The Body Shop - Smoke & Sparkle

If you haven't seen what's going to consist of Body Shop's Christmas collection yet, then here's a little sneak peek into it.

The Make-up range is called Smoke & Sparkle and consists of two Eye Shadow quads, four High-Shine Lip treatments and two All Over Shimmer sparklers.

They also have added a few new shimmer cubes to their collection which look absolutely stunning but have a lot of blue and and purple going on hence am not too keen on them. Look at the green one though, its out of this world!

This is fab for using on the shoulders, arms, legs and d├ęcolletage. It contains chunky glitter but if you first rub in on the back of your hand and then apply it with your fingers, it acts as a lovely highlight for the face too. 

Don't you just LOVE the bottle? 

I love skincare and I love vintage tin-like packaging hence these gift sets are definitely on my wish list. 

Spiced Vanilla and Candied Ginger are my two favourite fragrances from the Body Shop. They smell so cozy and delicious. 

Ooh and look at this cracker like packaging containing lip balms. Cute no? Quite reasonable too. 

During the festive season, Body Shop also do bespoke gift sets like the ones below, where you can choose what box you want and what goodies you want to put inside and the staff wrap it for you at that minute and it becomes a treat for anyone who loves a bit of skincare!

And of course, not to forget their White Must Libertine range which shall also be available in gift sets. I definitely want to try out more from this range. 

Lastly, some uber cute gift sets I HAD to show you guys. I am so excited for the Almond Hand Cream as am already a huge fan of their Hemp Cream. 

Can't wait for Christmas! 


An undiscovered BB cream?

Or a hidden high street dupe for MAC Face & Body Foundation?

I am on the fence as to which statement to favour more.

You can find this in the beauty aisle at your local Tesco. Not quite glamorous eh? It's quite a shame how such lovely products get ignored just because they are not sold in Selfridges.

Now you surely know after a gazillion posts about it, that I am a sucker for MAC Face & Body Foundation. To the extent that I have given it a HG status in my life and cannot do without a back up of it in my traincase.

Imagine my excitement when I found something pretty much like it! It's Skin Wisdom's Instant Benefits Tinted Moisturiser.

As far as I know, this only comes in two shades namely Fair and Medium. I thought I would be a Medium but Fair is a pretty good match for me surprisingly. 

Now these, just like MAC Face & Body, can suit a variety of skin tones. You know how shade C3 in Face & Body is used by a lot of women out there and they are all not of a similar skin colour?

Similarly, this product adapts to the skin colour as well and that's what I found in my case. 

I call this a 'BB cream' because it not only acts as a tinted moisturizer but I can actually get away without applying ANY moisturiser underneath, it is that hydrating. 

Regarding coverage, it is pretty light but surely buildable. My favourite way to apply this is by using a flat top powder brush like the one from ELF and it goes on beautifully. Don't use fingers, as its pretty light anyways and that way you won't get much coverage.

As you can see below, I am only wearing Skin Wisdom's Tinted Moisturizer and I have a few blemish scars left which can be seen even after wearing this. However that does not bother me, as I use foundation to give me a really dewy, skin-like base, which I can then use as a canvas to do any required concealing. 

The glow this gives in unbeatable! Unlike Face & Body, this does not have a tacky consistency or that overtly sticky feel to it. It's just looks super dewy but does not feel sticky at all. It also does not shift and stays put for quite a few hours without the need for a touch up or powder.

I think I am in love. MAC is going to be so jealous of this! 

You get 50ml of product for £6. Go raid you Tesco for this. NOW. 

p.s. In short, a BB cream is a multi-functional product which originated in the East, that acts as a primer, moisturiser and adds a bit of colour to even the skin and blur out imperfections. 


A bright smoky eye

To complement a bright sunny day! 

Or a heatwave. 

Depending on your interpretation of 30 degrees in London. 

It such a refreshing change to see a bright colour being used in a smoky eye instead of the silver, black, brown and purple. 

It was quite easy to create really. I just used a bright yellow colour from Sleeks Circus palette on the three quarters of the lid and some Urban Decay Darkhorse in the crease and Creep in the outer v. 

Would you wear this out? 

I think I would. It's a bit daring but quite fun at the same time. The yellow really adds life to a make-up look in general and compliments pastel outfits so well. I think I might pair a rosy blush and cherry lips with it. 

Oh and Ramadan Kareem to all those who are celebrating it. 17 and a half hours of fasting, for 30 days in a row is not easy I tell you! 


7 products in 7 minutes

I have always wanted to try something from Cargo Cosmetics as I have heard so many good things about their blushes. I was going to get a few blushers, but then found this a more economical option and this way I could try a variety of products from their range too.

They have various kits and sets put together but 7 in 7 grabbed my attention as it was particularly meant for warm-medium skin tones, meaning that I could be rest assured that all the products in the kit will flatter my complexion. 

This is how the kits looks, very Benefit inspired I thought. I really like the Black and pink magnetic box as it can be used for storage as well. 

So you get 7 products in the kit which allow you do a full face. Not in 7 minutes for me though as I am super slow and take my own time. 

You get an Essential Eye Palette in Warm Neutral, Base in 02, Eye Pencil in Black, Better Than Waterproof Mascara, Beach Blush in Sunset Beach, Reverse Lip Liner in 01 and Classic Lip Gloss in Tobago. 

Droolworthy eh? It sure is. I was over the top when I received it. I have never ever got a kit before which contains so many items hence I was thrilled.

Starting from my favourite, Essential Palette in Warm Neutral. You guys know I love my eyes and that I love neutral colours hence this is like a dream come true.

