Enrapture Jumbo Waver - for the boho chic in you...

Is the hair tool of my dreams. Period.

This is something I would have invented in the next few years if no one else had, really. Since the time me and my sister saw the first few series of FRIENDS, we couldn't stop drooling over Lisa Kudrow's princess-like blonde tresses and always tried to replicate her boho-chic waves with plaits we did for school.

We were only 9. (Don't ask me why we were watching Friends at 9 as it seems totally inappropriate for that age group now lol)

So you see our obsession goes way back in the 90's and if you see my recent hair related posts, I still replicated those effortless, wavy hair with scrunching and a tonne of mousse.

But no more. Behold as your world (at least mine!) is going to change completely if you drool after celeb hair like this...

Introducing Enrapture Jumbo Waver. It is not only jumbo as you can see but is literally the only waver (that actually works!) in the market as of now.

So it looks humongous but does not require a very strong arm whilst using it to be honest. It's considerably light for its size and everyone who I have made it try, can use it pretty easily hence I give it a user-friendly status.

The Titanium plates, unlike my GHD's made hair substantially shinier remarked the sister. Titanium plates always do, I have no idea how and why.

Takes a minute to heat up properly and the entire hair can literally be done in a haphazard 10-15 minutes before heading out. Tried and tested in chaotic situations. Phew.

The 25mml barrel gives beachy, S-shaped waves, instant volume and texture which lasts a good 2-3 days on my hair.

Complaints = none. Why? As it has replaced the GHD on my dressing table due to its convenience, ease of use and gorgeous results and now permanently lives there although it's too huge to fit in the GHD stand.

Mum's not quite happy with the decision as she loves neat and slick hair and does not understand the hoopla of spending 15 minutes 'messing up' the hair. Age is finally getting to her you see.

Oh and you would want to see how it looks on me yeah? In case you've forgotten, this is how I look. Pretty much the same but with a permanent solution of creating messy, voluminous hair now. *strokes jumbo waver*

Oh and those of you who'd say this won't work on short hair, I'd say it's to do with your styling techniques and not the actually appliance.

Why are you still here wasting your time thinking about it? Just get it now will ya?



How to make your make-up look fresh longer *guest post*

It’s frustrating when you work so hard on applying makeup in the morning so that you look your best and as the day goes on your makeup starts to fade, streak or even worse run. Part of the reason that your makeup may not last all day is because of the stress your daily activity.

Think about it. If you apply lipstick in the morning by the time you eat breakfast, chat on the phone and get to a meeting or two chances are your lipstick is long gone. Another reason that your makeup may not last through the day is because of the way you apply it. Here are some tips on how to keep your makeup looking fresh longer.

Start your day by using a gentle facial cleanser that’s made for your skin type to wash your skin. This will help to remove any dirt, left over make-up or impurities from your skin.

While foundation and powder are good for the cold winter months, replace these items with a light weight tinted moisturizer during the spring and summer. This way your skin won’t feel so weighed down and will be able to breathe.

Powder bronzers or blush give your skin a nice sun kissed glow when applied properly. Be sure to use a color that is close to your own for a natural look and use a large brush to apply the bronzer to your forehead, nose and chin areas.

If you like to wear eye make-up, try out some lighter colors or even colors that look more natural. Using brown mascara instead of black will make you look fresh and wide eyed. Eye shadows that are light brown or pink will look fresher longer than green or blue shadows and will be noticed less once they start fading.

      Don’t forget to use a primer for best results.

      Don’t forget to reapply your lip gloss throughout the day. A lip gloss that is close to the color of your natural lips will help to bring out your lips, keep them soft and giving you a nice dewy look.  The great thing about lip gloss is that it can easily be reapplied in seconds so that you will always look your best.

Keep in mind that your makeup can look great throughout the day very easily. Don’t apply lots of make-up because more products you use the more likely your makeup is to look cakey and that never looks good. So keep it simple and light and you’ll look great.

This post was written by Aleya who writes the blog for Hair Design Institute which has beauty schools in West Palm Beach and for Long Island Beauty School, a beauty school in New York.


Mii Cosmetics

I have had a few goodies from Mii Cosmetics lying around waiting to be played with. They looked so good since the time I received it in the post that I could not wait to get painting. 

But you know how it is when you start work right? I hardly have the time to glance at the post in the morning and sometimes take it with me at the train station if the excitement's unbearable!

Anyhoo, my ramblings aside, how in this world did I not know about this brand any earlier? I haven't seen it doing the blog rounds too really. All I know is that they are a UK based brand and have an extensive range of chic and wearable make-up products at moderate price. 

