Autumn/Winter. It's quite sturdy and comes with a mirror huge enough to do a full face of make-up!

Shade 3 is miraculous as it matches my yellow-beige skin tone quite well, taking into consideration that this compact does not come in many shades, let alone warm toned colours.

Just like one would expect from the hefty price tag and fit-for-a-princess packaging, the powder itself is a dream to apply and is almost invisible when in contact with the skin, yet providing very sheer coverage and keeping skin matte.

I have found a perfect shade of foundation in Bourjois now so I am glad this product does not alter the shade or texture of my foundation.

Ecological compound is supposedly their star product that helps balance out skin from environmental changes.  It contains Rosemary, Ginseng, Horsetail as main ingredients that helps in toning and revitalizing dull and lustre lacking skin. 

The formula of this is quite old school, very thin lotion-like. 

It's suitable for use day and night but I personally prefer to use it at night as I feel the effects last longer and who doesn't like waking up with supple skin eh?

I do think the product is quite pricey for the amount you get but if you are someone who doesn't have much luck with moisturizers. I do feel, it is catered more towards combination-oily skin types as it's pretty lightly formulated and might be a little too light for dry skin. 

What are your thoughts on Sisley products? Have you got favorites that I should try?


Weekly Favourites - Batiste, Collection 2000, MeMeMe, Avon...

It seems like as days are getting shorter, the weeks are too and I have absolutely no idea how days race by and we are greeted by yet another Monday!

I am excited about this week however as I will be graduating with a Masters tomorrow and will be starting work as a Marketing Analyst from Tuesday onwards. I am so glad I choose not to go ahead with practicing Law as Marketing is such a dynamic field and something I thoroughly enjoy being a part of. 

Anyhoo, besides all that good stuff happening, I've been loving the products shown below in the past week or so. 

Yes, Batiste have come up with yet another ingenious variation of their oh-so-popular dry shampoo. This time, its just more stylish and contains more woody, sweet vanilla based notes, perfect for the snugly season. If you are someone like me who isn't a huge fan of floral-fruity scents, Batiste Wild should be your thing!

Plus, they get two thumbs up for the leopard print packaging.

Collection 2000's Lasting Perfection Concealer has always been a classic favourite for mine and of many others and I am pleased to admit, their foundation is just as good.

I have recently tried out their Colour Match Foundation and its surprisingly good coverage, appears quite light and wears off nicely without smearing, smudging or fading. It has a nice demi matte, slightly dewy finish.

Also, the shade comes out slightly pinky when pumped out however when applied, it adapted to my skin tone and looked pretty much like my-skin-but-better. So I guess, the colour match thing actually does work. Oh and No 5 Medium is just perfect for my NC30-35 skin tone.

Illuminators are such a perk-me-up when skin is all dry and dull in the chilly winter days. I do not like using powder highlighters in the winter as I feel it's just adding up to the all the cakiness underneath.

However this MeMeMe's Sunbeam adds the perfect amount of golden, sun kissed touch to the skin without it looking fake at all. It melts into the skin and blends really well even with fingers. 

Plus it's a huge bottle and I like the fact that one can mix it with foundation without achieving the 'cullen' effect.  

Another MeMeMe wonder product that every one's been raving about is their Seventh Heaven Facebase. Basically, it is a moisturising primer that not only helps your make-up stay on longer, giving it something to adhere to but also quenches those dehydrated areas on the skin that needs an extra dose of moisturizer.

I personally use it after using a moisturiser and it works quite well with foundations without appearing too oily or heavy. With all primers catered towards oily skin types, this one's quite a refreshing one being catered towards drier skin tones who don't want a silicony gel-like primer. 

Smells pretty good and leaves skin supple and bouncy! I have a sample pot of it and will be purchasing a full-sized one once I use this up. 

I've never really been a huge fan of Avon as I only used it during college when my make-up budget was really and I mean REALLY tight! But recently they have revamped their make-up line and now cater to a variety of skin tones including WOC and have more eyeshadow shades than just pink.

I however am in love with their Supershock Mascara lately. I know I am atrociously late on the bandwagon but better late than never. It reminds me a bit of L'oreal Voluminous as it gives thick, clumpy lashes just with some added separation.

It lengthens and separates quite well and gives carbon black lashes. Quite impressed!


That's it for now ladies.

What have you been loving this week?