The palette itself is very heavy and feels sturdy and luxurious. The colours are quite pigmented for everyday and can be worn sheer or layered on for a dramatic look. The finish is almost satin-matte and they blend well too. 

I went for a dramatic smoky eye with this immediately! I love how airbrushed the finish looks. It's a foolproof option and something you cannot go wrong with. If you love neutrals, you've got to try this out.

I have always wanted to try out a blusher from Cargo, especially after hearing a lot of raves about their blusher in Tonga. 

This one's their Beach blush in Sunset Beach. It's a shimmery dusky pinkish coral and comes in a finely milled and pressed compact. I love how the tin container is so vintage looking. 

The amalgamation of colours here is really beautiful. I sometimes use the darker shades to contour and the lighter shades to highlight and it works just as well. The quality of this is very velvety smooth to apply and blend. No signs of chunky glitter or shimmer at all!

I already have a list of blushes I want to try out from Cargo now. 

Can you see how pretty it is? I also like to wear it on the eyes at times and it gives me a super glossy eye which I love. 

What's also popped into the palette is their One Base in 02 which can be used as concealer or foundation. The shade is a medium-yellow which is perfect for me. 

The coverage of this is like a tinted moisturiser hence I only reserve it for touchups. Nevertheless, the quality is again pretty good!

The Lip Gloss is Tabago is also a sheer coral to match the blusher. I like the fact that it's sheer as it gives a nice fresh finish instead of a full-on lip which I wouldn't have otherwise worn.

It contains minuscule amount of golden shimmer which is uber pretty

I am particularly in love with their Reverse Lip Liner in 01 which is originally meant to be used to cancel out any pigmentation on the lips, for the lip colour to have a blank canvas. 

A pretty useful tool for Asian women who usually suffer from pigmentation around the corner of the lips. 

I however like to use this on my lower waterline to brighten the eyes as it works perfectly for that. I have been looking for a suitable colour since ages and this is a perfect match and not too stark. Of course I don't use it on both lips and eyes for hygiene reasons. 

The Better than waterproof mascara is okay as well. It does not give a lot of volume or length but works well for the purpose of making the lashes stand out a bit more. The Eye Pencil in Black is nice and creamy but not quite pigmented. 

I know $59 plus postage might seem a heavy price but considering that I got 7 full sized items that I will actually use, which otherwise would have totalled up to double the price if bought individually, it seems like a bargain! 

Delivery from Apothica.com was really quick too and their service I cannot fault. 


Body Shop White Musk Libertine

Is a sister to the original White Musk range that The Body Shop already retails. 

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of their ever so popular White Musk range, they have introduced a 'sister' collection to it namely White Musk Libertine.

How is it different to the original White Musk? This contains 60% musk content as opposed to the original range which contained a lower amount. Also, the Libertine fragrance contains Musk at all notes namely top, heart and base. That is quite a lot of Musk for you musky fragrance lovers out there!

Personally, I despise the original White Musk fragrance that Body Shop currently sells hence I would not describe it as a 'sister' to this at all. It's a completely different fragrance in my opinion. 

The main ingredients in this are Turkish Delight, Chantilly Cream and Orchid, out of which Chantilly Cream is my absolute favourite. 

The fragrance itself is soft, sensual, slightly powdery, sweet yet musky, sophisticated yet girly. It's a day fragrance for sure but quite suitable for a night out too. The beauty about this is that its not overtly floral or sickeningly sweet at all. It's chic, feminine and mature due to which it is bound to be appreciated by almost all women. 

Being a Eau De Toilette, it has a pretty noticeable scent to it when initially applied. It's surprising, taking into account that EDT's usually contain less than 10% of the perfume oil concentration. I am sure the Eau De Parfum version of this will be even better.

It wears off soon which is a con to it probably, however I guess that comes along the nature of a EDT as the top notes are just meant to give a refreshing splash and not last all day long. 

Recently I have been layering this over Thierry Mugler's Angel and the combination is superb! I've gotten so many compliments on it. 

White Musk Libertine EDT(60ml) will retail for £14 at The Body Shop when released nationwide in October. 


Hourglass Extreme Sheen Lip Gloss

Is the ultimate of all lip glosses that I have tried till date! 

I usually am not a lip gloss girl to be honest. I just like to stain my lips with a bright lip colour and that's it really. I cannot stand the stickiness and mess involved in using a gloss. 

However when I come across multifunctional, heavenly products like such, exceptions have to be made you see. I have an Hourglass Extreme Sheen Lip Gloss in Truth which looks pretty simple from its packaging but is a gem of product. 

The colour itself is a universally flattering, out of this world dusky pink. Have a look yourself, isn't it simply delicious looking? 

Can you see the superb pigmentation? This is great news for Indian girls like myself who don't have evenly pigmented lips. I despise that look when the original lip colour peeps through. *cringes*

It gives a fully opaque coverage with no signs of original lip colour or uneven pigmentation peeping through. This also means that I can easily wear this on its own, without the need of slathering a full-on lipstick underneath.

It is just a tad bit sticky but nothing major in comparison to MAC glosses. It has a divine vanilla smell to it and applies so luxuriously, adapting to the lip colour ever so slightly. I am also happy to report that it does not feather outwards whilst on and stays put for quite a few hours.

Do you see the minuscule amount of finely milled golden shimmer in it? I think it helps in giving the illusion that one has fuller lips. Of course, as the product name goes, it does give an 'Extreme Sheen' to the lips.

It is heavily priced around £21 but is totally worth it for someone fussy like me who only wears something on the lips occasionally and if I do not find a flattering colour, I'll just go bare on the lips. Thank god for this!

You can find Hourglass Cosmetics at Liberty in London, Sephora in the US, Zuneta.com and Hourglasscosmetics.com