I know I'm a little too late with an EID FOTD but as usual I did not do anything special really.

I wanted to go for something really dramatic this time, just for fun but I got caught up in a really bad flue and did not have the energy for all that blending.

Just went for a soft pink look and kept the colour palette same for the eyes, lips and cheeks. I'm hearing that's an upcoming trend and all eh?

Voluminous curls are my signature hair and you'll always find me wearing them regardless. Straight hair makes me cringe! *shudders*

- Used all the pinks and mauves and plums from the Urban Decay Naked Palette.
- On the cheeks, I am wearing Smooch Cosmetics Sweet Cheeks. It's a bright dolly pink and I'm obsessed...
- Famous by Sue Moxley Baked Bronze in Miami as a highligher
- Wearing an amalgamation of 5 MAC Lipsticks there. Don't ask what, as they're all depotted and I've lost the names. 
- HD Brow Palette in Vamp on the brows
- No 7 Exquisite Curl Mascara. All time favourite!
- MAC Studio Fix Concealer in NC35 and Select Cover in NC30.
- Revlon Colourstay Foundation in 310 Warm Golden. 

Hope you guys had a lovely Eid too! 


MAC Studio Finish Concealer - Busting the hype and myths!

For some reason I always end up getting cult favourite products that everyone has raved about since decades. Yes even the 'impeccable' magazines. Coincidentally enough, I turn out to sell them all on ebay for cheap as chips despise them all, not understanding all the hoopla surrounding it.

This time the culprit is MAC Studio Finish Concealer. Is it really THE best thing after sliced bread like everyone says?

Not really. Bread is way too delicious. 

This on the other hand is pretty standard in my opinion and not very different to Elf All Over Cover Sticks. The only fault ELF may have is the lack of yellow-salmon shades available. 

What it does?

It creases like crazy and settles into very fine lines, fades away in a few hours and uses up a lot of product as it does not give an opaque coverage in one go.

What it's not...

Heavy and pigmented. Hence if you've always stayed away from purchasing it, thinking its too heavy or cakey or anything like that, its not. In fact its pretty moist and moderately pigmented in my opinion. I would not call it creamy, like the Bobbi Brown ones but it surely is not an industrial-level heavy duty texture.

Whoever says it gives full coverage, needs to branch out and try Mehron, Dermablend, Vichy or even Bobbi Brown for heavens sake. 

What it can actually be used for?

Only touch-up's in my opinion. It's powdery, matte-drying texture and tiny container, gives it the benefit of being perfect for a quick-touch up all over the face, without the need for setting powder.

If you're a shopaholic, the price tag might be quite reasonable for a 'touch-up' product, especially considering that MAC have a tonne of shades to suit all skin tones. 

Best applied with...

A fluffy brush like the 224 or 217 or fingers as they help melt the product into the skin better. 

No matter what I use to apply this, the finish of this is always 'grainy' and pixel-like if you know what I mean. It's never smooth and flawless.  

I know many of you out there swear by the Studio Finish Concealer hence no point tracing me down to kill me. It's not you who this post is intended for as you guys already love it! It's just for the bitchy lot out there *including me on this particular ocassion* who might like to slaughter this product as it did not work as well for them. 

My current favourites and ones I recommend everyone to try out is Collection 2000's Lasting Perfection Concealer, preferably for the under eyes and MAC Select Cover Up for blemishes, scars and pigmentation on the face. I am a 03 Medium and NC30 in these respectively.

So tell me I am not the only one who is not head-over-heels in love with the Studio Finish Concealer?

p.s. I have a spanking new Vichy Dermablend Corrective Foundation on its way. It's already become HG in my mind. Posts on that to follow for sure. 


Can there be a dupe for Chanel?

I really don't know. I mean if you have used Chanel before and are a brand snob die-hard fan, then psychologically you might not want to find a dupe for it, as you can obviously afford it and are happy with the quality.

I have used Chanel products before and although I am fond of them as a collective item, I really don't find the selection of shades and colour pay-off to be something to die for. The shade selection is usually safe, dare I say boring, the prices atrocious, with cheap dupes for them easily available in drug stores.

Of course I will still indulge in an occasional purchase as I like collecting them but I have a high-end dupe for you today, not in terms of shade but in terms of consistency and texture this time.

It's a Blusher in 09 by Stargazer. Yes the cheap and chirpy cosmetic line you'll always pass by in New Look. The packaging is so Chanel-esque eh?

The blusher itself is a medium toned pink with a hint of mauve shot through it (think MAC Dollymix?). It's got slight shimmer in the pan but translates pure matte on to the skin. I can compare this to MAC's Sheertone Shimmer textures quite a bit.

The finish that this gives is airbrushed and the product melts into the skin, simply leaving evenly pigmented cheeks. That is quite a lot to offer from something that's a fraction of the price of its high-end counterparts.

Chanel blushers usually tend to lack pigmentation and need scraping off the top layer to get some colour pay-off. This on the other hand is decently pigmented and much easier to use.

It's quickly become a favourite and for the £3.50, it would be rude to find any faults with it now wouldn't it?

They come in a total of 12 shades and can be purchased at Newlook or www.stargazer-products.com.


Baby pink and blue...