I have a face and an eye brush from them and an Uplifting Cheek Colour in Bloom. The glossy black and pink packaging is really pretty and sturdy. 

Being the brush geek I am, I'll show you the tools first.

The Precise Finish brush is a face brush and I find it perfectly dense and soft for distributing the colour on the cheeks. It is a dead ringer for MAC 116 in my opinion, in fact better as it does not shed like its counterpart.

The Eye Opener is a great sized hybrid of the pencil and the crease brush. I have not come across an eye brush of this size so am over the moon to be in possession of this. I love to use it to precisely define the eye socket as well as blend. It would be great for those of you with smaller eyes due to its size and cut.

The Uplifting Cheek Colour in Bloom comes in a cute square compact with an inbuilt mirror. It's not very bulky hence great to travel around with. The colour is a gorgeous tawny pink - quite grown up and elegant and something that flatters almost all skin tones.

I am particularly impressed with its texture however as it simply melts into the skin showing no sign of powder. It's pure pigment injected into the skin. The texture is satin-like and inclines more towards a matte finish.

The quality of this is unbelievable and puts my Chanel blusher with glittery bits to shame. I can only compare it to a Sue Devitt blush I had tried a few years back.
The quality of all the products I tried from their range is quite impressive and their shade range is very Becca inspired with soft hues of all subdued, elegant shades. If you are on the lookout for a wearable brand with great quality, have a look at their website and you'll surely have a wish-list in no time. 


Little BU for the little you

Patricia Dente who has formerly worked with Liz Earle and Chanel Beaute has introduced a range of Nail Polishes, namely Little BU for little ones!

Now before you think how unacceptable it is for kids to wear Nail Paint, the answer lies in the brand itself which makes odourless, chemical-free, waterbased and non-toxic formulas.

I have got told off so many times in the past when I have given into temptation and committed the ultimate sin of painting my nieces (and nephews!) nails. At least, I'll have a back-up speech ready now and will make sure to carry these with me. *smirks*

In my opinion, this is not only a great thing for kids but also for intolerant grown ups who simply cannot bear the thought of having chemicals on their nails and this includes my sister and mum who have complained many times in the past that they can actually taste the chemical on their nails whilst eating!

The flattering shades and variety makes sure you like it as much as your little girl. There is not a single shade I would not wear to be honest hence kudos to Patricia for keeping us grown ups in mind as well.

I have in my possession Sofia, Emma, Kyra and a top coat.

My favourite is Sofia without doubt as the blackish-purple with minuscule glitter simply stole my heart. The finish of all the polishes is very glossy and they dry almost instantly.
Emma and Kyra are really pigmented too. Emma is the brightest of reds I own currently and Kyra is a flattering, shimmery champagne shade.

I like the fact that the shades are not the very typical ones out there and have a modern twist to them. Water based or wash-off polishes are usually quite thin but these are just as good as you Chanel's when it comes to quality.

Yes, it comes off in contact with hot water and soap as they are meant to however if used in conjunction with the top coat, it lasts much longer although the finish is mattified.

Available in nine cute and quirky shades for £9.95 each at Harrods, don't forget to get your little one a pressie of her choice.

If you happen to be in London this Saturday, you may want to attend Little BU's launch party at the Children's Designerwear section at Harrods between 2-6pm on the 4th floor for some mini manicures, face painting and other such treats. Don't forget to get any little ones!



Current Concealer routine + Vichy Dermablend review

Those of you blessed with no under eye circles and an even skin tone *damn you!* might not feel the need for a thought after Concealer routine and almost anything will work for you. However it's not the same with most of the ladies out there, including me and being the flawless face addict I am, I'm always and I mean ALWAYS on the search for new concealers with the hope that one day (and that day will come!) there will be only one concealer that shall do the job for me.

However for now, I am really pleased with a combination of two :)

Namely the infamous Vichy Dermablend and my all time favourite MAC Select Cover.

Specialist skin care brand Vichy and camouflage make-up experts Dermablend collaborated a while ago and as far as I know, Dermablend only retails under the Vichy label now and no longer on its own.

I could not be any happier with the brands collaborating as even before Lisa Eldridge introduced Vichy Dermablend to the world on YouTube, I was always a fan of Dermablend camouflage concealers as nothing worked better than them.

Now Vichy Dermablend does two stunning products which can be used for concealing purposes. One is the Corrective Cream Stick and the other is the Corrective Foundation. I personally feel liquid sets better on my skin and is easier to blend in with the rest of foundation hence I have the Corrective Foundation in shade 25 which I use as a concealer.

A little bit about the shades
I am no way saying that the shade range offered for the Corrective Foundation is limited. I in fact like the variety and that it caters to women of colour.

