Timeless Beauty

Is the look created by Eugenia, the founder of Senna Cosmetics for Autumn or Fall, whatever you like to call it in your country.

I personally like the first look as the colours are more wearable and warm hence more suited towards Autumn and Winter as compared to the second look.

I love Eugenia's Beauty Classroom videos as it introduces a variety of Senna products which I was previously unaware of. Plus, I love the beauty of Senna products as they are uber glam yet wearable and chic at the same time.

I wish they were available in the UK to purchase so I would not be reluctant to purchase them due to their shipping costs.

Have you tried anything from Senna? Are you tempted to try anything from the products used in the video?


Current storage...

I desperately wanted to revamp my current make-up storage and when I came across with the transparent acrylic storage on Keeping up with the Kardashians, I had to get something similar. 

Now there are not many options out there shockingly and there is a huge gap in the make-up storage market so MUJI was my only option really. Yes I know about KoolCube but its simply outrageous to spend around £300 for storage in my opinion. 

MUJI in that sense is quite economical hence I bought two and then stacked them on top of one another. I like the fact that the first section opens from the top as it makes it pretty accessible when I'm on the go. 

In the first drawer, I have an assortment of everyday use items, mainly consisting of concealers, bronzers, illuminators and everything to achieve a flawless base.  Regardless of what look I am going for, this is the only drawer I always reach for as it has all my basics.

In the second drawer I have all of my most used, favourite blushers. It's kinda annoying that it can only stack two layers of blushers and sometime only one if its chunky. I really wish it would have more depth when it comes to blushers as usually people tend to have them the most quantity wise.

My most used neutral palettes go in the third drawer. Yes it goes without saying that Urban Decay's Naked lives in here permanently, along with some Body Shop and Sleek.

And last but not the least, the lip drawer. Something that I use the least hence at the very bottom. 

Having said that, for some reason I have a tonne of lip products. I really need to get myself using these more often. 

As for brushes, I keep them in two mugs on the side of a dresser with my magnifying mirror without which I am totally blind! Everyone needs one on their dresser. 

Whilst I was reorganising, I also tidied up my skincare, bodycare and haircare for which I found some random storage boxes. I wish they could be colour coordinated. Any ideas?

I got this white stationary stand from TK Maxx recently and finally found a use for it. It easily stores my hair brushes, foundations, mascaras and eye liners. Talk about a multi-tasking product eh? Plus it looks so pretty!

I am still not fully convinced with the MUJI acrylic storage to be honest. It's apparently the only acrylic storage I could find in the market which was reasonably priced. It's reliable and sturdy but the design could be improved and more depth could definitely help in storing more items.

And no this is not all my make-up. It's only things that I felt I could possibly use now and then. I store the rest in a train case which is not so convenient as its a bit too heavy to manoeuvre around.

If I don't find anything else, I'll surely be stacking up more MUJI on top of what I already have. A tower it shall be then.


Liz Earle Giveaway: Shade 3 *International*

Apologies for the late post but here we go here for the third giveaway in the Liz Earle Skin Tint series. This will end next Tuesday as it started late. 

I promise the winners will be announced in one single post next week so do keep your eyes peeled. 

This is a gorgeous tan beach-babe shade. This is a nice reddish-tan shade, somewhere around NC40 and above and anyone under NC50 could easily wear it I suppose. 

For 1 entry(mandatory), simply comment with your email address and country of residence below. Of course its for followers only! *wink wink*

For 3 extra entries(optional), spread the love about the giveaway via any of these - Twitter, Facebook, Blog post, Blog sidebar, Blog Link etc and leave a link of it below. 

This giveaway will last for a week and will end on next Tuesday September 27 12pm GMT. 

Good luck :)