Help: clear skin

If you suffer from the usual breakout, blemishes and spots and are tired of applying a gazillion products on it with not much results, then help: clear skin by Workswithwater is definitely your cup of tea.

I don't know about you but I am usually up for trying any products that will work in synergy with my internal system as opposed to superficial application on the skins surface. This way, there are less chances of any side effects which you may otherwise see with external application, plus you can expect faster results.

Of course, this does not apply to my everyday skin care regime as I am SO not a '5 a day' kind of a healthy person, hence creams and lotions are the way to go. However when I go through those recurring 'bad skin day' phases, I think I would rather prefer supplements as such.

It is 100% natural, clinically tested and proven to have a positive impact on treating acne. They are basically soluble food supplements namely sachets containing powder and you are meant to consume two sachets per day for at least 4 weeks to see results, depending on how your skin is of course.

They don't dissolve as well in water and have a tendency to make the water go cloudy and taste and smell slightly like medicine. Hence the best way to consume them is via hot drinks such as tea, coffee or soup or any liquidy hot food. That way you can be sure you will not taste or smell any of the supplement and can enjoy your meal/drink as usual.

Now I don't suffer from acne but this stuff really helped me out whilst I was going through a bad skin phase of recurring blemishes and spots, thanks to my sensitive-combination skin. It not only dried out the spots and prevented them from inflaming any further but also improved the overall appearance of the skin and made it look brighter and much even. I only had to deal with the dried blemish scars after, which is much more easier than calming down the actual spots.

It contains a bio active protein named Praventin which works as the star ingredient here, getting rid of skin impurities and preventing any new spots from forming. Yes it is suitable for vegetarian's, diabetics and lactose intolerant people and is also gluten free.

It is a bit expensive hence I would reserve it as a special treatment for when my skin misbehaves. In my case I did not need to take these for a continuous period of time to see an improvement in the skin. These are available to buy at Asda, Tesco and Waitrose and you can get a weeks worth of supplements for £9.99 and a months supply for £38.96.

These are targeted at those suffering from acne and I have another human guinea pig friend who's trying it out for me as well. She suffers from acne and has tried a lot products till date including a dermatologist but has failed to see any substantial results. Keep your eyes peeled for her take on it as she's trying it out for a recommended period of 6 weeks!

Have you tried these? What's your take on such supplements?


Being a 'Beauty Blogger'

The word Beauty Blogger is in quotes above as we have still not reached a point where the term is clear to people out there. It's pathetic sometimes how it needs explaining to do. I mean for heaven's sake, it means I blog about beauty and as simple as that. Not rocket science was it?

I know there are so many of you out there who feel a Beauty Blogger's life is all hunky dory with vans delivering a tonne of freebies every day. A heaven full of make-up goodies, where we spend our time swatching away eh?

Not really!

Of course there are occasional perks of samples of beauty products that I am privileged to receive and press events where we get to catch the very first glimpse of products that hit stores in the months to come. And there are a few PR peeps and beauty brands out there who treat us like the press and we feel truly honoured.

It is those handful of PR peeps and agencies, those rowdy Beauty Brands and those self-obsessed Journalists that dampen my spirit sometimes.

So at a recent Press event, I was shown through the place very kindly by a timid and polite PR girl and at the end she got a bit busy and I wanted to thank her and tell her I'm leaving.

Just then a colleague of her's comes to me and asks me if I'm okay. I told her I'm fine and am just waiting for that girl who showed me through to say goodbye as it's just rude of me to leave. So she goes ahead and asks me if I am a Make-up artist. I politely replied that I am a Beauty Blogger to which she gave a very blank look. Then she asks if I got a goody bag and whether or not I NEED one(implying that I just gatecrashed). I was slightly offended by the question and told her I'm fine and that I don't need one.

I was about to leave and the polite PR girl who initially showed me through came to me, handed me over the bag and said goodbye.

