Soft Burgundy OOTD

So here we have yet another OOTD for you girls.

I wanted to call this street chic but it sounded too obvious hence named it on particular colour in the outfit that I absolutely adore, i.e. burgundy! 

Don't you just love the floaty, colour blocked top? I adore the boyish sleeves and the use of colours. 

The burgundy trousers add such a autumnal touch to the outfit instead of the usual blue denims. I want to get these in all shades available. 

Oh and thanks for noticing the new Micheal Kors timepiece. We love it too <3

Top: Forever 21
Jeans: Topshop Moto Leigh Supersoft Skinny
Shoes: Newlook
Watch: Micheal Kors

Yep, the terracotta blazer had to make an appearance eh? We can't help it! It literally goes with every outfit. We think.


Versace for H&M

Who's excited for the Versace for H&M collection hitting stores on 17th November? *both hands up*

I am not planning to physically queue due to lack of patience, energy and time but will surely be glued on to the website from the dawn of its online arrival.

The prices are very Topshop and Zara-esque, only with a tonne of bold runway glamour injected into into every single piece Donatella style. Totally up my street!

A few pieces that I WILL get my hands on. The short blazer has such a retro feel to it and can instantly transform a neutral outfit. The fuchsia pink and dull gold combination on silk screams glamour, whereas the slick black dress has got me drooling over the cropped sleeves.

To make the elbow nudging and bag fights worth it, the first 500 people to queue will be receiving a sample of Versace's Yellow Diamond Fragrance so you not only look but also feel like a million dollars.

Are you excited? I really cannot wait to get my hands on a few pieces.

Vaseline Creme Brulee

Creme Brulee Lip Therapy is the latest offering by Vaseline and for a limited amount of time, it can be exclusively found at Selfridges for the same cheap as chips price it usually comes at.

Carmex and Blistex can come and go but the little round tub will always reserve a soft spot in our hearts eh? I used to have a weird fascination with these tin tubs when I was little and I am not ashamed to admit the fascination still continues.

For £2.99, this one's surely a pocket friendly reason for visiting Selfridges. (With a few cheeky MAC purchases here and there!)

Speaking about Creme Brulee, I am not a big fan of the desert or the drink at Starbucks but am sure this one's going to smell yum!

So what's next Vaseline? We'd like some Caramel Macchiato or Vanilla Latte now please :D


Poles apart

I have two very contrasting products to show you today, that I have been loving recently. It's ironic as both of these are targeted for completely different skin types and are unlikely to suit one particular skin type.

As I have mentioned a gazillion times on the blog before, you must know I have combination-sensitive skin type, partly oily, mostly dry. It however, never stays the same for more than a couple of weeks and likes to fluctuate, which is when I resort to these two babies below. 

We have here a Pure Emergency Gel by A'kin and Facial Tonic by Alva Sanddorn

As the name suggests, the Emergency Gel is for the more oily days and the Facial Tonic is when the skin needs a boost of hydration. 
The Pure Emergency Gel by A'kin contains Aloe and soothes and calms the skin from any irritations, breakouts, allergies or type of sensitivity. 

It's a very lightly formulated gel that's moderately hydrating but not quite intense and a week of use results in clear skin. It also makes a decent everyday moisturizer for those with oily skin types. 

A lovely fuss-free, everyday moisturiser when you're skin or the weather's acting a bit mental. 
The Facial Tonic by Alva on the other hand is an intensely hydrating toner for days when a creamy cleanser and a lush moisturiser fail to do the trick. I like to use this in the evenings after a good cleanse and to be honest, I don't feel the need to moisturise after this at all as it does not give a tight-face effect. 

This on the other hand, might be overtly moisturising for those of you with combination-oily skin types who might like to skip it. The Sanddorn range by Alva is particularly targeted for mature skin types as it contains ingredients with anti-ageing qualities hence perfect for dry skin. 

Both the products are available on mypure.co.uk and are definitely worth checking out!


The Perfect Smile Studios - My visit and a Giveaway!

So I recently paid a visit to the Perfect Smile Studio’s in Hertfordshire for a chat with Bhavna Doshi, one of the leading Cosmetic Dentists at the clinic.

