Coloured court shoes

I bought myself a little something as an Autumnal treat.

And what better to initiate a wardrobe change than shoes. It's always a plus if they're coloured as then it makes it easier to get away with a boring neutral outfit.

I really want to branch out and get some really good quality boots and heels that don't cut in my wide feet but still end up at New Look as they are the only place I know where shoes come with 'wide feet' written on them.

The red velvet, almost wine coloured court shoes are perfect for the season and so chic to pair up with something plain and floaty. The tan, mustard wedges are really comfortable and great to pair with something fun, colourful and print-heavy.

Not the sexiest heels in the world I know but block heels and wedges are my only hope to adding some height to my petite 5'1 frame.

I truly envy those girls I see walking so easily on 6-inch stilettos, hopping up and down the tube like they're in their uggs!

Do you wear wedges or block heels or are you one of those girls who feels stilettos are the ultimate? I am currently eyeing some patterned Ballet Pumps and Nude heels. 

MUA Glitter Ball Palette

With the Heaven & Earth palette from MUA being a huge success in doing the blog rounds, we have another colourful counterpart, this time with glitter and sparkle to make sure we're all set for the party season to come.

It's very modestly called the 'Glitter Ball' palette. 

But you can tell when a brand securely names it palette something that's not very flattering on the face, it is unlikely it's going to be exactly as the name suggests. 

There is an array of beautiful colours with stunning foiled textures and sophisticated sparkle but fortunately NO chunky, falling out glitter.

There is a very clever mix of warm, wearable neutrals and cool pastels. Although at first glance the combination of colours might not seem very flattering to each other, they need to played around with in order to come up with a good few looks.

I like the fact that there is an unusual mix of colours as I really did not want another duplicate of Urban Decay's Naked!

They are all full-on in pigmentation with some being more easier to work with compared to others, however still being of superb quality for the price.

I created an usual Christmas party look with it, a bit loud for some I guess but I did not want to choose between classics such as black, gold and sliver hence incorporated all of them in a look. 

I used the black eye shadow as an all over base, applied the gold just on the centre of the lids for a bit of an oomph and finished off with applying a thick line of silver eye shadow on the lower lash line. 

On the whole, the palette is a stunner for the price. Its quite fun to play around with if you don't want to invest a lot in colours and sparkly eye shadows. 

Retails for £4 at www.superdrug.com and all Superdrug stores nationwide. 


Steel and Ash - must-have for the party season!

Are two new shades that Sleek have added to their recently introduced Molten Metal Eyeshadow Duo's. I really enjoyed using the previous gold duo as it was unlike any other drugstore product I had tried.

I know the concept is similar to Illamasqua's Liquid Metals but they crease like crazy in my experience and these are much more wearable in real life as the texture is more cream to powder hence there is less slip in the product subsequently creasing and fading less in the crease.

I also like the fact that they decided to introduce a silver-grey duo right in time for the party season as well as Halloween. Trust me, these really help oomph up the look for special occasions.

You can of course wear it on its own but I did come across a little fading hence to avoid that, I like to use it as a base or an overlay and its works fantastic at that. 

As always, the pigmentation of Sleek products is second to none. 

Priced around £6, I definitely will get a lot of use out of this. Also, this would be great for Make-up Artists or Photoshoots especially as they don't have to bother much about longevity and focus on initial impact. 

What shades of Molten Metal would you want Sleek to introduce? I would really like to see a burnt orange and aubergine!


Barbara Daly Flawless Primer

Is without a doubt the closest dupe for Clarins Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch. 

Me and my mum have gone through so many tubs of the Perfecting Touch but to be honest, the product quantity was too little for the price it came at and it just got too annoying to replace it so often. It was becoming more of a luxury item than something I 'needed' hence I finally stopped purchasing it.

Having said that, I have since then been looking for a suitable dupe for it and have finally found it in Barbara Daly's Flawless Primer

How is it different from other primers?
Basically, the grainy formula is different from serum-like primers in the way that it works better at filling in those very fine lines and wrinkles, pores and basically provide a your-skin-but-better effect. 

Also, as the fine lines and pores are filled in, the skin automatically looks and feels more even and plump and make-up goes on much more smoother. 

I am not sure if this would work as well on very dry skin, however its perfect for those of us with combination-oily skin types as it works great at mattifying and oil control, especially if you're using a dewy foundation.

I personally like to wear it after a moisturizer and before foundation. I'd say give it a good few seconds before applying make-up on top for it to settle properly into and do its job well. Also, if you do suffer from any dry areas on the skin, make sure to use it sparingly there as the last thing you want is to exaggerate that.

