Coloured Eye-Liners 101

You NEED coloured Eye Liners in your life. Period.

Agreed that a black liner is classic however you need variety in your life and there are times when you actually get sick of wearing a harsh black line. Happens to me all the time!

If you're confused as to what colours would suit you and so on, there are three basic colours that are foolproof and are a staple, from various brands in my vanity.

However seeing my obsession about Queen Cosmetics lately, I have three from them to show you today, namely Azure(blue), Brown and Violet.

Besides the fact that the white and gold packaging is uber classy, the pencils have a lovely kohl like consistency and are easy to apply and smooth to blend hence there is not tugging of the eye lid involved.

They can easily be applied close to the lid and then smoked out with a liner brush for an effortless look. Having said that, they do not smudge and smear like crazy *ahem MAC Kohl pencils* and have better longevity comparatively. 

I use Brown sometimes as an eye brow pencil and its works just as well. Violet is the creamiest of them all and has become a staple in my everyday routine regardless of what eyeshadow I am wearing. 

Azure however, is the most unique peacock blue that I've ever seen in the history of Liner pencils that I've come across. Co-incidentally, it has the best consistency of them all too and cannot be faulted. 

I give it The. Must-have. Status.

(excuse the shabby brows!)

Overall, the Liner Pencils cannot be faulted for £6.75 each. The icing on the cake is that they are suitable especially for those with sensitive eyes hence us contact-lens wearers are guaranteed not to be left streaming.



Enrapture Totem Styler

I've never had any luck with those gimmicky heated tongs and curlers that you get from Argos. To be honest, that's the only place in the UK where most people buy their heated gadgets from. Unlike the states, we do not have those fancy websites selling reasonably priced curlers, that heat up to a ridiculous 400 degree celsius. 

Hence we're happy with our cheap and chirpy Babyliss or bow down to our trusty pair of GHD's for a hair-do. 

Excitement is inevitable as we now have Enrapture in the UK. It's a fairly new brand, that has launched a collection of three styling tools. The Totem Styler I have, retails for £75. Considering that I have gone through two GHD's(£200 plus) in the past 3 years and a few hopeless heated tools(make that £100 plus), the price tag for this seems absolutely justifiable! 

Have a moment of silence and feast your eyes on the delicious purple packaging...

Inside there is a titanium plated 25mm barreled wand, with a mini flipper for added grip and a tighter curl. I had heard that titanium plates add extra shine to the hair but have also witnessed it was true after using this. 

The design is impeccable as there's none of that nasty pulling or snagging of the hair involved. It's unusually short mini flipper makes manipulating the hair much easier. Its all quite a peaceful process, compared to previous experiences I've had with tongs and wands. *tut tut Babyliss*

The design overcomes the recklessness involved in using a clip less wand and the complexity of a curling tong. Also, it looks stunning in real and makes my GHD's look dull and rusty! 

It's key to remember that the tool is not intended for everyday use as the heat might just be a little damaging. Having said that, I get my medium length, thick and wavy hair done with this in 5-10 minutes, so I might just prefer this to my GHD's for convenience sake. 

The Totem Styler's USP is that the barrel has three different levels of heat settings to give you a bespoke curling experience. Loose voluminous waves or tight ribbon curls, you name it! 

You guys know how much I LOVE wavy hair hence I opted for loose curls with a lower heat setting and then simply ran my fingers through the hair to separate. Can you see the shine and volume it gives?
I use it as a wand when I want loose waves and make use of the clip/flipper when I want more defined ribbon curls like below. 

Depending on your hair, I recommend using a heat-protectant spray before the process and some hairspray or mousse after the process, to keep the style intact, for added volume and texture and also to prevent the curl from losing its shape. 

Overall, a damn good product for the price! It couldn't have been better. Although I will be doing a happy dance on cloud 9 if they come up with a bigger barrel and a full flipper. Please Enrapture, pretty please. 

Show them some love on Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/EnraptureUK


Givenchy Je Veux La Lune

Je Veux La Lune is Givenchy's Autumn/Winter Make-up Collection for 2011 and means 'I want the moon' if your French is as poor as mine. 

Of course the visual is bold and dramatic but that's editorial make-up for you eh! I absolutely love the intensity of it and that's what the collection is about really - bold and bright hues to create that ultra glamorous night-out look, mimicking the shadows of the moon.

I am literally drooling over the Shadow & Light Eyes Illuminating Compact. It's intended to be used as a complexion enhancer as well as to add dimension and depth to the eyes.

Available in two shades, a champagne and black one as seen below and another beautiful one in gold and indigo, it will retail for £36. *checks Paypal balance*

I have tried Givenchy blushers before and albeit stunning in quality, they do lack pigmentation and require a lot of scraping off the top layer for some colour to show through.

Available for £29.50, Le Prisme Blush in Lune Rosee is a combination of bright, fierce pinks, which I assume should deliver greater pigmentation seeing how bright it is.

As for the lips, we have a stunning combination of vampy shades with a baby pink gloss to tone down the intensity. The Lip Gloss and Lip Gelee will be available for £18 and the Lipstick for £19.50.

Will you be indulging in any of these? 


