October Glossybox - Hit or Miss?

I think Octobers Glossybox has hit the right chord with me and will hopefully with most subscribers. 

In my opinion, the team have done a pretty good job of putting together bits and pieces from brands that I have always wanted to try products from but never really had the chance too. 

Dermalogica - tick
Leighton Denny - tick
Stila - double tick

There are more than just 5 products in this particular box to celebrate Glossybox's 6 month Anniversary. 

I am in love with all Dermalogica products especially the Multivitamin Thermafoliant. It has surely encouraged me to buy more Dermalogica products now that I know they work well in sync with my skin.

Sex Kitten, a metallic, granny blue shade is not the Nail Paint shade of my dreams but it surely is pretty unique and its finish and application are really different to other nail paints, in a nice way of course. I want to try out the pink and orange one from Leighton Denny that other's have received in their October boxes. 

Stila Smudgestick Waterproof Eyeliner is a shimmery, olive green with reflective golden specks. It is extremely soft to apply, works well as a liner or for a smudged out look and can also be used all over the lid on its own. It's pretty pigmented, does not smudge and lasts quite long. I need more shades in my life!

The fragrance samples and the travel bag are nice additions too but the above three were my favourite inclusions in the box.

Those who haven't subscribed yet will surely be envious of our Glossybox's this month. As for the money's worth, a full sized Leighton Denny Nail Paint retails for £11. I'll leave the rest of the math to you.


The Matte Factor

Are the new Lip Paints from Miners Cosmetics.

You must have seen Collection 2000 initiate the trend in drugstores and now its Miner's doing it all over again.  I don't really mind this trend and I would love to see more brands come up with similar products in a variety of shades.

What are they? A matte-finished, creamy lipstick in a lip gloss tube and with a lip gloss applicator. Simples.

What sets them apart from Lipsticks and Lip glosses is their airy, fluffy texture that's pretty much like a light whipped cream. Oh and these ones smell like fruit yogurt!

There is not a single colour that I wound not wear outside home really and its simply because of their undetectable texture. It's almost like a pigmented stain and my favourite way is to pat it onto the lips with fingers.

They are indeed very good quality for £3.99 each and don't dry out the lips like some lip stains and similar innovations out there, which is always a plus!

Longevity can be prolonged by layering it instead of applying a single application.

Here we have, Light Pink, Peach, Cappuccino, Hot Pink, Warm Red and Deep Red.

Need I say more? You really need to have all the six shades in your vanity pronto. Take this from someone who does not even carry a Lipstick in her handbag. *tries to fit all shades in the make-up bag*



Autumn/Winter Skincare

The weather is changing drastically all of a sudden and we have almost seemed to have skipped Autumn somewhere and directly landed into Winter, with predictions of an early snow now and then which hopefully shall remain rumours.

What this means is that all the light and fluffy skin care items which seemed perfect in the Summer become redundant at this time of the year. Especially with an extreme contrast of the outdoor-indoor weather combination we have, my skin get gets really confused and needs different products that will pamper it well.

First all, I have a basic everyday skin care set which I use without fail. It consists of an Exfoliator/Scrub, Cleanser/Face wash and a Moisturiser. I choose to use Purity Skincare as its pretty simple and fuss-free and I know for sure it's not going to mess with my skin, especially as it's an Organic brand. 

With basic skincare, the less complexed the products, the better it is really. 

The Exfoliator is a mild creamy one containing tiny granules which work effectively at revealing clearer, smoother skin, getting rid of any impurities or residue from make-up. This is one of the very few Exfoliators out there which can be used daily without it stripping excess moisture from the skin.

The Facial Wash/Cleanser is a basic gel like face wash in a neat dispenser bottle for quick cleanse each morning. It leaves skin squeaky clean without that extreme 'tight-face' effect hence it's a favourite!

The Moisturiser is of a cold-cream consistency and needs to be warmed up between the fingers prior to use. I use it in the mornings before applying make-up, when I don't need to hydrate my skin immensely. It absorbs pretty quickly, leaving a matte, velvety finish and most importantly, does not break out combination skin.

And here are some of my other favourites when I feel the need to pamper the skin a bit more. I don't use these products every day but they are a part of my skincare regime and I tend to use these according to what my skin needs at that moment. 

The Lavender Toner from Neal Yard's is seriously amazing. Not only does it smell awesome but also clears out my skin as it's especially formulated for it. Love this stuff! 

Filorga Sleep and Peel is a resurfacing face cream that peels off dead skin when applied at night and leaves a radiant, smoother complexion in the morning. I use this 2-3 times a week and it works really well. 

Oskia's Micro Exfoliating Balm is what I when I want to feel as if I've had a 30 minute facial. It's a grainy yet hydrating exfoliator with minuscule granules that buff and polish the skin very nicely. 

Weleda's Skin Food is known by all and used by models on the runway too! It's an all-purpose, superbly hydrating cream which leaves my parched skin hydrated for a couple of days after one use. I wish I could use this every single day but it's a bit too rich for that purpose. A must-try if you have dry/normal skin!

Colberts Eye Cream is something I received in my one of my Glossybox's and I have been a fan since then. I use this during the night, after cleansing and its moisturising effects last very long. It surely gets rid of crows feet and any dry areas around the eye. 

Rouge Bunny Rouge Kiss Elixir Lip Balm is a honey-infused lip balm and gloss in one. I have a really bad habit of biting my lips when I'm stressed and this helps chapped lips recover overnight with its intensely moisturising ingredients. It tingles slightly, melts into the skin and is the most gorgeous clear gloss!

