Dupe Alert: MAC Liquidlast Liner

I've always favoured GOSH Eye Liners but this one supposedly is a huge sell-out in Superdrug due to its amazing lasting power and smudge resistant properties.

They are the Extreme Art Eye Liners by Gosh which come in a spectrum of 12 dazzling shades, I'm sure all metallic.

Just look at that rich purple and golds and blues. A Make-up Artists dream... I just love it when such a huge variety of unusual colours are available in drug stores, at a much reasonable price than MAC. Not everyone would want to pay £14 for a coloured liner hence the Gosh one is a great alternative for £5.99.

It precisely the same to MAC's Liquidlast Liner to be honest.

Both of them

  • have a metallic/pearlacent finish
  • dry instantly, automatically becoming smudge-proof 
  • are waterproof
  • will literally last for as long as you don't remove it

I have a bright turquoise and a charcoal grey in my possession. I love how one's so subtle and can be easily substituted for a black or a brown on a daily basis, whereas the other is almost foiled in its finish and would suit a more editorial like look.

Both of them are equally pigmented and there are no doubts regarding their quality.

My only gripe with these is the long and flimsy brush they come with, also very much like the one in MAC Liquidlast, which makes application slightly shaky and out of control. A firm brush would have solved the problem pretty much and made this product faultless. 

If you're looking for a genius brush and more subtle shades, GOSH Long Lasting Eye Liner Pen's are what you should go for. 

Still, fantabulous value for every penny spent.

Exclusively available at Superdrug.


Current favourite Make-up Remover

I love Living Nature as a brand and have used quite a few Skin Care and Make-up products from their range and I have to say, both have never failed to impress me.

If you are unaware about it as a brand, then its a Luxury Organic brand originating from New Zealand and has been making cosmetics and toiletries since 20 years!

I absolutely love their philosophy - "All plants produce a variety of bioactive molecules to protect themselves from stresses such as insect and bacterial attack, and dehydration caused by drought, heat and frost. Living Nature products capture these concentrated bioactive molecules, and they provide the active ingredients in the range - protecting and nurturing the skin exactly the way nature intended"

What I have from them today is their Gentle Make-up Remover, one that I have been obsessively using since the past few days and its on the verge of finishing now.

First of all, this is perfectly suitable to use around the eyes which is what I love. I really do not want to go about having a separate remover for every area of the face. It removes eye make-up really well as well, just not waterproof mascara.

It's consistency is just like water which is such a relief, knowing that there will not be any oily residue to wipe away.

Having said that, I did not expect much from the very gentle consistency but surprisingly enough, it provides a thorough cleanse for a full face of make-up without any stinging or irritation. 

My only gripe with the product is that the bottle is shaped in a funny way due to which you get too little product for £11.50. A 100ml is just not enough, especially as I use it to cleanse my make-up which can use up a lot of the product.

Also, I read 'Manuka' on the bottle and thought it would smell delicious as Liz Earle products containing Manuka usually do. However this in fact has an absurd smell to it, not a pleasant one but not one that puts me off from using it either. 

Overall, its a pretty decent product for the price if your main criterion are 'organic' and 'sensitive eyes' but there are better alternatives out there I would say. 

Available at mypure.co.uk

What do you use to remove Make-up? A good old make-up wipe or an intense cleansing regime... I'd love to know! 


Topshop Smoke and Mirrors Collection

Is available to buy in stores and online from today onwards.

I really did not understand the motive behind the collection to be honest. What on earth does 'Smoke' and 'Mirrors' have to do with each other?

The packaging looks decent and the only thing they have thought about it looks like. However to me it's reminiscent of Body Shop's Honey Bronze Collection.

Also, aren't you a bit late copying the bronzer-blusher duo trend Topshop? *rolls eyes and yawns*

It's called Burning Embers. That's still not going to make me buy it!

I like the quad in Secret Liasions though, however boring it may look. A girl can never have too many neutrals.

My favourite bit from the collection is the Glow Highlighter in Polished. I've never seen a cream high-lighter in a pot like form from any brand before hence this is surely tickling my curiosity.
 Lipsticks in Rumour Has It and Pillow Talk.

Lash Extender Mascara in Black Velvet

On the whole, the collection's pretty meh in my opinion. Being a fashion-forward brand, Topshop can definite do better.

Will you be purchasing anything? 


Benefit 'They're Real' Mascara

Benefit always come up with the most innovative of products out there with outrageous claims!

I used to never be fond of their products really and found them overpriced but recently got to try out their cheek and lip tints from a magazine offer and got hooked. It was their blusher in Bella Bamba that totally blew me away though. It really gave a 3-D effect I swear.

As you may already know, I am not a big Mascara fan to be honest. I mean I don't leave the house without Mascara on but am not fussed out as to what I am using really. It's either No 7 or Maybelline.

They're Real from Benefit seems to be the next best thing after their super popular Bad Gal lash and I can see this becoming a cult favourite too.

The formula of this is nice and glossy, so you can be sure that there is going to be absolutely no clumping at all, no matter how much product your slap on.

The star here however is this lethal looking wand which is the love child of Maybelline Pulse Perfect and Givenchy Phenomenon Eyes. Perfection.

