Weekly Favourites - Illamasqua, NYC, Barbary Daly...

NYC In a Minute, Quick Dry Nail Polish in Prospect Party Pink. Phew that's a mouthful!

It's a cute pinky-peach with a nice sheen and a glossy finish to it. Lasts quite long and is pretty much chip resistant. I've always had a thing for NYC Nail Paints and have to say they are pretty underrated.
Would suit tan skin tones so well in my opinion!

I simply love such shades as they cheer me up and incline slightly on the pastel side, which makes them appear slightly more unique compared to other typical pink nail paints out there.

Illamasqua Cream Pigment(£17) in Depravity from Illamasqua's Theare of the Nameless Collection Collection.

It's the perfect medium purple for the lids. The consistency is gorgeous, pretty much like MAC Paint Pots but better. They are superbly pigmented and due to their cream to powder texture, hardly ever crease.

Once on, they last an entire day. Blending them is a dream too surprisingly. I simply cannot fault this product and shade. I like to use it on its own as it gives a lovely pop of colour but it acts as an amazing base shade too  to add intensity to other powder shadows used on top.

NYC Volumising High Definition Mascara (£3.99).

I have been obsessively using it since I got it and it has quickly become a favourite. Although its not distinctively different from other Mascara's out there, it is a neat, convenient product for volumising, lifting and lengthening.

Plus the chunky wand with short spiky bristles works perfectly for that wiggle action you must do at the base of the lashes. It's pocket friendly too so definitely check this out at Superdrug.

Barbara Daly Luscious Lip Balm in Cutie.

I don't know why but its simply addictive. I just have to keep reapplying as its immensely moisturising yet does not leave a sticky feeling on the lips. It's got a lovely balm like texture to it and reminds me of those Korres Lip Butter's but for a fraction of the price.

The shade Cutie is a lovely flesh-toned coral and gives a my-lip-but-better effect on my lips. I love this for an everyday polished look. Check this out at your local Tesco.
What have you been loving this week?


Forever Freesia

Is my newest addiction to all things vain.

It happens often but not usually with Lip products in my case.

Who's to blame on this particular occasion? The heavenly lip sketch pen aka the NYC Smooch Proof Lip Stain.

The particular one that I am in love with is the shade called Forever Freesia, which is a gorgeous berry colour with a slight hint of lilac to it, not much though.

The light and airy texture of the stain is lovely. I have always steered clear of lip products on a daily basis due to the goopiness and mess involved. I just cannot stand a product 'sitting' on my lips and this is the perfect solution for that.

What I love about these is the ease of application. Yes you can actually go crazy sketching your lips away and the heavenly formula glides on like a dream. One coat does it for me but it is very buildable depending on the intensity you want.

Don't you just love that flawless naturally-bitten-lip finish you see models sporting on the runway? The fact that there is absolutely NO texture to the product is fantastic in my opinion and something I have always wanted from Lip products.
I can't guarantee you 16 hours of wear as it promises but it surely lasts much longer compared to its typical Lipstick counterparts that are prone to smudging and fading.

Available in a variety of shades for only £3.99 in Superdrug.


Santaverde Skincare

Santaverde Skincare is a brand that originates from Andulusia, Spain where the owners grow their own Aloe Vera in the farms, making sure their products contain 100% natural ingredients and Aloe Vera juice instead of water, so you get all the added benefits of Aloe Vera combined with the ingredients of every individual product.

Their products are all very fuss free, with minimalistic packaging and aimed at delivering effective results. I have two of their products namely their Aloe Vera Creme in Medium and an Aloe Vera Hydro Repair Gel, both of which I have been using since the past few weeks. 

The Aloe Vera Creme can be used as a daily moisturiser as well as a night cream and as it sinks into the skin quite well without any tacky feel afterwards. I like to use it before applying make-up and it provides just the right level of hydration without leaving any residue. 

I think the intensity 'medium' is just perfect for my combination-sensitive skin type and it had led to my skin behaving really well since the past few weeks. The cream is meant to aid in cell renewal, skin elasticity and in calming down any redness and in my opinion it does exactly what it says and does not under-perform in any way whatsoever. 

The Aloe Vera Hydro Repair Gel on the other hand is a skin-brightening and hydrating serum that I use prior to applying the Aloe Vera Creme. This would be a great moisturizer for those of you with oily skin types as it immediately absorbs and has a lovely thin, serum like consistency, which is unlikely to clog pores. 

I feel it immediately tightens the skin as well to aid in the elasticity process but nevertheless does not leave a dry, tight-face feel. This particular gel has a very refreshing fruity smell to it reminding me of papaya and mangoes. 

Both of them are a gem of a product and quite unlike anything else I have tried in organic skin care previously, both in consistency, texture and effectiveness. They have helped me tremendously in battling with blemish scars and constant breakouts hence are something I trust and would easily recommend.

Santaverde have quite a range of products available to suit all skin types so do check them out. I would say the range is perfect for some one with a fuss-free skin care routine, wanting simple and effective products. They are quite reasonably priced too for a change!



Ring My Bella

Is the newest addition to Benefit's Crescent Row Perfumes. The Box is designed to look like a lingerie shop and the character Bella is supposed to look after it hence the scent represents her personality.

I quite like the idea, its pretty innovative and cute and for some reason I had no idea Benefit did perfumes until my recent visit at their Boutique.

Being the uber funky brand it is, the packaging is the stunner here, both the outer cardboard as well as the fragrance bottle itself.

The gold bottle is inspired from Annie and Maggie of Benefit whose aunt(if I am not wrong!) used to have a similar gin and tonic bottle. How cool is that eh?