L'Occitane Lavande

L'Occitane have come up with yet another beautiful collection of products, this time based on Lavender. The range also consists of a Hand Purifying Gel(£6), which I thought is quite innovative for a skin care brand to come up with.

The Body Lotion(£18) from the range is really light and fluffy but as it contains Shea Butter, it tends to lean slightly on the moisturising side once absorbed fully. It's not extremely sticky or heavy on the skin but just makes it soft and supple hence perfect for the summer or the coming Autumn.

Of course you would need something a little more richer for the chilly winter.

The Hand Cream(£13.50) on the other hand is slightly more thicker in consistency than the Body Lotion however still absorbs pretty well on to the skin, without leaving any sticky residue. Again, this contains Lavender Oil and Shea Butter as main ingredients and works superbly at smoothing out the skins surface. 

It's almost like a manicure in a tube and such a great treat for those hard working hands. Available in 30ml and 75ml sizes, this one's a must have in my opinion. 

Both the products have a very distinct and substantial Lavender scent to them, that lingers around for a good few hours of wear. I noted that the Lavender smell is quite different to the typical one that you would smell in The Body Shop for example. 

It smells very pure, woody and relaxing, almost like aromatherapy as compared to the usual  light and floral smell associated with Lavender. You have to be a Lavender fan to fall in love with the collection really! 

Available to purchase from uk.loccitane.com.

Aussie-versary Giveaway! *7 summer party packs to win* CLOSED

Yet another giveaway!

But this time it's MUCH more fun as it's to do with Aussie. 

To celebrate their Aussie-versary, 110 years of Australia being a country, Aussie are giving away party packs as seen in the picture below to 7 of my readers. Yes, that's 7 of you ladies = 7 winners.

Can you see how pretty those limited edition bottles are?

What do you win?  On winning the giveaway, you will not only get the fun and fab goodies you see in the picture above but also will be nominated in a challenge to win yourself and your friends(or blogger buddies or whoever!) 10 tickets to Aussie's HUGE party in October. 

And trust me, their party's are serious fun and unlike any other! 

How to enter? - Simply comment below with something you have to celebrate. It can be anything really, starting a weight loss journey? on a trip to building confidence? found something you had lost? or discovered a new drink in Starbucks? (leave your email so I can contact you) 

Be as creative as you like! They are no restrictions as to what you can celebrate ;-)

The Giveaway will end on Friday 19th August, so start commenting. 

*To participate, it is mandatory to be 18 years and above and from the UK*


Snakeskin manicure

Just when you thought manicures got boring eh?

Just look at this. I've never really heard of it before but when you have a look at the video, its like how comes I never thought of trying this out before.

We all see different textures on the runway however never think of replicating it on the nails.

Don't you just love that taupe nail paint from Maybelline, that the artist used all over the nail? It is so stunning on its own.

Love the sponge technique too. I thought he would actually remove the net in the end for some reason. It seems pretty fancy and glam but I really don't know how practical would it be to sport net on the nails.

Would you try the Snakeskin manicure or opt for something simpler like Nail Rock nail wraps? They do some uber funky patterns too.

Now I suck at manicures but will definitely give the Snakeskin mani a go and let you guys know how I got on with it!


Matte eye shadows...

Following on from the fab Eye make-up remover that we saw recently, I have some eye shadows from Queen Cosmetics to show you guys today and guess what, they are ALL matte!

For some reason, matte eye shadows are so rare to find. Although everyone and I mean almost everyone loves using them, such textures are hardly found in drug stores or high-end.

Shimmer, satin, frost, pearl is all what we have eh? Hence all-matte is quite a change really. 

Oh and finally I have my hands on a magnetic palette. I've been wanting one since quite a while now and this one retails for £7.95. This is the only size it comes in and it easily fits 9 standard eye shadow pans. 

The brand currently does 12 eye shadows in total, which again I should emphasize, are ALL matte. I have some great neutrals, highlights and some crease colours to show you guys. 

My personal favourite is this cool brown called Olive. I for some reason have never been able to wear warm, chocolate browns all over the lid hence I've always had a 'thing' for such cool browns. 

I know MAC does similar ones namely Soba and Soft brown. Such shadows make great transition colours and look seamless in the crease. 

I however adore wearing this shade all over the lid as a nice wash of colour. It adds some warmth as well as compliments coloured eyes so well. 

Another quirky colour that I immediately fell in love with is called Lilac. It's a pastel shade but so baby soft to apply and gives an opaque, flawless finish.

Can you see how it does not look powdery at all! I otherwise do not easily like such shades all over the lid, however the quality of this cannot be faulted.

I also like Dove Grey and Chocolate brown as these are neutrals no girl can deny owning. They make the perfect colour to put in the outer corner of the eyes.

Also note the texture of all these shadows is pretty different to standard ones, in the sense that they are not powdery or chalky but slightly on the sheer side, providing natural definition and depth.

They translate pretty well on on top of an eye primer on the lid, however don't swatch on the hand pretty well hence the lack of swatches. 

Each individual eye shadow pan is sold for £6.95 which is pretty reasonable for their airbrush-like finish. 

They are foolproof to wear everyday without the need of thinking twice and are very office friendly. I can already see myself hitting pan of most of these soon. 

Are you a matte or a shimmer-shimmer girl?