Whilst re-arranging storage and rummaging through stacks of my Sleek Eye-shadow palettes, I decided I had to get more use out of them and after choosing the safest of them all randomly picked up the Bad Girl palette which I've always had a soft corner for.

Now you won't see me pulling off an editorial eye as such on a daily basis(or EVER!) but in a world where my alter-ego would prevail, this would be my choice without doubt.

I opted for rich blues, indigo and purples and teamed them with soft hues of shimmery pinks to balance out the intensity. I am not a fan of silver used in the traditional smoky eye to be honest.

Forgive the very obvious sketched in brows. I was trying to make them seem intense and hide hair growth. *fails miserably*

without flash

with flash

Don't you just love that shot of purple on the lower lash line? I thought the indigo was overpowering the look a bit too much hence added the purple to make it slightly more colourful.

Like it? Tell me there is at least one brave soul amongst you who would actually wear this in day light?

The HG of all Foot Creams?

I am not someone who indulges in self-pamper sessions often. I mean I would love to in an ideal world, who wouldn't? But in reality, even in the current post-university-pre-employment stage, I cannot find the time to do so. Especially not for the body!

Also, I am a wide-feet girl and am suffering from blisters and peeling skin every other day of wearing a pair of heels, due to which I particularly need to take care of my feet well. However I usually find foot creams smelly and too thick making them unappealing. 

But this gem of a product, I love! I actually have been using it religiously on my feet *shock horror* from the past few weeks and seem to love it. Can there be a Holy Grail product for feet? 

Now I am not going to go into the Deadsea Mineral topic as I don't quite have enough information regarding that myself. The geeks in you might want to look it up and educate me if you like!

All I know is that it smells amazing, like a pleasant body cream, has a smooth non-sticky consistency that absorbs into the skin quickly without leaving any residue. Not having slimy feet sticking on furry carpets is nice for a change no?

It immediately fills in and mends cracked heels, thoroughly hydrates dry and hardened skin and the effects last for a good few nights saving those lazy amongst us effort and time. 

It also helped dry out any dead skin that I had from blisters, getting rid of that nasty pigmentation.

The Ahava Dermud Intensive Foot Cream(£18) might seem slightly overpriced however I only ever need a pea sized amount and its guaranteed to last months that way.



Smooch Cosmetics

Smooch Cosmetics has been doing the blog rounds lately and however cheeky the name might sound, it surely is a  pretty decent line of cosmetics, with some fun and funky colours and NARS inspired packaging, at almost a fraction of the price of it!

Sounds tempting for sure isn't it?

I have a Blusher(£8.50) in Sweet Cheeks from them and an Eyeshadow duo(£9.50) in Filthy Rich from their range. The packaging also feels like NARS quite a bit, very good quality, compact and sturdy.

This Blusher in Sweet Cheeks is a unique shade of pink as its light and bright at the same time. Think MAC Well Dressed but amplified.

It contains finely milled shimmer particles which somehow give a 3-d like effect, making the cheekbones pop out much more. I really thought this was pretty similar to Benefit's Bella Bamba texture wise.

If you've always lusted for those bright Kim Kardashian cheekbones, this should be right up your street.

The Eye shadow Duo in Filthy Rich is a gorgeous champagne-bronze combination for when you want to avoid a boring neutral eye.

I really hoped the deeper colour would not lean towards the coppery side and I am glad its just a soft warm bronze, that is easily wearable without having a swollen-eye effect.

Both the shades are nicely pigmented and are almost creamy to touch and apply. They are slightly crumbly due to their overtly creamy texture and its best to apply with fingers or a very flat top brush.

Here's a little demo as to how the colours transfer onto the lids. 

Pretty decent no?

I haven't been a huge fan of NARS eye shadows to be honest but have heard about their great quality and pigmentation in the blogosphere quite a bit. These are surely a great dupe for those and you also have a lovely range of beautiful colour combinations to choose from.

Till 16th September to celebrate their launch, they have 50% off all their products meaning the Blusher would  retail for £4.25 and the Eye shadow duos at £4.75.



Sleek Nude Collection: EOTD's

As promised, a set of three wearable day to night looks, using the infamous Au Naturel Palette.

It goes without saying that these will be pretty colourless for a few of you out there as the palette is pretty neutral. You can of course inject a bit of colour if needed from other Sleek Palettes.

Here we go...The typical taupe-y smoky eye. It's pretty refreshing from the usual browns, blacks and blues eh? Plus the shimmery finish makes it much more wearable.

The not-your-typical khaki eye. I adore this divine golden-olive-khaki like colour from the palette. It leans towards the warm side and provides such a sultry effect on its own. I added a plum shade in the outer corners and the lower lash line to intensify the look.

The rebellious smoky eye. How could we just do without including a matte look! I added a matte aubergine shade from the palette in the crease to give it a pop of colour.

I know what you're thinking. The Au Naturel Palette is pure love right?

I hope you can see how intense yet almost creamy and airbrushed-like these shadows are. Even the matte ones for that matter.

If the Urban Decay Naked banks on its shimmery shades, Sleek Au Naturel can definitely brag about its matte ones.

Will you be getting this palette? Or is it too 'meh' for you colourful ladies out there?