I mean they both worked for the same PR company who were putting up the event. They are paid to show us through, allow us to take pictures, make us test products and then hand us a goody bag. Then where are the manners in asking me if I NEED one or not? I am not saying that I wanted the goody bag if you know what I mean. I have previously been to a lot of events where I come home solely with pictures and booklets and I'm completely fine with that. What I am sick of is Bloggers being treated with a little less respect compared to Journalists.

Would she have asked a Journalist the same question? I guess not.

If PR agencies or Beauty brands are not comfortable giving their products/samples for review or consideration to bloggers, then it is best not to invite them to events. If they do, then it should be their responsibility to educate these PR peeps as well as their work team of who beauty bloggers are.

I have come across such behaviour previously at events and I have stopped attending most of them due to that. I only go to ones where I feel there will be bloggers in majority or where I already know the PR peeps.

And when PR professionals and Beauty brands are not enough,  you occasionally get these stuck up, mid-aged journalists with red lipstick on their teeth and emptying glasses of wine, giving you that illiterate 'What magazine are you from?' look.

Oh for god's sake people, there's an army of Beauty Bloggers out there who are much more informed, advanced, credible, creative and pretty looking than you. Shouldn't I be giving you 'that' look instead, as to how you ended up working for a magazine?

Hence I love brands like Sleek and Aussie that host separate events for Bloggers and the Media. I mean I know by this they are indirectly separating us from the real 'press' but I don't really care as they make up for it by catering exclusively for bloggers as well. This shows they feel we are worth the effort.

I am not saying in any way that bloggers should be given special attention at all. My point here is to educate your PR team or brand about these bloggers if you have decided to acknowledge them and invite them to an event.

Don't acknowledge us at all if you feel we're not worth it and if you are going to, then treat us with respect as we're human too if not journalists.

Also those of you who feel we work for free samples, trust me I buy much more stuff with my money regardless of what I get sent for the blog. I blog for beauty and always will and petty samples can come and go. If you feel otherwise, I would just say that you need to educate yourself about the blogosphere a little bit more.

What do you think about this ladies? Any similar incidences that you came across?

p.s. I am not referring to ALL Journalists, PR companies and Beauty brands here in any way. Just the stuck up ones! 

Nail paint ramble...

I've been trying out quite a few nail paints this week and thought I'd share my favourites.

You know I love my glitter hence my favourite this week has been Nail Dusts/Glitters by GOSH(£3.99). They are intensely sparkly but dry matte, making them look sophisticated and chic at the same time.

I tried blue and pink at an event and they were simply to die for! You apply a base coat of any colour, preferably nude on the nails and then dip the finger into the pot to coat the nails. Unfortunately mine came of a the end of the day but I'm still planning to purchase them.

Andrea Fulterton  is a brand I totally ignored at Superdrug and I cannot believe what I've been missing on. They are priced a bit higher then the Barry M's however they are so unique and allow you to create a pro-like manicure all by your own.

I am wearing Andrea's Nail Paint in Lily(£4.99) below which is supposedly one of their most popular shades, with a coat of her Gemstone Overcoat(£4.99). This is another product you have to have in your nail kit. It really transforms any nail paint in seconds.

What also caught my eye and immediately made their way onto my wishlist were her double sided Trio Colour Layering System(£7.99) in some wonderful combinations. 

I am wearing the second one from the left above, which is a gorgeous midnight blue/purple with a shimmery top coat on its other side. Can you  see how the glitter is so finely milled that it simply merges in to the nail paint making it look all in symmetry. 

I have my eyes on the nude-pink below named Julia(£4.99) from her range, as well as the Gemstone Overcoat. They would make such a glamorous yet wearable pair together. 

Orange Splash by GOSH in their new mini-range is also perfect for the season. It's such a vibrant, juicy orange that you just cannot dislike it! It's so glossy too.

Any of your manicure must-haves that I must know of? 