What I first noticed was the lounge like ambiance, the finely decorated waiting area and very friendly and polite staff. Although I wasn't there for a treatment as such, I usually get a panicky feeling when visiting the Dentist’s (I mean who doesn't eh?) however surprisingly, the atmosphere here made me feel like I was in a Spa!

I was then greeted by Dr Bhavna Doshi who showed me around the studio. The rooms and decor were quite cosy and comforting unlike other practices I had been too. Bhavna has a real creative streak in her which helps keep the studio interiors absolutely beautiful alongside juggling with her hectic professional life.

On the first floor, they have a room dedicated to reflexology, manicures and other spa-like treatments which they provide to customers in order to reduce anxiety and nervousness regarding a treatment. Lunch and refreshments are also provided during long treatments to help patients feel at ease. I was quite amazed by the amount of effort they invested in patients as I have hardly heard Cosmetic Dentists providing such facilities, at least in the UK.

I was then given a little briefing about the services they specialise at. Did you know they are the Dentists for Extreme Makeover UK and have appeared in all the three seasons? I have always been a fan of the programme and am left gobsmacked by the dramatic transformations.

They specialise in Tooth Veneers and use computer aided technology to assess your smile, allowing you to walk away with a ‘trial smile’ for two weeks to see how you get on with it. Dr Bhavna herself specialises in Bite Analysis ensuring maximum comfort and effectiveness is achieved from your teeth. They also provide a Smile Redesign treatment where your smile is photographed from different angles for analysis.

Here’s a little before-after of their treatment.
If you’re on the budget, they promise to custom design a treatment plan to best suit your needs and pocket, ensuring you leave satisfied and more confident. Treatments like Teeth whitening at-home treatment, Customer Smile Makeover and Mini Makeover all prove to be economical options which can be discussed at their free consultation.

The vibe I got from visiting the studios and speaking to the Doctors was that unlike the perception we hold of Cosmetic Dentists, they were completely the opposite with their focus being on helping patients feel more confident with their appearance and comfortable with their teeth as opposed to unaffordable treatments solely reserved for celebrities. Their politeness and humble attitude would make anyone feel at ease.

They have also very kindly offered to sponsor FREE Teeth Whitening Kit together with a FREE Photographic Analysis of the teeth and complimentary consultation (worth around £300 approx!) for one lucky winner on Get Gawjus! 

All you have to do to enter is to,

  • be a resident of UK
  • leave your name and email address below and 
  • tell us why you deserve the treatment in a line or so (Any light-hearted reason will do!)

It is also Mandatory to follow Perfect Smile on Twitter and like their Facebook page to enter in this Giveaway.

Optionally, you can tweet about the competition, put a link in the sidebar of your blog, blog about it or anything as such to gain 2 extra chances to win. Just leave a link of it below :)

The competition shall run for three weeks starting from today onwards till 15th November and the winner will be randomly chosen and notified via email.

Ready for a brand new smile this Christmas? What are you waiting for, enter in the giveaway and you might be the lucky winner. 


Sleek Brow Kit - A dupe for Benefit Brow Zing?

Did you know Sleek have recently come up with a new Brow Kit? Kudos to them for expanding on the range so well besides eye shadows and blushers.

They come in two shades, light and dark. Both kits have shades that are more warm to me than cool. I personally like the colour range as I like shades like coffee and chocolate brown for my brows than taupe's and greys which tend to make me look older.

I have the kit in Dark which is spot-on for my brunette hair. Girls with a darker mane can easily pull off this particular kit. 

Do you see the Benefit Brow Zing resemblance, minus the atrocious £23 price tag of course? 

It comes with a pigmented wax to fill in the brows, a complimentary setting powder to keep that wax from sliding off, two precise brushes, a uber cute mini tweezer and an in-built mirror all for £7.99. 

The powder is finely milled and does a pretty good job at setting the brows and keeping them in place throughout the day but the star of the kit is the wax which literally transforms brows from unruly to HD in seconds. 

I really don't experiment with my brows as I tend to be picky regarding the pencils I use for them (Kryolin is my favorite!) but I gave this a go and it surprisingly lasted a usual office day and a day at a theme park (think a tonne of water and wind) without budging. 

I am left more than impressed to be honest and would recommend the kit to any of you guys who haven't found the perfect solution for your brows till now.