It just looks scary really, it's plastic bristles at the end of the day and is pretty much safe as long as you're not reckless.

The uncountable spiky bristles of all shape and sizes make sure every single lash you possibly have is exaggerated and amplified.

It claims to 'lengthen, curl, volumize, lift & separate.' Surprisingly enough, it actually does most of the things it claims, albeit each at a different intensity. It works superbly at lengthening and separation and slightly curls and volumizes alongside as an added benefit.

Unlike what you would expect, it actually gives a pretty natural, wispy, flirty effect as if I am wearing some natural false lashes.

My-lashes-but-better? I think we'll settle on that for now.

I think I am in love.

If you're looking for a non-clumping, everyday Mascara with lengthening and separation as primary functions, then this is definitely your cup of tea. I got asked if I had lash inserts whilst I wore this. Now you definitely want compliments like that to keep coming eh!

£18.50 might seem hefty for something you are meant to dispose off every three months. It's justified amongst people like me who need a Mascara to be outstanding to be able to love it.



Anastasia Beverly Hills

Everyone's heard of Anastasia's Salon in Beverly Hills and how she's the preferred choice of most Hollywood celebs. I have read about her since years and she's basically the queen of all things brows.

You guys know how I cannot start my day without drawing in my brows. I can ditch a Lipstick or Mascara, but never brows. I use a variety of drugstore pencils for everyday use as they are super convenient and not so sketchy.

When I need more definition however, I opt for a full on brow with eye shadow shades leaning towards warm browns and taupes.

Here's a video with Anastasia demonstrating how to use her Beauty Express Brow Kit.

"Beauty Express" brow-kit instructional video from Anastasia Beverly Hills on Vimeo.

She makes it look so simple right? I always thought stencils were gimmicky but seeing her do it with so much precision, I am very tempted to try out some!

Use what products you find convenient and easy to use but get into a habit of filling in those sparse brows girls. It is one of the main features which frame your face and ignoring them is likely to make you look slightly older and your make-up incomplete.

Give it a go!


Sleek Nude Collection: Eye Candy

Aren't you ecstatic for the release of Sleek's Nude Collection? I know that SO many people are eagerly waiting to get their hands on it and some of you lucky peeps already have due to Superdrug mishaps. 

Fortunately for us, it's going to be a permanent addition to the range to avoid the need of a stamped and the out-of-stock drama. *phew*

Featuring the Au Natural I-Divine(£6.49), Blusher in Suede(£4.29) and Pout Polish in Bare Minimum(£4.29). 

The star of the collection is the baby here. It is the poor man's Naked Palette if you please. There are some stunning, unique neutrals in here with quality to die for. 

The people at Sleek Make-up have seriously improved the quality and texture of both the matte and shimmery shades to make sure this one's a hit, seeing the anticipation for it. 

If you haven't got Urban Decay's Naked yet, cross that out from your wish-list NOW and get this first thing in the morning on 31st August. 

The blusher in Suede looks good enough to eat!

I can only compare this to MAC Gingerly really, it's that unique. It's a gorgeous shade of caramel, with a hint of tan and pink to it. It's not too warm, neither too cool. I use it as a blusher and it contours automatically.

It's quite pigmented but at the same time blends just as well as its high-end counterparts.

This my friends, I will be hitting pan on come Autumn and Winter.

M.U.S.T  H.A.V.E.

The Pout Polish in Bare Minimum is a creamy, nude and has a sheer consistency. It smells scrumptious and is super moisturising. I would have been extremely delighted if this would have been more opaque but its still going to get a lot of use by be as a sheer gloss or an everyday lip balm. 

I have ramblings on high-end dupes that can be found in the Eye shadow Palette coming soon. And of course, how can we do without a gazillion eye looks with this eh?

Keep your eyes peeled ladies.

Releasing on 31st August, is the collection your cup of tea?

The heavenly package arrived on my doormat a few days ago. Would have bought it any ways. Promise. 

Winners for Tantastic and Aussie Giveaway...

The winner of the Tantastic Giveaway is

Sinead from Dainty Dollymix. Congratulations and emailing you now! 

The 7 winners of the Aussie Party Pack Giveaways are... 

- Amy
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- Sal
- Sarah
- Demonicsmurfette and
- Primp and Preen

I'll need your address and one choice of product from below. 

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I'll be emailing you guys now or else you can email me with the info too. 
For those who did not win, there are more giveaways to come ;) 


The Fairy Hobmother... She's real! *Leave your wishes here*

You've seen the Fairy Hobmother from Appliances Online doing the blog rounds lately right?

Well, surprisingly enough she paid me a visit too and got me a little present that I've been lusting over since quite a while now.
The super lush Laptop sleeve is all mine now. I've seen this in stores retailing for around £40 in various patterns and colours but this one, I fell in love with at first sight. *gives it a tight hug*

The concept behind this is that she's rewarding hard working bloggers in the blogging community, who put so much of their time and effort into it.

I think it's okay if you're a reader too. No harm in trying!

So, leave your wishes (No matter how small or big) in the comments below and she's promised me that she'll go through them and try and grant as many as fits her budget (What? you think fairy's don't live in an economy?).

Good luck! *Goes to check Appliances Online out of curiosity*