Find Me a Christmas Gift - Ahava 'gift of small pleasures'

I will be doing a series of 'Find Me a Christmas Gift' posts until Christmas to showcase some gorgeous, affordable gift sets from a variety of brands to give you guys ideas on what presents to buy as I know it can be a daunting task for some.

I will usually be featuring different, niche brands rather than the typical one's people usually prefer to give. I feel the unusual ones, albeit Skin care, Make-up or Hair care always take people for a surprise and who doesn't like trying new brands eh?

Today we have 'The Gift of Small Pleasures' from Ahava.

I have only tried a foot cream from them as of yet which I absolutely loved and not so surprisingly, their facial and body care is just as amazing and efficient. The products are all simply packed, fuss-free and will be suitable for almost all skin types. 

Also, isn't the netted wash bag beautiful? I want to use it for my toiletries but am scared it's going to get stained as its so white. 

The set comes with a Day Moisturizer, Toner & Cleanser, Purifying Mud Mask, Hand Cream and Body Lotion.

It can act as a travel kit which one can keep aside for holidays and weekend trips however the products are generous sized to be honest and can act as good samples before you make a decision to purchase a full sized product from Ahava.

My favourite is the Day Moisturizer as it doesn't break me out, absorbs quite well and leaves my skin velvety smooth and matte. Also, the all in one Toner & Cleanser is brilliant as it works as both once dispensed on a cotton pad and smeared all over the face.

Overall, a great value product for £25 when it seriously looks much more expensive than what it comes for. 

Ahava have more gift sets if this particular one does not catch your fancy so do check them out as well. 


GG = Get Gawjus + Gossip Girl

So as a part of the DKNY Golden Christmas Event, we not only got to preview a tonne of Christmas offerings from Aramis fragrances but as it was held in Swarovski's Crystallized showroom, we got to crystallize our very own DKNY Golden Apple fragrance!

The thought seemed exciting at first however once we were put into our seats with a handful of sparkling crystals, some glue and our spanking new bottle, we were all like a bunch of kids in an exam room giving each other nervous stares.

Besides the fact that applying and setting the crystals on the bottle was one heck of a difficult task, there was also the question of what we would actually create on the bottle! There was so much confusion and giggling going around in the room, it was crazy. 

With some googling designs and getting 'inspired' from each other, I chose to stay safe by creating my blog initials which also stand for my very favourite American teen drama 'Gossip Girl'. 

The end result isn't as bad as seen below. The camera unfortunately is only catching the glue bloopers and not the absolutely beautiful bottle and the sparkling crystals. Thought I'd show you the mess anyway! 

No I am not planning to use this anytime soon as I already have a mini version of this that I absolutely love. Also I'd die if a crystal would fall off. 

On another note, Gossip Girl Season 5 started off so well but is getting so annoyingly boring at present. I have three episodes remaining to watch but it's just not tempting me as much. Maybe some 'Breaking Dawn' drama might cheer me up! 


Sleek - The Berry Collection

Sleek have come up with a berry berry vampy yet feminine collection inspired by A/W runway trends. It contains three products, based on various shades of berry to do a full face with, without looking overdone.

I love the fact that it comes in a cute little package instead of having to purchase these products separately. Also, there is no Pout Polish in this collection, which is also a refreshing surprise and should be done by Sleek more often with their limited edition collections. 

Here we have a Kohl Pencil in Mossberry, a Blush in Fenberry and a True Colour Lipstick in Cranberry.

Aren't the names simply adorable?

Another thing that Sleek has kept in mind is that the colour scheme is quite deep and bold hence have kept the pigmentation of products slightly more workable and easy to blend, compared to their permanent line of products.

My favourite is without doubt the Kohl Pencil, which at first instance I mistook for being a lip crayon of some sort. 

I have no similar shade in my collection to give this baby a competition hence I simply love it! It does not have a reddish tone to it hence does not give that swollen eye effect. Personally, I feel the shade will suit Asian, Tan and Olive skin tones much better than the pale, blonde ladies out there. 

I like to wear it smudged all over the lid and slightly darker as I get closer to the lash line. It applies well on the waterline too. 
Oh I cannot stress how difficult it is for me to pull off reddish, berry blushers but this is quite warm and wearable and is literally the only one of its kind in my vanity.

It is moderately pigmented and easily blendable, just how you'd want it to be, to be suitable for a 'just jogged' look everyday. 
Cranberry is a matte plummish, berry colour with some red undertones to it. It works quite well as a stain dabbed all over the lips and some gloss on top.

I don't have the guts to wear it as a full on lip colour but again those of you who are used to wearing such shades are going to love this.
Overall, I have to say this is most exciting collection from Sleek in my opinion. Yes, even more than the Au Naturale one. Plus for £9.99, it surely is a steal!

Available from 23rd November(or earlier depending on your Superdrug!) in stores officially for a limited time only.

A look with this is inevitable so keep your eyes peeled lovelies. 

Rodial Life & Style

Rodial have introduced a new Life & Style range to their ever growing lush skincare collection and this too in time for Christmas!

The range included Bathing Balms, Body Souffles, Candles and Gift sets in variations such as Socialite(pink champagne & cassis), Rehab(roasted almond & honeymilk) and Lounge (honeycomb & vanilla).

They are delicious smelling, foolproof scents that every one's going to like! My personal favourite however is Rehab as it has a hint of cocunutty freshness to it and it smells good enough to eat. 

Their textures is like whipped cream if I am precise. It's very light and airy and glides on to the skin beautifully leaving it silky smooth and radiant. Say no to sticky body butters and try these out! 

They are all 200ml huge tubs and they retail for £40 each hence if you're someone who likes indulging in expensive looking and smelling body care, this should be right up your street. 

Here a few gift sets that I thought would be perfect for the coming festive season.