Hope my lengthy post did not bore you guys! I will be sticking to this skincare in the months to come besides a few other products that I keep altering now and then for areas of special concern.

I have combination-sensitive skin, mostly dry and slightly oily and these products should be fine with those with similar skin like mine. 

Will you be changing your Skincare routine for the new season?


Weekend Topshop haul

Me and my sister tend to go a bit mental on weekends after work and have been using retail therapy as a means of entertainment recently. With Westfield gloryfying the shopping experience at Stratford, it's quickly becoming second home, well after Starbucks of course.

I have a tonne of nail paints lying around really and have no reason whatsoever to justify a purchase but here we go, Moving Home and Nice n Neutral. They are simply so delicious looking for the winter. Burnt orange is my choice of colour currently and a dusky nude can never go wrong. 

Okay the Schwarzkopf volumizing powder is not from Topshop but I got it on the same day hence its here. It works much better than anything in the market for adding volume and texture and the longevity is pretty decent too. 

Too late we are on the coloured jeans trend we know but aren't they simply the best thing after skinny jeans? I got one in a wine shade in the MOTO Skinny Utility Jeans and am lusting over the burnt orange and mustard ones now. The material is uber soft and comfortable and it fits so well!

I have a tonne of dresses and tops to show you guys from Fovever21 and H&M. Will feature the sister in OOTD's soon so keep your eyes peeled.


Filorga Sleep and Peel

As we get closer to those chilly winter days and uncountable days of heating at home, the thought of dehydrated skin strikes and the exfoliating routine hence begin.

I myself am too lazy to use exfoliators quite often due to which my skin wasn't behaving too well with bumps and recurring blemishes but when I do tend to use them, its generally once or twice a week and that's more than enough. 

My skin's kind of funny that way, its combination-sensitive, mostly dry and slightly oily at some places. Hence if I use exfoliators too often, the abrasion dries out my skin which leads it to produce more oil and consequently more spots. 

Something like Filorga Sleep and Peel, which is a basically a cell renewal cream that causes dead skin to peel off, is more suited towards my skin type as it's exfoliating but without stripping off any moisture. It's a resurfacing night cream and the french skin care brand say's it's inspired by aesthetic medicine which gave me more than one reason to trust it. 

I like to apply this 3 times a week or every alternate day, after cleansing at night. You can use a light moisturizer before applying this but I feel this is adequately hydrating for me to wear it alone.

There is a slight tingly effect when this comes in contact with the skin but that only lasts a few minutes after which it sinks in very well. Supposedly, it's okay if this happens as it's an indication that the products starting to work in sync with the skin.

Now I could not substantially tell if this was actually peeling the skin but it did clear out my skin in a few weeks time, make it look bright and radiant and considerably softer and hydrated.

I believe these effects are due to the dead skin being peeled off, as the skin care products I use can work much better when in contact with fresh skin in my opinion.

It contains very complexed ingredients which I won't be talking about here as I am not very knowledgeable about them and won't do it any justice. You may want to check out its website for more information on them.

The jar itself is packaged in a very lush manner and contains a lot of product which is likely to last a good six months as I hardly use it in a week. If you are in a constant battle with dull, lustre-lacking skin or haven't had much luck with exfoliating treatments then this definitely deserves a try. 

Available to purchase at £54 at House of Fraser


Nanoblur - Holy Grail or hyped?

Unless you have been living under a rock since the past few weeks, it is impossible that you have failed to hear about this ingenious product claiming to knock of 10 years in 40 seconds.

Nanoblur it is, ladies and gentlemen.

The best thing about Nanoblur is that it does not promise long-term skincare benefits and is brave and blunt enough to label itself as an immediate and temporary cosmetic treatment. It contains zillions of light reflecting particles which all come together to create the appearance of second skin.

The result is mattified, perfect looking skin with less deeper wrinkles, fewer fine lines and crows feet and smaller pores. Now it suggests we use it after Foundation which I quite don't get as depending on skin type and the foundation used, it can exaggerate dry patches and cause smearing. I found the best way to apply it is over a Moisturizer and before a Foundation.

So does the product that has been making headlines since weeks work?

Surprisingly it does. Much more than its counterparts which I have used in the past and that too at an atrocious price.

All I can say is that it literally 'blurs' out any imperfections on the skin as its name suggests. Much like the effects we see being used whilst photo editing.

Some forehead and hand before-afters for you, courtesy of the mum. As you can see, it targets fine lines the best hence the best way to use it is to concentrate on areas where you suffer from them.

So Holy Grail or Hyped?

I don't have a straight answer to that as it will vary according to your skin type, age and preferences. I personally like dewy skin with texture to it and am completely fine with fine lines (unless they are not substantial wrinkles!) hence this might be hyped for someone in their early 20's like myself.

However my mum would answer 'Bloody Holy Grail!' to the same question as she likes a nice matte finish to her face, is in her late 40's and does not mind using this under or over foundation as it fills in her expression lines on the forehead and around the mouth area like magic and she can substantially tell the difference.

If not 10, 5 years younger in 40 seconds is definitely achievable with this.

It works really well as a very fine matte primer and filler for fine lines and wrinkles, without the added 'shimmer' of most light reflecting products and the dryness that they tend to bring to the face. It would work well with all skin types unless extremely dry. 

Overall, I am really pleased that there are affordable products like these in the market today which won't break the bank on repurchasing.

Available at Boots for £19.99, its a true bargain and an unbeatable stocking filler.