If you're planning to use it everyday, I recommend applying it on the t-zone and any other area where you tend to get oily quite quickly. A good trick is to apply a light layer under the eyes to prevent concealer from creasing.

I would not say it's as good as the Clarins one as that literally felt as smooth as wax on the skin. Having said that, it is an amazing dupe for it for around £10 at Tesco and surely an economical option if I plan to repurchase.

I have to say, Barbara Daly is one of the most underrated high-street brands, maybe because it's only sold in Tesco. 

Do you have a favourite primer? 


Weekend in Paris

Is the name of Miner's A/W Nail Paint that I have been obsessed with currently. Of course I'd enjoy a 'real'  weekend in Paris too but until then, this beautiful colour will do.

Before showing you that, here's a sneak peak at five gorgeous shades that Miners Cosmetics have come out with for A/W. Fortunately they all have a gorgeous cream, glossy finish to them without a speck of glitter or shimmer.

Such deep, statement colours are simply perfect for the fall and you do not have to fall back on your boring browns and reds.

In the picture below we have, Fairytale of New york, Bangkok Blues, Weekend in Paris, Plum and London Calling. Without sounding sarcastic, nothing in this world can describe London better than an understated yet glamorous taupe! 

Although I cannot fault any of the colours really as the deep jewel tones definitely call out to me, I have two favourites namely Bangkok Blues and Weekend in Paris

Bangkok Blues is a gorgeous sapphire blue with a slight green undertone to it, which makes it pretty interesting and different from the rest of the blues I own. A good three coats are needed to achieve an opaque finish however. 

As for Weekend in Paris, it's pure love at first sight. Such a delightful colour with flawless application and finish. Reflects the romantic city in every way!

Funnily it even reminds of Blair Waldorf's (Leighton Meester) most worn Lip colour in Gossip Girl. Such pinky-reds is what she always wears. Now only if I can find a lip colour in this shade too.

It's a pretty good collection overall and for prices like £2.99 each, this is the perfect choice if you want to replicate runway trends for less.

Miner's Cosmetics also have a spanking new website that's not only pretty looking but much easier to use. Do check it out!

DKNY Golden Delicious = truly scrumptious!

After the huge success of Be Delicious and Red Delicious, DKNY have launched yet another stunning addition to the collection and I have to say they have saved the best for last. 

If you ever found their 'Delicious' range of perfumes overtly fruity or girly, you definitely need to try this out. 

It's still a contemporary fragrance reflecting NY in every way but with a dash of luxury and elegance added to it with inclusion of ingredients such as Musk and Sandlewood, that balance and complement the floral and slightly fruity notes quite well. 

Of course the bronze, dull gold bottle is stunning without a doubt. It's stealing all the attention on my dresser. 

For a limited amount of time, this stunning clutch bag was given away free with purchase but it's no longer on offer I believe. I thought I'd show you anyway as DKNY hold fantastic GWP offers quite often which are not to missed!

I have tried DKNY Be Delicious before and I have to say I like the Golden Delicious much more. It's more my cup of tea and something I can easily pop on regardless of the mood or occasion, without the need of thinking twice.

I don't like categorizing perfumes for the day or night hence I would say this is quite wearable at any time of the day. It is surely more ladylike and poised but comforting and subtle at the same time. It's not atrociously strong or offensive but surely substantial enough to get noticed upon wear. 

Sweet and musky are the two best words to describe its drydown. It's not very long lasting unfortunately but that's the only flaw to it in my opinion. 

Are you a fan of DKNY fragrances? Share your favourites!


Cosmopolitan Blog Awards

Did you know Get Gawjus! has been nominated in Cosmopolitan Blog Awards 2011 in the Established Beauty Blog category?

I know! *does a little happy dance*

I am on cloud 9 since I've heard this and am not planning to come down any soon.

Jokes apart, I wanted to thank all the followers, readers and visitors who take time to read my ramblings, leave sugar sweet comments and interact in any other way possible. It seriously helps keep the blog 'alive' and encourages me to continue writing and keep you guys posted with more interesting content.

All I am asking you lovely people now is to vote for the blog as I am competing against a good few reads and any support and time spared from your busy lives would be highly appreciated :-)

You can vote for me by clicking on the badge below which will direct you to the voting page. Just enter your email address (and I promise you won't be spammed!) and get voting.

Voting period will end on 17th October and can you believe there will be an awards presentation as well! Will definitely keep you guys posted regardless of the results <3

Till then, stay gawjus and have a lovely weekend!