Me, Myself & Eye

Is the latest addition to the fleet of eye shadow palettes Sleek currently makes. I believe this is the first time Sleek has collaborated with someone and it's none other than London's cutting-edge fashion label PPQ.

Reflecting PPQ's style and ethics, the palette contains an on-trend mix of various textures and colours that one would usually not wear together.

The fact that there are so varied textures and colours makes the palette quite versatile in my opinion. Some of the bolder colours included could simply act as a bonus if you would never have bought them individually.

The shades included can easily cater for a smoky eye, a matte runway look, the colour blocking trend and a pastel eye. Regarding textures, we have mattes, satin, shimmer and some with a metallic foiled-like finish.

I have no idea what to call the look I created below. All I know is that I wanted to use as many shades from the palette as possible to give you guys an idea of how they looked together.

In my opinion, the palette is something every fashionista in town should possess. It gives you a chance to play around with on-trend colours and textures and when priced cheap as chips, you simply cannot go wrong.

Available from 16th September onwards this will be out for a limited time only.



Charles Worthington: Salon at Home

Charles Worthington has come out with a semi-permanent hair straightening kit which is aimed at taming a frizzy mane and making the whole process of getting sleek, smooth and softer hair much easier.

The kit contains products which are applied in just the same manner as a hair colour. Leave it on for 20 minutes and you can enjoy a brand new 'better' and an easily manageable mane for 40 days to come!

The proteins and argan oil contained in the products claim to 'reprogramme' your hair against the unpredictable weather and everyday hectic commuting.

Even better is the fact that the 'treatment' is free from ammonia and any harsh chemicals which are usually found in heaps at a Salon. I've always wanted to get a Keratin treatment done at a Salon but could not justify spending over a £100 on it. This on the other hand will retail for £20.

Do we have a life saving product here then? That time will tell my friends as I will be trying it out soon and a feature will surely follow.

In vogue...

'In Vogue' and 'Biscuit' are my two favourite eye shadow colours to use as of now. You know the phase when one is absolutely obsessed about using a set of products to the extent that it becomes almost habitual? This is exactly what I've been doing with these two products since the past few weeks and thought I'll let you guys know about them.

'In Vogue' by NYC is my first favourite as its a rich, delicious looking satin-matte purple shadow. I had forgotten how much I loved colour before I discovered this little gem.

'Biscuit' by Barbary Daly on the other hand is an everyday essential. It's a toasted beige colour, pretty much of my skin colour and has a slight pearlacent sheen to it which avoids it looking too bland.

I like the fact that both of these are drugstore items are easily available on a trip to your local Tesco and Superdrug and are cheap as chips! Always helps to have favourites that don't cost a fortune eh?

Both of the shadows are moderately pigmented and can be built for a more dramatic finish. I like to apply them sheerly to look daytime appropriate.

Here's a little EOTD for you guys to see how the products look in action. Not so dramatic but quite a soft and feathery effect going there which I quite like. 

It doesn't look harsh but still defines the eyes so beautifully in my opinion.

What combinations have you been liking recently? 


Visoanska VV5 Solution

Visoanska is a new skincare range making its debut in Harrods. It is a mix of luxury and science in my opinion as great care has been taken in creating these products to particularly cater a very specific purpose.

The range is considerably limited with the main aim of products being to protect the skin from ageing, by changing its behaviour on a molecular scale and to make it naturally resistant to dehydration, fine lines and wrinkles, which are all seen as the vital signs of ageing.

'Elisabeth Visoanska skincare creates formulas that not only combat the signs of ageing but also set in motion an enduring preservation of youthfulness. Combining natural-origin active ingredients and nutritional supplements, Visoanska has found a way to change the skin's behaviour on a molecular scale in order to provide it, on a daily basis, with the strength to resist time.'

I have a VV5 Solution from the range to show you guys today. I have been using it since the past few weeks and it has helped me tremendously in keeping my skin 'sane' if that makes any sense. 

