Superdrug's take on Christmas!

Here are a few shots from Superdrug's press day ladies. These are products they have lined up for release in the next few months, all in time for the festive season. 

All the items are beautifully packaged and presented, seem of a good quality and are reasonably priced. Plus the convenience of just picking them up from your local drug store for last minute presents seems just great!

We have a few new brands by Superdrug itself and I especially love their range of perfumes and eye lashes. Definitely keep an eye for them. 

Would you or do you buy Christmas presents from drug stores? 


A skin detox?

Here's another gem of a product from Comvita's Anti ageing skin care range. I tried a Moisturiser from them last time and loved it so much that I had to try out another product from their range.

This time I decided to branch out a little and try an exfoliator as I am always fascinated by them. It's called the Gentle Revitalising Exfoliant(£22) and it comes in an unusual 75ml tube. Yes I do wish one would get more product for the amount of money paid and that remains my only con for it.

The texture of the exfoliant is pretty dry, meaning there is less of a liquid and more 'beads' or granules. Having said that, the product is 'gentle' as it says and even though there are more granules, it is not abrasive at all. The granules are not sharp and do not hurt the skin.

Although the consistency of the exfoliant is slightly on the drier side, it still lasts for a few minutes to give a good massage until it disappears. At this point, I use luke warm water to remove it. 

It contains Apple Cider Vinegar and Jojoba beads to get rid of all that dead skin and they surely help in revealing a brighter complexion and leaving skin baby soft! I really had no idea vinegar could do such wonders to detoxify skin. 

I believe my skin gets used to a certain product if used too often hence I do not incorporate this into my daily skincare regime and only use it once a week. This way it works best at its purpose in my opinion.

So is it a skin detox product?  Indeed it is. I have exfoliators by Liz Earle, Elemis and Monu and by far this performs the best. Two thumbs up! 

Shimmer shimmer

So I had a peek at the preview of products that Superdrug shall be launching for the festive season to come and I have to say I was pretty impressed. They have done an amazing job at creating pretty looking Skincare, Body care and Make-up sets, all for very affordable prices. 

Here's one of the items. It's a new brand to Superdrug from a company called Colourworks and its their Eyeshadow palette containing 18 shadows. 

Now I have been playing around with this quite a bit lately to safely say that it falls under the shimmer category. Some shadows are more shimmery than others, containing vivid sparkles and some with just a sheen but all in all, its a shimmer-heavy palette. 

I particularly like its colour scheme. It's got your safe everyday neutrals, crease colours, smoky eye essentials, as well as a few bright shades popped in here and there to make it more versatile. 

If you have a look at some of the eye shadow swatches below, its pretty obvious that they have an amazing colour pay off. Can you see how 'rich' the shades are. They have a depth to them if you know what I mean and are quite unique for a drug store.

Most of the neutrals are complexed, high-end like shades with a hint of taupe here and there. Regarding texture, these definitely are NOT on the powdery side at all. They in fact have a cream eye shadow or cream colour base finish to them.

Think Benefit's Creaseless Cream shadow pots. 

They do have a slight fall out however, not because they are powdery but because some of the shades contain sparkles which tends to separate from the shadow at times. Not quite an issue for me really as I tend to do my eyes before foundation.

I particularly love this deep chocolate brown only because it has some amount of taupe in it which makes it slightly more unique. 

The pale, icy lavender below is also one of my favourites. Unfortunately it did not photograph quite well, otherwise its stunning in real. 

I added some hot pink in the crease below just to play around a bit with the brighter colours and they are all quite wearable really. None so shocking or unwearable in the daylight. 

Now although they are all shimmery and you really have to like your shimmer on the lids to be able to get good use out of this palette, none of the shades have a tacky frost finish to them which is quite a relief. 

To be honest, I would not have bought such a palette if I hadn't had a chance to swatch and play around with it. This unexpectedly turned out to be a pretty good surprise! 

This will be retailing at £7.99 when it releases. Keep your eyes peeled as its dirt cheap for the price and would make a pretty present for a girly girl. 


Favourite eye combination

It is simply shocking sometimes the extent to which we ignore taking care of our eyes. Hair spas, facials, manis and pedi's are something we all indulge in occasionally and for some reason, eyes are always taken for granted. 

Especially for a pc-addict like me, my eyes definitely need some pampering now and then. However at the same time, I am quite picky as to what I use around that area, as most of the products leave my eyes red, itchy and streaming! 