The fragrance itself is sexy and seductive, quite an evening scent I would say. Although some one like me who wears Thierry Mugler's Angel as a day perfume would like to wear this in the day too. It is very Angel-esque if you've ever had a whiff of that, just less heavy and more refreshing.

I can immediately smell lily and roses when initially sprayed on to the skin. It's floral and fruity at the same time. I however like the musky drydown though as it smells of patchouli, vanilla and musk.

They have quite a few additions in their Crescent Row fragrances based on fictional characters and all of them smell particularly distinct. Not at all like the ones on your usual Superdrug or Boots counter.

I feel the way the ingredients are layered in the scent is what makes them unique and leaves people wondering as to what you're wearing.

Next time you're at a Benefit counter or boutique, surely give these a sniff. They are pretty affordable at £29.50 for a 30ml EDT.


The Body Shop - Golden Brown Eye Palette

A girl can never have TOO many neutrals hence I am not even going to apologize for yet another neutral eye shadow post. I know you guys love it... albeit secretly.

You remember my post about The Body Shop's Smoke & Sparkle collection right? Well, I have an eye shadow palette from their range and unlike Topshop's recent gimicky collection, the shades in this palette actually reflect the name.

There will be two palette's in the range and the one I have is Golden Brown. First of all, take a deep breath and appreciate the lush packaging. The gold and black casing although chunky, is a stunner in reality.

The mix of colours has to be given some credit here. There's a gorgeous chocolatey-taupe, a shimmery pinky silver, a matte coffee brown and a clear glittery cream base. 

It's always a plus to have a tiny little liner and a brush duo that fits in nice and snug so you don't have to carry much around when on the go. 

The velvety texture and the undetectable, airbrushed finish is actually what separates the palette from the others in my vanity and makes it stand out.

The clear glitter cream base can actually be worn on its own or as a primer to layer on the other shades. It's slightly dry and powdery texture makes it stay put on the lid and avoids creasing. The glitter in this is so pretty and even shows through the shadows layered on top, giving the look dimension but in a sophisticated manner.

I created two looks to demonstrate the versatility of the palette and more importantly the finish and blendability of the shadows.

I kept a strong outer crease in the first look and opted for a daytime Kristen Stewert-esque smoky eye in the second one.

This is a part of Body Shop's Winter Collection and should be available to purchase in stores and online after it releases in a month.

Press sample. I'll purchase the other palette when it releases though!


A collective haul...

Not a make-up related one unfortunately.

I feel I have too much make-up now. You know we all go through such phases and I'm sure I'll recover in a week, feeling the need for more!

Until now, I hauled on clothes and accessories. I usually don't post about it as I am not a fashionista or anything near but I thought I might just as well...

A chocolate padlock bag from Miss Selfridge. I love the rich brown colour. It's helping me transition into Autumn/Winter..really! Plus I love gold detailing regardless. Don't underestimate the size, it can actually fit a kitten or two.

A boho-chic snood from Newlook or Primark..err don't quite remember. I can wear a snood, come rain or shine. As summer arrived, I started trying up the ends of my cotton scarves to resemble this innovation.

I cannot stand tassels or anything like loose ends on scarves and the sight of a snood with no ends just makes me feel at peace.

A shocking pink dress from Dorothy Perkins. The material just adds so much texture to the block of pink all over.

It's gorgeous paired with a pastel jumper to tone it down a tiny bit. It's actually pretty florescent in real life. They had a lime green and a bright yellow too :)

A vintage looking piece that I picked up from a New Look brand. The mysterious sloppy print and the bell sleeves make it so much fun to wear.

Everything else needs to be really simple when paired with this dress though. It's quite busy on its own!

The oh-so-popular and cozy boyfriend jumper that every girl wanted to own last winter! I wanted it really bad too after seeing it on a number of blogs however H&M always ran out of it as some of you ladies were apparently damn quick shoppers.

Primark being the king of all things dupe has got this out this season and I just had to pick it up, especially as winters coming.

I love myself a pretty little tea dress. The dusky pink colour is seriously to do for! Again, from good old Primark.

Just a basic dress wine coloured dress from Primark, that I can quickly put on when I don't know what else to wear. The material's pretty flattering though and those droopy ends might not be this season but I adore them.

I need to raid H&M and Zara as I haven't been in store there since ages! I've also been eyeing a waterfall blazer girls, any suggestions where to get one from?

Is it just me or is Primark now pricier than H&M?


Giveaway: Liz Earle Skin Tint - 3 Skin Tints to win! *International* Ended

You guys know how much I adore Liz Earle as a brand. I had to do something especial to celebrate their giant leap from Skin care to Make-up hence a Giveaway extravaganza.

I have three 3 Skin Tints(£21 each!) to win for you guys and guess what, they haven't even released yet.

Shade 1: Bare 
Shade 2: Beige
Shade 3: Beach

There will be 1 Skin Tint to win each week, for the next three weeks. Yes, you can participate in all the three giveaways however the point of giving away three different shades is that the winner gets a suitable colour for themselves. I'll leave the colour-matching up to you though!

Starting from the lightest shade, I'm giving away Shade 1: Bare this week. Although it is the lightest, it can suit anyone from a NC15 and below to NC30. 

For 1 entry(mandatory), simply comment with your email address and country of residence below. Of course its for followers only! *wink wink*

For 3 extra entries(optional), spread the love about the giveaway via any of these - Twitter, Facebook, Blog post, Blog sidebar, Blog Link etc and leave a link of it below. 

This giveaway will last for a week and will end on next Sunday 11 September 12pm GMT. Giveaway for Shade 2 will also be posted on that day as well. You get the drill right?

Winners will be announced as we go along. Maybe at the end of three weeks to build suspense? *evil laugh*

Good luck :)