The Solution is a hybrid of a serum and a lotion and it spreads onto the skin beautifully forming a layer of its own. You only need a pea sized amount and the consistency of it is such that that does not get absorbed into the skin quickly hence you have time to work and that way less product is used. 

Give it a minute or two and it sinks in really well, still leaving a luminous, dewy effect. It still has some tackiness left to it at this point which I feel aids in helping the foundation adhere well, if you're wearing any of course.

I have become obsessed with this item of luxury to the extent that this is all I use at any time of the day.  I don't know if its only me but I can really feel the quality of the product is substantially higher than the drugstore moisturisers I generally tend to use. 

Before sleeping, I use it as as a serum and it intensively hydrates the skin, tightens it and I can see the difference in the pore size immediately in the morning. It's surprising how the hydrating effects last for more than just a day after application. I have combination-sensitive skin, inclining towards the drier side but this product has changed it drastically and I really don't need to moisturise my skin as often as I did previously.

The VV5 Solution is on the pricier side with 15ml available for a whopping £98, so not every one's cup of tea I  suppose. But if you're someone who usually spends a fortune on serums and face creams that actually work in changing the skin type drastically, you should definitely give this a go. 

I am not sure but there is no harm in asking for samples on the counter. Luxury brands usually have them handy!


Press sample


Chanel Autumn 2011 Illusions D'ombres

Here we have another fabulous Autumn/Winter Collection by Chanel. As expected the colours are very warm and cozy but at the same time there's a lot of sparkle going on to take in to account the party season as well.

I cannot agree with Lisa more that the cream eye shadows are the star of the collection. I quite like the look the nude one, the transparent one and the rusty, plummy colour that she initially used.

I don't mind investing in these as long as I know its something I will hit pan on. Need to get myself to a Chanel counter soon.

Again, I cannot understand why the Nail Paints are so hyped! They seem ridiculously metallic and can be easily duped.

How do you like the look of the collection? 

Stargazer Powder Shimmer

Don't you just love yourself some shimmer shimmer now and then?

Stargazer have come out with a brilliant Stargazer Powder Shimmer which comes in a vintage looking bottle with a pump dispenser. Don't you just love the design? It is super cute!

Now I know The Body Shop will be coming up with a similar face and body glitter in their Christmas Collection and I had to show you guys that the Stargazer one will be a much cheaper alternative. 

If you love your Body Glitter for the party season, you can definitely indulge in some pocket-friendly purchases. 

The Stargazer powder has silver reflects and because it is very finely milled, if buffed into the skin well it leaves a gorgeous dewy finish.

It pictures really well and if worn at the right places such as d├ęcolletage, it can look stunning. Also it appears different at different angles and  lightnings and does not always look like glitter really if applied on a larger surface area.

Oh and not to forget, if used with a brush or fingers, it makes a pretty good face highlighter as well. Give it a go ladies. It surely won't break your bank account.

Are you a glitter fan? I am not one really. But I do slap on some on the eyes and arms now and then for that oomph factor. 


Liz Earle Giveaway: Shade 2 *International* Ended

So we had a huge response to the Shade 1 Giveaway for the Liz Earle Skin Tint. 81 entries to be precise.

As promised, the Giveaway for Shade 1 has ended today and Shade 2 has just begun.

This is a universally flattering shade, so I would encourage as many of you to enter for this particular one as it is likely to suit almost every skin tone. Plus as I said before, the formula is pretty adaptable to one's skin colour. This is a nice yellowy-beige shade, somewhere around NC30 and above and anyone under NC40 could easily wear it I suppose.

For 1 entry(mandatory), simply comment with your email address and country of residence below. Of course its for followers only! *wink wink*

For 3 extra entries(optional), spread the love about the giveaway via any of these - Twitter, Facebook, Blog post, Blog sidebar, Blog Link etc and leave a link of it below. 

This giveaway will last for a week and will end on next Sunday 18 September 12pm GMT. Giveaway for Shade 3 will also be posted on that day as well. You get the drill right?

Winners will be announced at the end of three weeks.

Good luck :)