After using a tonne of products for a number of months, I have finally narrowed down two of Liz Earle products that suit me the best and ones I would consider to be my favourite. 

Liz Earle's Eye Bright(£9.70) contains ingredients which instantly release a cooling effect on coming in contact with the skin. I usually use this over cotton pads and it instantly makes a huge difference in making the eyes look awake. 

Here's a little before-after evidence for you guys...

I know its not a massive difference but it surely makes the eyes look 'awake' and less puffier in a swipe. For even better results or whilst I am suffering from allergies and swollen eyes, I usually chill the Eye Bright bottle in the fridge for a few minutes before applying it to a cotton pad. Pure heaven!

The lotion is pretty addictive so don't tell me I didn't warn you! I have been through uncountable bottles in the past few months. 

The Daily Eye Repair(£13.25) works amazingly whilst paired with the lotion. I usually apply it after the lotion so that way the eye area is moist and ready to absorb the eye cream. 

I like how the cream quickly sinks in but still hydrates the area well. I feel its preps up the skin for concealer to go on smoothly. That way that concealer creases less too!

Plus the eye cream contains light reflective particles, just like an illuminator pen to bounce light off those dark circles and fake brighter looking eyes. 

The great thing about both the products is that you can slather them all over and around the eye area and not worry about streaming eyes. Two thumbs up for catering for dry, sensitive skin types!

Any eye care must-have that I must know of? Feel free to share :)


Mini Elf haul

ELF and MAC are where I get my make-up basics from i.e. Foundation, Concealer, Primer, Brushes, yada yada yada.

Sometimes Superdrug and Boots too. Ironic I know, as MAC is no where in comparison to the other brands mentioned but for some reason there is a trust factor established with ELF now, after ordering from them several times.

Here's what I got.

Nothing exciting I know. I told you I got my basics from here!

Coming to its infamous Power Brush. It's a flat top, densely packed brush which according to ELF, one should use for powder and I am sure you can but the entire world uses it for foundation. I adore it too and its officially the love of my life. I own three of these!

For £3.50 each you may get a slightly different version each time but it does not bother me really.

Another item by ELF that I swear by is its Mineral Eye Primer. To my delight, they have changed its packaging and made the shape resemble UDPP. For £1.50, I really did not expect sleeker packaging but bring it on ELF!

I have used both UDPP as well as Two Faced Shadow Insurance but have always come back to this. If you haven't got this yet, where have you been hiding all this time? 

Their Tone Correcting Concealers are something I own in a couple of shades too. They are all pretty neutral/salmon based shades, give a fresh, light coverage and are light reflective hence great for touch ups. Cheap as chips and equally delicious!

If you're somewhere around MAC NC30/35, then Apricot Beige and Honey should be just right.

I also got their All Over Cover Sticks in two shades to conceal discoloration around the mouth area, blemishes and all that but surprisingly it works pretty well around the eyes too. I think I'll feature them in a separate post after I've used them for a bit.

Share your ELF must-haves with me chicas! Any thing in particular you'd want me to review from them?


A new beauty website

There is a new Beauty destination for all you online shopping freaks out there and this one ditches the high-street and stocks premium hair, skin, body and beauty products.

It's called NUUSUITE.COM and has been founded my Make-up Artist Deborah Francis. Just like other premium beauty websites out there, this one has a few exclusive brands such as Jason Shankley, Gielly Green, Natural Empathy and the ever-so-popular MUD.

I am so excited about MUD being stocked on the website. It stands for Make-up Designory and is a fuss-free yet highly effective pro brand, mostly catered towards professional Make-up Artists.

I tried out a Cream Foundation(£23.50) from its range in shade YG3, which is a very perfect NC32-35 but with lesser yellow undertones. It's in fact more on the beige-neutral side which is quite rare with foundations these days and something I actually prefer. 

The texture and feel of it is highly similar to MAC Studio Tech Foundation, however much less waxy and slippery in consistency hence its more likely to stay on longer on the skin for those of you with oily-combination skin types. 

It is extremely full coverage and you only require a tiny bit to cover a full face. I like to use it with a damp brush or sponge as that way you can make sure less product is wasted. 

It's quite full coverage for me to wear everyday but when I need that flawless face, this is what I like to use without doubt. It is medium-full coverage and you can build it on to your hearts content. 