Gosh Bronzing Shimmer Powder

The first thing I can say about them is that they are a dupe for the highly desirable and talked about Bobbi Brown Illuminating Bronzers which came out a year or so back.

Don't you think?

I absolutely wanted to get one of those but for over £30 a pop, I could not justify such a purchase. The shades Antigua and Maui still haunt me in my dreams.

But I've finally found a solution to them. These look much prettier than the Bobbi Brown ones and perform pretty much the same if not better.

Gosh Bronzing Shimmer Powder in Bronze and Pink.

Look at their golden shimmer coat. It's out of this world pretty in real! Plus the ridges like pattern that they have created on the powder is quite unique in my opinion.

If you're thinking these might give you that 'cullen' effect then you're correct, at first it does but after dusting a huge paddle brush over it for quite a few times, you get a clean powder blusher and bronzer and all that golder overlay simply disappears. 

The product is still left with a sheen like finish, however that transfers really pretty on to the skin without any chunky glitter or shimmer particles showing up. 

The pink is definitely a dusky blusher and has a sultry, summery look to it, whereas the bronze is a warm brown bronzer with not orange or red undertones whatsoever. 

They are pretty sheer and silky on application and are velvety smooth to blend. Having said that, they are pigmented and you can actually see the colour on the cheeks unlike some shimmery products out there.

It goes without saying that I will be multitasking with these and popping them on the eyes as well. 

If you've been wanting to get those Bobbi Brown Illuminating Bronzers, then I have to say that these are better option as you get a tonne of product for around £8 in Superdrug. A fraction of the price compared to its high end dupe eh? 

No you cannot choose, you have to get both of these shades pronto! An FOTD with them shall come soon so keep your eyes peeled. 


Win an Apothica $25 Gift Card! *Ended*

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The contest is open internationally.

To enter, simply comment with a link of any of the above entry requirement options that you have performed and don’t forget to leave your email address in the comments below for me to contact you. 

Good luck!


To curl or not to curl?

Will you kill me if I told you that I do not EVER curl my lashes?

My lashes have a natural curl and decent length to them and when I try to curl them and apply mascara, I end up with mascara all over the brow bone as they literally tower till there. 

Hence I only use mascara on a daily basis to give my lashes some colour and accelerate the length and lift. I despise using lash curlers and mascara together. 

The only time I curl my lashes is when I am not wearing any mascara or whilst I am wearing glasses. 

But I know some of you are addicted to a curling routine each morning, even before you have your coffee hence a round-up of what you should and should not buy.

The infamous Shu Uemura's are the king (or queen?) of lash curlers. These are more flat than rounded hence suit almost every eye and get the job done without any pinching involved. For £20 a pop, these should be justified if they are going to last you a life time eh?

However if that price does not suit your pocket, MAC does a slightly affordable one for £13. These are almost the same as the Shu Uemura ones to be honest, just slightly more rounded. Hence if you have very flat eye socket these might not work as well. All you round eyed girls, this one's for you! 

MAC also do half lash curlers for £11 and these I believe would be a dream for those of you who struggle with using such tools. 

My favourite however are the MAXFACTOR ones. For £8.50 and easily available in high street, these are not only a pocket friendly option but is the best of both worlds really. The shape of this is neither too rounded nor too flat hence can also suit a variety of eye shapes easily. 

The sleek matte black design is also pretty refreshing compared to the generic silver ones. 

Always buy a lash curler with a scissor like handle like in the pictures above. Don't ever get the ones with the funny spring involved.  These will usually be the ones you'll get for under a fiver and you'll end up with a 'square' curl and a few fallen lashes. Just look away - trust me you'll be doing yourself a favour.

I've had really bad experiences with these cheapy spring ones in the past with a few lashes always falling out after use hence beware.

Enough of my rambling. Tell me, are you an addict when it comes to eye lash curling? Do you have any suggestions that might make me a convert?