I myself however don't have the perfect colour for my NC30/32 skin tone yet and I believe I would be 35 Sand as that's more of a yellowy-beige shade. I currently own 25 Nude as it looked neutral in the shade guides however its a tiny bit pink/cool for my warm skin tone.

Why don't I use it as a Foundation?
Firstly, it is a tiny bit cool/pink for me to use all over the face as then the difference would be too obvious. Secondly, it dries pretty quickly to a demi-matte, almost matte finish and would make the skin appear dull and flat as opposed to dewy and luminous which I personally prefer.

However, if you suffer from really oily skin, severe acne or blemish scars, you can definitely get away using it as a foundation and it will give you full coverage with a matte finish without feeling or looking cakey.

As a Concealer...
It is pure heaven!

Feels light as air yet demonstrates industrial strength pigmentation. Hardly creases, does not smudge or fade.

Just as demonstrated by Lisa Eldridge in her Acne covering tutorial, this is the only product I have come across that covers almost everything. From dark circles, spider veins, pigmentation, acne to blemishes and scars.

The beauty about the texture is that because it is meant to used as a Foundation, it is nice and light and blends quite nicely into the skin. Also, because of it's light formula, it does not crease like traditional concealers.

I start of by mixing a bit of this with the MAC Select Concealer on the back of my hand and cover dark circles first and then the area around the mouth where I suffer from uneven skin tone. To even out the face, I finish off by patting my flat top foundation brush with whatever's left on it, all over the face.

Vichy Dermablend Nude 25 on the left and MAC NC30 Select Cover on the right

I would not say the combination is the perfect shade for me, but its the best I have found so far for an NC30/32 skin tone and am quite pleased. I might just purchase shade 35 Sand soon but the £15 price tag (cheapest at Boots) has been deterring me hence ebay it shall be!

Have you tried anything from Vichy Dermablend?


Loving and Loathing

I know you guys like such posts. I personally love reading people's Ins and Outs so thought I'll give you a little sneak peak in to what I am currently loving and loathing. 


Alterna Caviar Rapid Repair Spray - I got this along with my Glossy Box and absolutely love it since then. I have no idea what it contains but it effortlessly detangles hair, adds instant shine and makes them super slick! 

Aussie Take the Heat Leave-in Spray - I have gone through several bottles of this and its simply magic. It not only smells delicious but protects hair from sizzling when used with heated tools. I can clearly see how I have less split ends since I've started using this. 

Acorelle Rose Body Lotion - I got this in my mupure package a few months ago and have been loving using it just now. It's perfect for the Autumn and has a pleasant yet not overwhelming rose scent to it, which can actually be mistaken for a fragrance! It hydrates the skin perfectly without leaving any nasty, sticky residue. 

Nip+Fab Sheer Make-Up Fix - This is another great mattifying primer which contains hyaluronic acid known for its hydrating and line-smoothing properties. Unlike other primers, this one is considerably moisturising hence suitable for almost all skin types including very dry and very oily. I like the fact that it is a clear gel and absorbs on to the skin really well. I like wearing it on its own sometimes too - must have! 

NYC Eyeshadow Quad in Manhattan Island - Is the perfect soft blue that lightens the eyes just perfectly. I usually find it difficult to wear blue on the eyes as it's not the most flattering shade for Asian skin tones however this quad has such flattering demin-esque shades. 

MUA Professional Eye Primer - This cheap as chips primer is a gem for £2. I have used UDPP, Too Faced Eyeshadow Insurance, Elf Mineral Primer and I have to admit, this baby is no different. It works just as well and in fact does not dry soon hence giving you time to blend your eye shadow unlike its high-end counterparts. 

DKNY Golden Delicious - I have reviewed this fragrance here and am still in love with it. It's so soft and subtle yet sweet and elegant at the same time. It's quickly become my go-to fragrance for Autumn and something I would highly recommend. 


Urban Decay Naked Palette - Now I know it's not psychologically possible to dislike a palette that's so hyped but I am currently so over it, when there are so many fun and colourful shades I can easily experiment with. What's Autumn without a change in the make-up routine eh?

Revlon Colorstay Foundation - I have been obsessed with this foundation since a year and have used it religiously however the thick goopy texture is so off putting to me currently. I have to blame Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation for this radical change as it is my foundation of choice now. 

Thierry Mugler Angel - This is my signature scent but the overpowering vanilla is just not my cup of tea currently and I have been leaning towards something more subtle and refreshing. I am surely I will be coming back to in a few months though as it is gorgeous! 

What have you been loving and loathing recently?