In fact I would say I much prefer this to MAC's Studio Tech in consistency, texture, coverage and staying power. It dries with a slight sheen hence needs minimal powdering. 

I have my eyes on a few other MUD products now! 

Check out Nuusuite.com or follow them on twitter @NUUSUITE 


Sleek Pout Paint

If you thought Sleek's Pout Polishes were pigmented and bright, then you'll love what Sleek have up for release next.

The very awaited Pout Paints!

I got to try them out and play with various colours at their blogger event a few months back and was absolutely impressed by their pigmentation and quality. I tried making a hot pink colour and even wore it for the entire day then.

There are 11 shades in total and I have five with me to show you guys today namely Pin Up, Mauve Over, Peachy Keen, Cloud 9 and Peek a bloo.

Now before you think its plain silly to have shades like Peek a bloo and Cloud 9, let me tell you that these are not meant to be worn alone (unless of course you want to!). Peek a bloo is designed to warm up the shades and Cloud 9 can be used to cool them down. 

In simple terms, mixing a blue colour will intensify and darken the shade, whereas mixing a white will tone it down and lighten it. 

I am wearing Peachy Keen, Mauve Over and Pin Up below. Can you see how opaque and intensely pigmented they are? A Make-up artists dream I would say. 

And what's the fun in having a 'paint' without being able to mix it. Yes its compulsory! 

I am not overtly creative but still managed to come up with a few wearable shades by a little mix and match. I mostly created bright shades as I was wearing a neutral look that day.

A cool pinky red...

A warm peachy pink...

And a cool neon barbie pink...

You like?

I absolutely loved the versatility of these and the extent of colours one can come up with. 

There are no points for guessing that these are Sleek's version of a high-street OCC Lip Tars. In fact I would say these are way better in quality as they do not dry out the lips at all and have a slight glossy effect to them hence no one has to know that you're not wearing a traditional lipstick.

Plus for £4.99 these are a steal compared to its competitors out there. I have my eyes on two other shades now namely Minx and Port. 

These are up for release in August so keep your eyes peeled ladies. 


Emma Watson inspired

So I have a few products from the Barbary Daly range which I used to create my version of Emma Watson's look. You know what look I am on about right? The infamous look she wore to the HP premier. 

Now I absolutely adore her guts to pull this off although some found it a bit overdone. I did not want to recreate exactly what she wore as I personally would not wear out such a look and I know most of you would not too hence my version is just an inspiration based on the colours used in her look and a much more wearable version of course. 

I will be using a Barbary Daly Gel Eyeliner in Black(to launch in August), an Eye shadow in Smoke and a Lash Boost Mascara. 

The Eye shadow in Smoke is this gorgeous cloudy grey colour and has a nice satin finish to it which makes it so wearable. Unlike other smoky colours out there, you can pop this grey on to your lids without thinking twice and you're good to go.

It loves green eyes!
The Gel Liner in Black is set to launch in August for you Barbary Daly fans out there and I can see how it's going to be a hit.

It's very similar to MAC's Blacktrack Fluidline. I would say the texture is a little bit more waxy, in the sense that it is less likely to dry up in the pot or tug onto the lash line. Although not carbon black on application, it sure is pretty buildable.

An angled brush and this can be your BFF.
But my favourite of the lot is the Lash Boost Mascara. It has this heavenly formula where it lengthens and curls the shortest of lashes, dries quickly and does not feel crisp on drying.

Although it builds up the lashes, it still manages to look natural and wispy and avoids giving a startled effect. You've got to love this one! I really did not expect much much from the super curvy wand but somehow it works wonders at lifting the lashes at just the right places.

Must have!

So here's what I came up with. 

I used the Gel Liner as a base to deepen the eye shadow and layered the grey shadow all over it, blending it upwards towards the crease. 

I then used Sleek's Molten Metal in the inner corner of the eyes, blending it towards the middle. 

I thought a soft grey would be easier to pull off but you can of course substitute a black for it instead. 

With flash

Without flash
At this time, I also added Urban Decay's pencil in Zero in the water line as I saw Emma had done that too. Moreover, it puts the look into place. 

Its much softer than a full on smoky eye don't you think? Plus the gold just adds that touch of brightness and warmth. I am wearing Sleek's blusher in Santorini below which is bright fuchsia pink. 

Let me know what you guys think.